Peculiarities of Lifestyle In Damac Hills in Dubai

Dubai has long been a popular destination for tourists and expats due to its Westernized lifestyle, raucous nightlife scene, affordable cost of living, and exceptional housing. The hospitality, sincere warmth and friendly attitude of the locals will charm foreigners. Guests will encounter a huge variety of cultures, customs and manners here. Having the desire to experience a new lifestyle in a foreign country, pay attention to the neighborhood Damac Hills in Dubai. 1 Bedroom apartments for sale in Damac Hills are an ideal choice for starting a new life or making a long-term investment. 

Damac Hills in Dubai is the destination that never fails to impress. Expats and investors from all over the world are drawn to the neighborhood because of various reasons. In this article, we will have a closer look at the peculiarities of lifestyle and unique features of Damac Hills in Dubai. 

A few words about Damac Hills  

Today Damac Hills is a full-fledged residential neighborhood for living and recreation. The neighborhood is located in a relatively quiet area. Convenient transportation allows you to comfortably move around the area and the city as a whole. There are several buses running throughout the neighborhood. In order to use the subway, you will have to take a bus or order a cab. 

In general, the neighborhood has everything for comfortable single or family life. There are several shops, supermarkets, medical centers, kindergartens, and a variety of green parks. To visit more interesting places in the neighborhoods nearby, you can use different means of transport. 

Lifestyle in Damac Hills in Dubai 

Tourists from all over the world will meet locals in their traditional clothing, and they will be greeted by the sounds of mosques during prayers. Life in Arab countries differs from those with a more secular lifestyle. However, visiting Dubai, foreigners will be fascinated by the lifestyle of the locals, the taste of the food, and the impressive buildings. The splendidly detailed writing, the aroma of Arabic shisha, and the Arabic conversations around are all part of the rich daily life. Now let`s look in detail. 


It is not forbidden in the emirates to adhere to religions other than Islam. But the predominant part of the UAE population still adheres to Islam, namely its two directions: about 85% of the inhabitants are Sunni, 15% – Shiite. In the UAE citizens are tolerant of other religions, so tourists have nothing to worry about.


Large-scale events for families are regularly held in the district. For example, theme nights, sporting events and competitions are very popular among residents. Damac Hills has badminton, cricket, basketball, and tennis courts. Moreover, there are stables, a small petting zoo for children, a dog park, and even several lakes where you can fish and relax. Access to the private beach is available as well. 

Housing units-

Apartments in Damac Hills are in high demand among expats and investors. Here, you can find a premium-quality housing unit for permanent residence or buy apartments as an investment project. Both options are incredibly beneficial. Due to the huge number of tourists and expats, rental housing may bring sound profit. Foreigners can find stylish residences at affordable prices with the help of real estate agency AX Capital. The agency has a proven reputation of delivering world-class property in Damac Hills and qualified assistance on each step of the deal. 

General atmosphere in the country 

Living in the neighborhood and paying no attention to what is happening outside is impossible. The UAE is a country that has a lot to boast about and offer. It is the most stable state in the Middle East, both socially and economically. 

Property prices in Dubai are high. In this case, all properties in the Emirates are fully prepared for residence and further exploitation. Such apartments can be rented out right upon delivery as the demand for such properties is always high. Moreover, the homeowner does not have to pay any taxes for leasing the apartment. 


Dubai’s brand is underpinned by political stability, security, tolerance, cultural diversity, and high standards of living, which attracts highly qualified foreigners from all over the world. Special economic zones for foreign investors in the emirate as well as the much better conditions than in many other countries contribute to the extreme popularity of the destination.

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