Most Fun Things to Do on a Weekend in London

You’ve worked all week; it’s normal for you to enjoy your two-day break. So, let your freak flag fly in London. Whether you have been in London all your life or just strolled into London for the weekend, there’s so much to do.

While there are many famous attractions you can visit, we expect them to be crowded on the weekends. So, before you contact Immigration Solicitors, we would be recommending some group tours you can join.

Let’s jump right in!

Visit AIM Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are one of the wildest ways to put your brain at work. Not only are they adventurous, but they are also challenging. More reasons you should partake in the AIM Escape room.

Whether you are going with friends, co-workers, or a random group, AIM Escape Rooms allows you to participate in hours of fun and tacky challenges. These challenges are immersive and wrapped around a particular story. So, you get to solve a mystery.

AIM escape rooms have four different types of games with multiple rooms. These games include Psychopath Den, Patient Zero 2150, Spy Hero, and Hangover Deja Brew. These games mix sci-fi, zombies, horror, and Adult themes. The exciting part is that you can play with a group of 3 – 5 people.

Visit Madame Tussauds, London

If you are new to London, you probably have never heard of Madame Tussauds. But, now you are getting to know—it is one of the most sought-after attractions in London. If this is your first trip, consult Immigration Lawyers in London for proper planning.

Even though this tour opened its doors more than 200 years ago, it is still relevant. On this tour, you will meet your favorite stars, A-list celebs, sports legends, historical icons, and other top guns. These celebs are from movies, shows, and even real-life events. Don’t worry; you can skip actors you don’t like.

Aside from popular acts, you would also experience some scenes such as Skull Island, Alien escape, and Marvel Universe 4D. You also get to participate in the ‘Behind the Scene’, where you watch how the actors were created.

Go Up the Shard

The Shard is one of the most talked about places in London. The building is about 1000 feet tall, hence, its reputation. For a fun weekend, why not go up the Shard? The most intriguing thing about getting up the Shard is having a spiral view of London.

From the top, you’d see famous spots in London, such as the London Tower, London’s Eye, and so many more. It will be awesome if you come with binoculars to get better views.

As a side note, consider the weather and prepare accordingly when going up the Shard. If it’s cold, it’s best if you wear protective clothing.

Check out the London Zoo

The London Zoo, if not the most renowned, is amongst the top famous zoos in the world. It was established in 1828, making it the world’s oldest scientific zoo. The zoo has 17,000 animals with 750 species.

Don’t get fascinated when you discover that animals like the Gorillas and Kumbuka have their family quarters. This quarter is designed with an African rainforest, a Gym, and an Island. The characteristics of the Gorillas’ home attract many onlookers and tourists, so a weekend may be the best time to visit.

Enjoy Craft-Beer

Craft beers are rapidly becoming popular in London. Lovers of beer would love to try a unique beer crafted with their preferred ingredients. In fact, craft-beer bars and pubs are springing up everywhere.

If this makes sense to you, why not sample different craft beer breweries, pubs, and bars, across London? Oh, yes! Jump on a craft-beer tour. You can safely claim to be a craft-beer Connoisseur. Of course, after the tour!

Stroll around Small Venice

How could we talk about Venice of Italy as a place in London? If you are unaware, there’s somewhere called Small Venice in London. So, we obviously are not talking about Italy.

Small Venice is a place in west London decorated with flower-covered barges. It is aesthetically appealing, so, an excellent choice for a stroll with your partner. It also makes a great backdrop for your photos.

The Close

If you are exploring London for the first time, London Immigration Lawyers will help you navigate your trip. Aside from that, you’ll also need to dress for the weather and bring a good camera to capture all the incredible moments.

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