The ultimate guide: how to buy football tickets for your favourite matches 

Getting your hands on football tickets might seem like a walk in the park, but don’t be fooled – it’s a game of strategy and timing. 

Stay with us as we reveal the ultimate playbook for securing football tickets, so you can finally experience that match you’ve been dreaming about or explore some enticing alternatives. It’s time to make your football dreams a reality!  

Step 1: Plan ahead 

Listen up, football fanatics! We’re about to drop a truth bomb that can’t be overstated: You’ve got to plan if you want those coveted football game tickets. No, seriously, we’re not kidding here. For high-profile Premier League matches or big matchups in the Europa or Champions League, don’t wait to purchase. For some of the smaller matches you can of course get away with buying your tickets a few weeks in advance. 

Pro tip: Pre-register for ticket alerts on trusted resellers like P1 Travel, no membership required. Be the early bird that catches the football worm!   

Step 2: Buy from an authorised source 

When it comes to football tickets, here’s a golden rule to live by, never, ever buy from an unofficial reseller. When you do so, you put yourself at risk of not just missing the match but also losing your money.  

Purchasing tickets directly from the football club is the most straightforward and secure route. But be aware that clubs have their own ticket allocation system. It starts with ticket releases to privileged season ticket holders, then moves on to members and finally to the general public. However, many games never even make it to the “general sale” stage, especially those blockbuster Premier League showdowns. Some clubs have a ticket exchange feature on their website that allows season ticket holders to resell their tickets to fellow club members.  

Alternatively, you can buy football tickets through an authorised reseller such as P1 Travel. These are businesses with an official partnership with the football club that are allocated tickets to resell to the public and non-club members. These official resellers are typically linked on the club’s website and can be identified by their official partnership logos. 

Step 3: Choose your match 

In the world of football tickets, clubs fall into three distinct categories: the lightning-fast sellouts, the regular movers, and the ones that rarely hit capacity. 

For those notorious “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” clubs, mark your calendars with the on-sale date found on the official club website. Pre-registering for ticket release alerts is also a must. 

When it comes to the Premier League and other major league clubs – buy in advance. Sure, you could gamble and wait until the eleventh hour, but why risk it? If you know you’re in for a specific match, pre-purchase your tickets. It’s a breeze, lightning-quick, and, at worst, saves you from the dreaded ticket office queue.  

Finally, take note of match categorization, like Grades A, B, or C. Keep your eye out for those lower-grade gems – they often offer more ticket availability.  

Step 4: Find your tickets 

In today’s digital age, scoring those coveted football game tickets is a breeze. Most websites are as user-friendly as a warm-up drill. Navigate with ease and find the tickets that suit your price range from the comfort of your home. It’s good to remember that each club has its unique playbook. To understand their ticket policies, simply explore their website or reach out to the club. 

If you’re in the neighbourhood, the ticket office at the stadium is also an option. But honestly, why bother when the online realm offers convenience at your fingertips? 

Step 5: Pick your seats 

When it comes to choosing your seat in a football stadium, it can be a hit or a miss. Many top-league stadiums boast modern designs with stands hugging the pitch, ensuring excellent sightlines for most seats. Yet, the older gems like Goodison Park have roof-supporting pillars that can cramp your view. These seats are often labelled with ‘restricted view’, sometimes with wallet-friendly prices – a savvy ticket-buyer’s secret! 

Alternatively, consider hospitality packages. These gems bundle match tickets with a treasure trove of extras, from gourmet feasts and premium drinks to convenient parking, collectable programs, and prime-viewing seats. They can turn your match into a day out to remember. 

Looking for a more hassle-free ticket hunt? P1 Travel has you covered. Dive into our website, where you’ll quickly find your dream event. In the event description, we spill all the details about your tickets, seat locations, and our stellar services, including luxurious hospitality options. 

Missed out on football tickets? Discover the magic through stadium tours! 

So, you’ve given it your all, but the elusive football tickets slipped through your fingers. Don’t hang your head in despair just yet! There’s a silver lining waiting for you: stadium tours. 

Booking a tour of your club’s hallowed grounds offers a backstage pass to the football universe. You’ll explore every nook and cranny, from the sacred home changing rooms to the rival away spaces. It’s a football fanatic’s dream come true! 

These tours aren’t just consolation prizes; they’re unforgettable experiences that can turn ticket disappointment into cherished memories. So, when the match tickets play hard to get, remember, the magic of football still beckons! 

Ready, set, football tickets! 

There you have it fellow football enthusiasts, our ultimate 5-step guide to scoring your dream match. The most important parts to take out are that you are to plan ahead and to be quick to buy the tickets, especially for the biggest matches. Lastly, always buy from an official reseller, we can’t emphasize that enough.  

Looking for a more hassle-free ticket hunt? P1 Travel has you covered. Dive into our website, where you’ll quickly find your dream event. In the event description, we spill all the details about your tickets, seat locations, and our stellar services, including luxurious hospitality options. Feel free to browse around to find the football match you can’t miss out.  

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