Mikhail Fedosovsky: the Path to High Technology

Diakont is well known in the international technology market. Its structure includes representative offices in the USA and Europe and a high-tech manufacturing enterprise in Italy. The company’s products are sold in Europe, North and South America, and Southeast Asia. The success story of the Diakont founder Mikhail Fedosovsky is a vivid example of the path of a scientist who managed to fully realize his scientific potential in business. He created a unique production model that meets Industry 4.0 standards.

First Steps

The history of the Diakont company began in 1990. A team of like-minded people, assembled by a young process engineer Mikhail Fedosovsky, managed to create in a short time a television camera resistant to the effects of radiation. The innovative development turned out to be a great success at that time. It proved to be in demand in the shipping sector and at energy facilities. Soon, another camera model with a manipulator was created. It allowed optical control without direct human involvement. Even then, the businessman was guided by the highest global standards. He organized full-cycle production with strict quality control at the enterprise.

Diakont supplied its products to the CIS countries, China and Bulgaria. However, during the first eight years of operation, it hardly generated any profit. Mikhail Fedosovsky invested in the production the funds that he received from commercial activities, in which he was engaged independently. He did not involve his company’s employees in third-party businesses. The first success happened in 1997: the entrepreneur managed to sign a contract for the supply of robotic systems with the Swedish concern ABB TRC.

New photo of Mikhail Fedosovsky
New photo of Mikhail Fedosovsky

Success in the Global Market

Over time, Diakont products became recognizable in international markets. The equipment gained prominence in Europe, and the company began to cooperate with the French partner Hytec Hydro-Tecnologies. In the early 2000s, thanks to a contract with the American partner Remote Ocean Systems, the company entered the US market. It became one of the leading suppliers of optical equipment for General Electric. Soon, another major player in the US energy market became interested in radiation-resistant cameras. It was Westinghouse, the operator for the provision of process control services at NPPs.

Due to the high demand for products, a representative office of Diakont Advanced Technologies (D.A.T.) opened in San Diego in 2011. Today, D.A.T. occupies 60% of the optical equipment market for US energy facilities. It offers reliable and cost-effective solutions for monitoring pipelines and oil tanks.

The success in the international market enabled Diakont to increase production volumes and attract new customers. On the one hand, it allowed the company to focus on new high-tech developments. On the other hand, it forced Mikhail Fedosovsky to think about production processes, optimize them and eventually move from single production to serial one.

Mikhail Fedosovsky at the Diakont production site
Mikhail Fedosovsky at the Diakont production site

Innovations in Lucignano

Mikhail Fedosovsky brought Diakont to the position of a technological leader in the field of security in the energy industry. However, the businessman has always sought to create universal solutions that will be in demand across various industries. That is why, since 2012, the entrepreneur has switched his attention to Motion Control. Besides, he focused on the production of electromechanical actuators, which are a key element of many cyber-physical systems.

In 2021, a new high-tech Diakont SRL plant was opened in Italy. The organization of production in Lucignano is based on a fundamentally new approach to launching a business in general. The company’s work is based on the following principles:

1. Forecasting future sales volumes and taking into account the ready forecasts in production planning.

2. Creating mathematical models associated with the necessary data sources. This allows updating the target parameters of the business according to changes in external conditions.

Equipment, technologies and the level of automation are selected depending on the calculated production volumes. The Lucignano plant can be called experimental, as the Diakont team is constantly improving the production process.

Diakont SRL became the first production site in Tuscany, built according to Industry 4.0 standards — with ongoing automation and the use of intelligent technologies. Its own computer-aided system for designing roller screw gears is used to produce electromechanical actuators. With the help of an automated system, the time of launching the model into mass production is significantly reduced.

Due to outstanding technical characteristics, high reliability and low cost, Diakont actuators have become part of the assembly lines of the largest representatives of the automotive industry. The company supplies actuators to leading automakers in South Asia and cooperates with enterprises in North America. At the end of 2022, solutions for plastic dosing and casting were presented at an exhibition in Central Europe.

Today, the demand for Diakont actuators is steadily growing. Mikhail Fedosovsky is sure that it became possible to achieve such impressive success thanks to hyperautomatization of production. The scientist believes that such an approach to organizing production will be effective in other industrial sectors too, such as transport, energy and mechanical engineering.

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