The Best Time to Visit Cape Verde for Beach Lovers!

Filled with a captivating mix of pristine beaches, sleepy fishing villages and mountains, Cape Verde holidays are on the dream list of numerous people. The tropical feel of Cape Verde, its friendly people and its warm culture will surely make you fall in love with it.

If you are planning to visit it and looking for the best time to visit Cape Verde, below is a guide that will help you plan your amazing holiday to Cape Verde. Along with the best time to visit, reading below will also help you learn about the events here and the islands of Cape Verde.

Where is Cape Verde located?

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Cape Verde Experience

Cape Verde is a group of ten islands located 385 miles off of the African West Coast. Until the 15th century, it was not inhabited. In the 15th century, Portuguese explorers discovered Cape Verde and colonized its islands. It resulted in Cape Verde being the first European settlement in the tropics. Until 1975, it was under the control of the Portuguese.

The islands of Cape Verde are not densely populated, with a total population of only around half a million. The most populated island of Cape Verde is Santiago, which has Cape Verde’s capital- Praia. 

The best islands in Cape Verde

There are a total of ten islands that form Cape Verde. The most famous islands among these ten for spending holidays are Boa Vista and Sal due to the exceptional beaches these islands have. Santiago holds several festivals throughout the year, attracting numerous tourists to visit.

Fogo is another island in Cape Verde renowned for its large volcano. The volcano in Fogo stands at 2,829 metres tall and is the highest point of Cape Verde. Other islands of Cape Verde are Sao Vicente, Santo Antao, Sao Nicolau, Brava and Santa Luzia.

The best time to visit Cape Verde

Spring (Dry Season- February to April)

The spring season in Cape Verde starts in February and ends in April. The weather during spring is warm and dry. With a mild and predictable climate, the daily temperature is around 26°C (78°F) with very little rain. Approximately seven hours of sunshine are experienced each day during spring in Cape Verde, which is longer than in winter or summer.

Booking a seaside holiday during spring in Cape Verde will be your best decision. However, as numerous tourists prefer to visit during this period, the prices are comparatively high.

Events during spring in Cape Verde

  • Cape Verde Carnival (February)

Summer (Dry Season- May to July)

If you are a summer lover, visit Cape Verde between May and July when the days are hot and dry. With an average sunshine of five hours each day, the days are short in summer. During this period, rain is rarely experienced, and an average temperature of 24°C to 27°C (75° to 80°F) is observed.

Visiting Cape Verde during summer is the best time for people interested in watersports and beach holidays. As no rain or wind occurs during summer, summer is preferred for tourists to visit Cape Verde, especially in June and July. So, book everything in advance to avoid inconvenience later.

Events during summer in Cape Verde

  • Labour Day (May)
  • Children’s Day(June)
  • The Festival of Sao Joao (June)
  • The Festival of Santa Isabel (July)
  • Independence Day (July)

Autumn (Rainy Season- August to October)

With the end of the summer, Cape Verde experiences its rainy season. The climate during this period is tropical, with humid heat, rain and wind. The temperature ranges from 28 to 30°C (82° to 84°F).

The weather during the rainy season is a mix of sunny and overcast and is quite unpredictable. Usually, it rains throughout the day during this season. However, it is light, warm and a short downpour. If you do not mind heat and humidity, visiting during Autumn will help you enjoy a budget-friendly holiday.

Events during Autumn in Cape Verde

  • Assumption Day (August)
  • Our Lady of Grace Day (August)
  • Sal Music Festival (September)

Winter (November – January)

If warm and dry weather with little rain excites you, visit Cape Verde in Winter. The best time to visit Cape Verde is in December.

With the end of the rainy season, Cape Verde becomes an island of greenery and full of life. The average temperature ranges between 21°C and 26°C (82° to 84°F). The pleasant weather in December gives you plenty of time to enjoy the beach. Hence, if you are a beach lover, December is when you must visit Cape Verde.

Events during winter in Cape Verde

  • All Saint’s Day (November)
  • São Nicolau Hiking Festival (November)
  • Democracy Day (January)
  • Hero’s Day (January)

Summing Up

Cape Verde is a well-known holiday destination, especially for beach lovers. So, if you are a beach lover, the Cape Verde weather in December is the best for your visit. The clear water and soft sandy beaches with greenery will make you relish every moment you spend in Cape Verde. Here, you can enjoy various outdoor activities and water sports to make your vacation fun and adventurous.

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