London In a Day: Best Things To Do In London For a Day

Do you planning to spend a day in London but don’t know where to start? Don’t be stressed out, here in this guide I will provide you with all the relevant information that you need to know to make your holiday outstanding.

London is one of the finest cities on the earth to visit for sure. London is a travel destination like no other. This city has everything from picturesque landscape, a perfect blend of contemporary lifestyle, and inspiring antiquity, to endless artistic imagination.

The smart way is to cover all the spots of Central London with the biggest concentration of sights. All the sights are within walking distance of each other, so you can fully enjoy the whole day.

Best things to do in London for a day

Buckingham palace:

Buckingham palace:

Your London trip will be incomplete if you can’t catch the glimpse of Buckingham palace. The palace has been the residence of the British Royale family since 1837. It has the biggest private garden in the city.

The palace is monstrously large; it has 775 rooms including 52 bedrooms and additional 188 bedrooms for the staff. But, you may not be allowed to enter the inside of the palace for most of the year.

Some portion of the palace is open for visitors so you can see a little piece of the way of life of the Royal family.

From the outside, you can get the famous changing of the Guard. This procedure holds a few times all day. So, you can witness a historic tradition and the discipline of the Royal Guard. The Guards are wearing the iconic London bearskin.

St. James Park:

St. James Park:

St. James Park is a hopping distance from Buckingham Palace. St. James Park is one of the prettiest parks in Central London. You can see a large lake and amazing flower beds that are naturally blooming all year round.

This Royale Park is famous for picnics and chitchats. The park also features a portion of 7 miles of memorable Diana Princess of wales walking. It is also providing a habitat for various animal species, such as foxes and ducks as well as its famed pelicans.  

Runners run through St. James Park during the final of the London Marathon. You can experience the park as one of the most stunning and well-maintained parks. You can take some time to get into the flavor of this park.

Westminster Abbey:

Westminster Abbey:

Westminster Abbey is one of the most outstanding churches in London. Westminster Abbey is not a cathedral as it is directly responsible to the monarchy. So it is considered as Royale Pillar.

All the Royal weddings that you might have seen on the T.V. have happened here. Also, most of the state funerals happen here and the same for coronations.

Westminster Abbey is also the burial site for most of the UK’s historical and literary figures such as Stephen Hawking, Charles Dickens, and William Wilberforce.

London Eye:

London's Eye:

Your London trip will not be completed without visiting the London Eye. If you want to spend one day in London, include this captivating sight in your to-do list. It is constructed to celebrate the millennium; the eye is a giant Ferris wheel that offers you an amazing view of the whole city.

At night, the heels are lit up with various colors; it is also the centerpiece of London’s New Year’s fireworks display.

The wheels of this iconic London eye will not move faster, so you can get plenty of time to experience ever-changing views during your 25 minutes ride.

Hyde Park:

Hyde Park:

Hyde Park is most possibly the most amazing place in Central London. Hyde Park is one of the most relaxed places in London where you can have a relaxing moment away from the city’s bustle and hustle.

You can experience outstanding flora and fauna and also some outstanding attractions to explore. You can experience the swans and boats glide over the serene serpentine lake. For the sporting set, Hyde Park has football pitches, a tennis court, and a horse-riding arena.

British Museum:

British Museum:

The British Museum is both an architectural beauty and a trove of some of the world’s noted antiquities. Perhaps, it is the best museum in London. Moreover, you can visit this museum for free.

British Museum is a history buff’s dream containing artifacts, Rosetta stone to the Parthenon Sculptures, Mesopotamian objects, and many more. The immense collection may seem too overwhelming; you can choose the items of your preference.

But, if you feel so inclined then you can revisit this museum.

Trafalgar Square:

Trafalgar Square

You can cross back the river Thames through the Golden Jubilee bridge to reach another of London’s biggest landmarks-Trafalgar Square. Like all the cities, London also has its main square and it is Trafalgar.

