Is Your Hair Instagramable?

There has been a lot of chatter regarding harvesting healthy hair grafts and then transplanting them into the areas where someone is losing hair. Who doesn’t want to have Instagramable hair with a simple hair transplant when the new age technology leaves zero scarring on the scalp and the cost of the procedure has become affordable for all?

Effective in terms of hair regeneration and hair loss therapy, hair transplant results are in fact very successful, providing a permanent solution for those suffering from hereditary or stress-related hair loss.

Hair transplant surgery is one of the various hair restoration procedures available today that may be suitable for your individual requirements. To drop the hint, it is an opportunity not to be missed.

Is it possible to have instagramable hair without a hair transplant?

There are several alternatives to hair transplant surgery, including finasteride, laser therapy, minoxidil, steroids, and so on. Speaking with a medical professional who can suggest the best course of action for you is a smart option because different therapies are effective for various types of hair loss.

Having said that, a hair transplant is still the most effective and one-off solution to hair loss. Unless you are still very young and have plenty of time and money to spend on these medical treatments, the time you’ll put into researching hair transplants is definitely worth it. At the end of the day, medications may not work for you and you’ll have spent more money than undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

A Deeper Look

Who doesn’t complain about their hair from time to time? Who wouldn’t want to look fantastic every single day? Every now and again, we can all agree that we wish our hair had more volume. Also, lots of celebrities get a hair transplant done as well!

Let us examine together what it takes to have fuller hair for the longest amount of time possible.

To start with, our hair is the most basic factor that represents our identity. It is the basis of our identity. Everybody wants to appear well and present their best selves.

Unfortunately, getting the hair we want is not always achievable. We can suffer from hair loss for a variety of hereditary, hormonal, and stress-related reasons.

Alternatives to hair transplants have a number of drawbacks while occasionally being successful in some circumstances. Treatments like laser therapy, for instance, can only regrow hair on the scalp; they cannot restore hairs that have totally fallen out. Alternative treatments like alopecia progressiva and folliculitis capillaris typically only address one symptom at a time.

However, thanks to the advancements in hair transplant technology, it is now possible to own our image, have a full head of our own hair, and still be ourselves by undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

So what is a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is a cutting-edge medical operation that replaces lost hair using the patient’s own hair. In previous decades, it was difficult to carry out this surgery and the results did not have a high rate of success, so you basically had to gamble while paying a fortune.

As we mentioned above, if you do your research and land in a good clinic with an experienced team specializing in transplanting hair, this is no longer the case.

During a hair transplant, a specialist surgically harvests hair grafts from suitable parts of your head and places them aside to be transplanted. This is the first part of the procedure where the patient is given local anesthetics. In the second part, the surgeon makes incisions on the area where you want thicker hair. The last part is when your own hair grafts get carefully transplanted into the balding or thinning area.

This process can now be achieved without scarring, thanks to the FUE method as opposed to the strip surgery which leaves visible marks that may fade away in time.

After a hair transplant, patients could endure discomfort and edema for a few weeks. In order to support a healthy scalp and hair regrowth, they will also need to adhere to a care regimen until the scabbing is gone.

Tens of thousands who have searched for the best country for hair transplant have undergone a hair transplant procedure have had great success, with visible proof and documentation as seen in hair transplant before and after photos of reputable clinics.

What About the Cost?

The cost of a hair transplant is still high in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe but the leading country in hair transplant technology and the highest success rate is in fact, Turkey. Clinics in Turkey also offer very affordable prices and excellent facilities, making sure they live up to their reputation established over the years.

Fancy taking a Mediterranean escape and coming home with a full head of hair? This may as well be your chance to achieve forever instagramable hair.

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