Know All About The London to Brighton Bike Ride 2024

According to some research, Cycling for at least 30-40 minutes a day helps to build healthy cardiac vascular endurance.  And slowly if you can adapt this and make it a good habit, then your lung capacity will also increase.

But is it only about health?

If we can think carefully then we can see that most of us can barely spend our ‘me time’ with ourselves. And after the pandemic, doing an activity or an adventurous journey is always a dream.

But wait, don’t be sad cause the London to Brighton bike ride is taking place on Sunday 16 June 2024 (the date might change if there is an issue) in Clapham Common.

And guess what there is no maximum age limit for it. So, pack your bags and spread your wings, and go give it a shot. Do it for you and your life.

But why cycling?

As discussed above there are countless benefits of cycling. But here are a few major points that will absolutely boost your will to go for it.

  • It enables you to get some quiet downtime and escape the fixed schedule of life to discover the surroundings.
  • It’s a social event. So meeting new people means learning something new and valuable. Sometimes it helps us to make a wide vision. But you and your friends can also participate. So it can definitely develop your bonding with them.
  • The bike is more planet-friendly. In fact, we should use the cycle on a regular work basis. So, through this event, a huge gathered group can also send this eco-friendly message to society.
  • Bike paddles hold more than 70 percent of the body weight. So, putting so much effort into the joints can help us to recover from an injury. For example, we can recover from calf muscle injury through steady cycling.

Training Programme

Newbie? Not a problem! Gain victory over this adventure with a state-of-the-art 16-week learning guide that was created by the organizers. Whether you are just starting out or have been cycling for years, this guide offers training plan options suitable to your level with professional advice and more from a beginner stage to an advanced stage.

Hey there, are you prepared? If so, why don’t you get your manual from the website provided? You can get all the Training related information from here.

If you want to be in Brighton with a sense of self-assurance, don’t forget that training does not need to be complicated; begin your preparations right now.

Cycling at night

This event will also be performed at night. So, it’s quite different from daylight cycling and requires some extra skill for it.

For this reason, as per the British council law, you have to install a front and a rear backlight in your bike, and amber color paddle reflectors are also needed to be marked to BS6 102/2 or equivalent.

It is advisable to wear a high visibility vest and trousers with a reflective rucksack which can be easily tracked by motorists.


  1. Firstly, and most importantly you need a well-maintained bike of your preferred size. And it should have everything regarding your needs.
  2. The helmet is very important. Without a helmet, no one will be allowed to participate. It’s for your own safety.
  3. What type of shoe you need completely depends on your bike and the road. Don’t go with a heavy one.
  4. Wear a close-fitting shirt made with technical fabric which will keep you dry from sweat. This is also applicable to the shorts too. And a padded seat will be comfortable for the long run.
  5. Water is most important. So, don’t forget to carry a bottle in your bike holder.
  6. There will be mechanics on the road at some distance. But carry a spare tube for unavoidable circumstances and a toolbox too.
  7. Gloves and glasses are also important to protect against the winds.

How long does it take to ride a bike from London to Brighton?

  • The ride will start between 06:45 AM and 10:00 AM  from Clapham Common, off Nightingale walk, Clapham SW4 9AH. But it can be changed due to unavoidable circumstances like weather issues. The place and the final time will be emailed a few weeks ago. It’s a 55-mile ride from south London to the seaside town of Brighton.
  • The route will sign on the day of the event with brightly colored arrows from the start to the finish point and will be available as a downloadable file in the participant area.
  • The ride is supposed to be finished at the Brighton Sea fort on Madeira drive, a 500 m walk from the pier.
  • Depending on the condition of the road and the climbs and the speed of your bike it should take a time of anything between 5-10 hours to complete the ride.

How much does it cost to do the London to Brighton bike ride?

  • The ride costs for non-fundraising participants is just £55 per person including full support for the ride and complimentary water stops and a medal at the finishing point. If you commit to raising a minimum of £350 for the British Heart Foundation, the registration fee is £35.
  • If you want some accessories or some merchandise then this will cost extra from your pocket.

Frequently asked question

What is the age limit?

The ride has a minimum age limit of 16. below 16 you can’t participate and under 18 you will be needed parental consent.

What about the health barrier?

It’s for your enjoyment so there is no health barrier. If you fill uncomfortable at any time the QRT team will evacuate you from that spot.

Will there be any medical team in case of injury?

There will be medical teams in between some points.

Will there be any food in between the ride?

Free water and snacks will be provided along the way which will be in three locations at 17 miles,30 miles and at the Ditchling hill at 48 miles.

What about toilets arrangments?

Yes, most importantly there will be mobile toilets at the above mentions points and of course at the start and the ending point.


All the information about the London to Brighton bike ride is listed up. Hopefully, this will be helpful for you. So, don’t wait to push the paddles and have a great ride.

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