Trafalgar Square is a tourist hot spot. You can see architectural styles and random statues dotted all through the place quite amazing. Swing by the famous lion statues and take a peek at the famous statues. You can see Nelson’s Column in the middle of the square.

At the top of Trafalgar Square, you can see some kind of street performers. These street performers are the actual, talented performers and also people dresses up as Pikachu or Yoda.

You can also see the National Gallery at the top of Trafalgar Square. Here, you can enter for free and can see some kinds of artwork. 

Borough Market:

Borough Market:

If you are spending one day in London then you must grab the opportunity to taste the food at the borough market. This market is often referred to as foodie heaven. It is closed and you can’t see a bigger selection of cheap and tasty food.

Borough market is a firm favorite of many tourists. Yes, it is busy and also full of Londoners and visitors alike. Stalls of this market get regularly changed. You can see a lot of seasoned stalls that are too old. You must grab some of the wedges of cheese, fresh mushrooms, wine, and seafood such as lobster, crab, oysters, etc. You can see a lot of vendors selling coffee; you can get the magical taste of it.

Piccadilly circus, explore Regent Street:

Piccadilly circus

Perhaps, you have seen plenty of photos of Piccadilly Circus on a lot of London postcards or travel guides. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions, the best sight of London with a quiet iconic scene.

Nowadays, it is surrounded by tourist souvenir shops. If you keep walking, you can get to Regent Street. This street leads to Oxford Street. This area becomes too much busy during Christmas.

But, during the non-Christmas period, you can nicely walk up and down the streets and can do endless shopping.

The world’s largest toy shop, Hamlet’s toy store is on Regent Street. It is a large shop and you can shop for your kids.

Tower of London:

Tower of London:

The Tower of London is full of history and it is a historic building of England. The interior of the Tower of London is always bustling with activity. This large building has a long history as a palace, a prison, and a fortress.

You should not miss the famous crown jewels exhibition. The white tower is one of London’s castles and a recognizable London landmark. Inside, you can find a 350-year-old exhibition.

Being the most secure castle in the land, the tower guards the Royale possession and the Royale family in times of war.

You can see at this place the ravens, and the public outside areas of the Tower of London, Tower Green, Bloody Tower, Medieval Palace, and many more.

Explore at night:

Explore at night:
Visit London

London is a vibrant metropolis during the day as well as at night too. There is also something to explore at night, from one-off events to club nights. As the sun sets in, the lights of the city are switched on, providing the city with a magical illumination.

You can walk along the streets of the city at night or hop on a night tour bus. You can grasp the night view of St. Paul’s Cathedral, west minister’s Cathedral, and visit the Gothic architecture of Big Ben.

Finally, after a long day out and exploring the city at night, you need to visit Polo Bar at Liverpool Street to have the best dining ever.


Is London worth visiting for a day?

Ans: It is worth visiting London for a day. London is one of the optimum cities in the world. London is a city of the traditions and cultures of the British. It is also home to the best museums, buildings, and galleries. Besides, you can experience some of the exotic parks, zoos, markets, circuses, cuisines, and food.

What is the coolest thing in London?

Ans: Among plenty of unique sights, The Tower of London is the coolest thing in the city. The Tower of London is the World’s heritage site and London’s most iconic sight to visit.  It is the world of the most famous monument and England’s most magical structure.

What should you not say in the UK?

There are some things that you should never say in the UK such as “I love British accents”, “oh! You’re from London”, “Cheers mate!”, “My great Grandmother was British”, “I can do the best British accents”, etc.

Wrap Up:

I have outlined all the things that you can cover in one day trip to London. But, if you find it difficult to cover all the mentioned sights in one day then you can cut one or two as per your choice.

London may bring the reputation of being an expensive city but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to experience these sights.  Some of the mentioned sights are free to enter while in some places you have to buy tickets.

I hope, this will help you with your planning and enjoy your one-day trip to London in an amazing way.

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