All You Need to Know About the Fun Butterfly Trail in London

Butterfly Trail is an amazing and immersive experience that combines the beauty of nature and advanced technology. It provides the viewers with an experience of stunning display and real-time animation as you have never seen before. Outernet’s most innovative show is dancing around central London; the good news is that the show is free of cost.

Pixel Artworks presents the Butterfly Trail. Which is the world’s first mixed reality show and the plays are organized every day on the Outernet’s flagship space.

In this article, I have explored all you need to know about the Fun Butterfly trail in London. Let’s come and dive into the article.

How does the Butterfly Trail work?

Image- Dilpesh Mohane

The Butterfly Trail Show a collaboration between Outrnet and Pixel Artworks, is the world’s first mixed-reality experience show. The Butterfly Trail uses smartphone features to bring the butterflies which you can hold in the plan of your hand in just a realistic way that feels like they are truly real.

Using a smart cell phone the viewers can scan QR codes to activate real-time animations and advanced technology as well.

Visitors can feel like standing in the botanical garden, surrounded by the big wrap-around screen showing the vibrant scenery and hundreds of virtual butterflies, and then they can hold a virtual butterfly in the palm of their hand. This can done by just clicking on your smartphone.

This show mixes the reality in this space, combining what visitors are seeing on their phones as well as on the screen around them. Visitors can release the magical AR butterflies and trigger real-time animations.

The interactive metamorphosis Machie experiences starting with a skilled single-shot game, designed in conjunction with production studio Aircards on 8th Wall’s web AR platform, is the most popular attraction of the world mixed reality moments.

After releasing magical AR butterflies from their chrysalises, the audience can activate the Metamorphosis Machine with their smartphone, triggering the real-time animation on the machine showing on the screen.

The Butterfly Trail Location and timing

This Magical as well as immersive butterfly trail is located in the Now building in London. The details are as follows:


The Now building. Center Point,
London WC2H 8LH

Timings of the trails

The show is playing from Monday to Sunday which is on an everyday basis and the daily show timing is 10 Am to 10.30 Pm every day.


The Butterfly trail show is free of cost.

The main attraction and features of the butterfly trail

  1. Wide variety of butterfly species including vibrant colors and patterns
  2. Real-time animation and stunning displays transport you to a whole new world.
  3. The communication interface between Unreal and the 8th wall AR show
  4. Visitors can interact with the breath-taking experience without the requirements of special devices, headsets, or the need to download any mobile application
  5. Includes the new web AR hand tracking features which allows the visitors to hold a magical butterfly in the palm of their hand or on their finger.
  6. the viewers can download as well as share their experience online directly to the camera roll
  7. Intriguing, complementary soundscape of the visual experience
  8. Gren plants and vibrant flowers can create a pretty landscape.

Facilities available on the trail location for visitors

The butterfly trail is not just a visual show rather it is a carefully catered experience where the safety, comfort, educational point of view, and security of the visitors are a high priority.
The trail offers a seamless and immersive experience to the visitors with security, a knowledge guide, and amenities in this beautiful world of butterflies.

They offer the following facilities available on the trail place

  • The organizer provides rest areas for their visitors to take pause, rest, and enjoy the natural surroundings.
  • Water stations are installed on location to ensure the visitors stay hydrated and refreshed on their journey.
  • Benches are located at the trail location for visitors who want to dive into the immersive beauty of the landscape
  • The guided tours are available with the expert and the guide provides detailed information about the ecosystem of this landscape and adds extra layers of knowledge about this place.
  • The trial guideline conveys the essential signs for responsive roaming in the location and respecting the natural elements and its residents.
  • The clear sign marks ensure the viewers navigate the trail safely and easily.
  • First aid stations are also installed in the place along the trail for the well-being of the visitors.

Top tips for visitors of the Butterfly Trail

To enjoy the most of your trail take into account the following tips and enjoy your butterfly trail.

  • Butterfly trail is not a race so let yourself enjoy the luxury of nature, sound, and scent of the natural environment.
  • Butterflies are much more sensitive so avoid loud conversations and move calmly to respect the serene atmosphere.
  • Bring binoculars to appreciate the details of these fluttering species.
  • Resist to touch and handle the butterflies as the dedicated wings can get hurt or damaged so observe them from the distance.


Q. Where is the Butterfly Trail organized in London?

Ans: The butterfly trail is located in The Now Building, Center Point, London, WC2H 8LH

Q. What is the timing of the butterfly trail?

Ans: The timing of the butterfly trail every day from 10.00 AM to 11.00 PM


As I conclude the exploration of the above article about the fun Butterfly Trail in London. In this article, I have explored how the butterfly trail works, what is the timing, and everything you need to know about the Fun Butterfly Trail in London and where it combines augmented reality and beauty of the nature

The Butterfly Trail is the world’s first mixed reality show. After that, it is wonderful to think that you can step into nature into the heart of London and hold the butterflies in the palm of your hand. The butterfly trail is one of the most visited attractions in London.

It will be the next generation of experiential entertainment, showcasing the power of AR technology when seamlessly integrated with the imagined, immersive world elevating the experience to the next level.

So if you are planning to visit the most attractions in London then must visit the butterfly trail to take the immersive experience of this unreal world just like it is a reality. enjoy the trail.

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