Matt Jacob is Showcasing Rural Communities and Their Cultures from All Around the World

Many people have a deep-seated desire to travel the world and capture their experiences through the lens of their cameras. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make this dream a reality, and those who succeed are true artists in their craft. One such artist is Matt Jacob, a cultural portrait photographer who is on a mission to explore the world and capture beautiful pictures of people from all walks of life.

Based in Bali, Indonesia, Matt has traveled far and wide to places like China, Mongolia, Uganda, Oman, and many more. He has also explored rural areas in Indonesia to capture the essence of the country’s traditional heritage and culture. Matt is passionate about his work as a human interest photographer and distinguishes himself from others by the quality of his pictures and the connections he builds with the communities he works with.

Many famous destinations around the world have been heavily photographed, particularly in Africa and South America. However, Matt aims to go beyond the mainstream and capture the beauty of communities and regions that are not in the limelight. He captures various aspects of the communities he visits, documenting their images and stories.

The details in Matt’s photographs and the subjects’ stories resonate with viewers, making his work stand out in today’s competitive market. Matt’s photography is not limited to capturing the beauty of natural landscapes, but he also takes photographs of people in challenging situations. For example, during the pandemic, he captured the people of Hong Kong who were living in hospitals and cramped spaces in isolation. He also explored the rugged terrain of Mongolia to photograph the nomads who still actively engage in eagle hunting in the Altai Mountains.

In addition to exploring far-flung places, Matt has also delved into the rural areas of places like Uganda and Oman. In these places, he found communities that were untouched by modern technology and urbanization, giving him a glimpse into a way of life that is slowly disappearing. Matt’s photographs showcase the happiness and joy of these communities despite the challenges they face.

Capturing these rural communities and their cultures is what Matt loves to do, and he plans to go even further to find more communities to photograph and explore. Matt’s passion for photography and exploration shows that anyone can turn their dreams into reality with hard work and dedication. Click here to see his projects and find updates on his future plans.

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