5 UK Countryside Activities You Need To Try

An escape to the countryside could be exactly what the doctor ordered. To be out in nature and amongst wildlife can be a great way to help clear your head and it gives you an excuse to escape the hustle and bustle. But it isn’t just wildlife and rolling hills. All over the UK, there are endless gems to be discovered, from unforgettable railway journeys to brilliant architecture. Here are some ideas for your next trip.

Hot air balloon ride

Have you ever dreamt of soaring up into the air in a hot air balloon? Believe it or not, you can do this in the UK countryside. The weather conditions must be spot on, so it can involve a little flexibility with timings and dates, but once you get up there, it’s completely worth every penny. Flights tend to happen at sunrise or sunset, so you’ll experience breathtaking views across the horizon showered in beautiful light.

Visit Italy in Wales

You may not expect it, but you can uncover a miniature Italy in the heart of Wales. Portmeirion, situated on the banks of North Wales’ Dwyryd Estuary, is famous for its Mediterranean-inspired architecture. Easily mistaken for a quaint Italian neighborhood, this picturesque place was designed in the 1920s. Today, tourists come to marvel at its beauty. You can soak up rare flowers in the subtropical forest, or spend an afternoon at the beach, unearthing hidden caves.

Yorkshire Dales

An iconic place when seeking out fresh country air, the Yorkshire Dales is perfect for a rural escape. This vast area is best explored by car, so it might be helpful to rent one and secure temporary car insurance so that you’re covered for any short trips. Recognisable by its dry-stone walls, there are plenty of serene landscapes here. You could tackle one (or all) of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks, climb up Malham Cove, or spot waterfalls in Ingleton.

Northern Lights

This activity is very dependent on weather conditions, but if you’re successful, you’ll be treated to a wash of green hues lighting up the sky. According to the British Geological Survey, the Northern Lights can be seen in the northernmost areas of the UK on a very dark night between 10 pm and 2 am following a geomagnetic storm. It would need to be a rural area to avoid light pollution. Even if you don’t see them this time around, you’ll be out in nature in this beautiful part of the country.

Steam trains in the Highlands

Are you a keen Harry Potter fan? You have to check out the film’s iconic steam train up in The Highlands in Scotland. The Jacobite Stream Train boasts enviable views through some of the most remote parts of Scotland. To extend your trip, spend a night in Fort William before you journey over to Mallaig by train. It’s an unforgettable day trip and especially for true Potter fans!

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