The Top 5 Data Recovery Services in London

In the modern digital world, the gadgets we use to save data play an essential part not just in our working lives but also in our personal lives.

We save every piece of critical information on a data storage device, whether it be an essential professional paper on a hard disc drive, medical data on a USB flash drive, or images and movies on an external hard drive. This may be the case regardless of the kind of information being stored.

The data is always secure and may be accessed anytime needed. So, without further ado, here is a rundown of the most well-known data recovery services in London:

The Top 5 Data Recovery Services in London

#1. Data Recovery Lab

With many years of expertise, Data Recovery Lab is one of data recovery services in London and provides excellent client support. They can restore valuable data from any storage device, even if it has been somehow damaged by water, fire, mechanical damage, common drive failures, malware, or anything else.

Their skilled staff of licensed engineers, technologically sophisticated and licensed ISO Class 5 Cleanroom, and patented tools have all contributed to their tremendous success.

Location: 133, Euro House, Ballards Ln, Church End, London N3 1LJ, United Kingdom

#2. Peiko

More than six years ago, Peiko began assisting businesses, particularly startups, in growing and expanding with the assistance of various high-tech solutions. During their work, they have completed more than 189 successful projects in multiple sectors, including Blockchain, Fintech, and E-commerce. They already serve customers in 25 countries throughout the globe, and our expansion efforts continue unabated.

Their team of 67 experienced experts is now prepared to build a tailored solution for your company and assist you in moving closer to achieving your goals. Peiko is a firm that specializes in developing the most challenging and technically complicated online projects to enhance product quality throughout the world’s most important IT markets.

Location: 14 Hewett Street, London, London EC2A 3NN

#3. Computer Being

Computer Being was founded in 2015 to deliver high-quality information technology services to companies and people in central London. The repair of desktop computers and laptops, as well as data recovery and IT support, are among the services they provide. Their engineers have a high level of competence and many years of experience. Their customers have praised them for resolving IT difficulties promptly while minimizing associated costs.

During the last five years, their company has been responsible for recovering petabytes of data, repairing thousands of computers, and providing IT support to hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses in Central London. Because they have formed strategic alliances with several well-established IT suppliers, they can always offer sound advice about the most effective response to any IT-related challenge.

Location: 20 Piccadilly, London W1J 0DG, United Kingdom

#4. DiskEng Data Recovery

DiskEng is generally acknowledged as being among the most reputable data recovery services in London, United Kingdom. It offers solutions for recovering hard disc drives, servers and RAID arrays, data backup tapes, and detachable and transportable media.

With years of knowledge and experience spanning a couple of decades, DiskEng has created special data recovery procedures and complex disc engineering technology to deliver solutions to enterprises, government agencies, institutions, and consumers in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates.

Location: 107 Fleet St, London EC4A 2AB, United Kingdom

#5. Computer Forensics Lab

The Computer Forensics Lab researches and assesses the activity of computer users and collects digital evidence for use in legal proceedings, whether civil or criminal. Computer Forensics Lab is an industry leader in all facets of digital forensics, including data forensics, cyber forensics, e-discovery, computer forensics, and data recovery.

Additionally, the business offers services in the field of computer forensics, including forensic data recovery, electronic disclosure, and secure data erasure. Solicitors, lawyers, investigators, detectives, law enforcement agencies, and businesses all over the United Kingdom and London can rely on Computer Forensics Lab to examine and recover all digital fingerprints from any computer, hard drive, or media storage device, thereby uncovering hidden digital evidence.

Location: Dephna House, 24-26 Arcadia Ave, London, London N3 2JU

When Do We Need To Use Data Recovery Services?

When one’s lost data is beyond the scope of what can be retrieved by data recovery software, the only option left is to turn to data recovery services. Or, the level of data damage is so severe that it needs the participation of an experienced data recovery specialist who a company employs.

If you notice any of the following signs in your hard disc drive or other storage media, you may need to seek the assistance of a specialist in data recovery.

  • On the storage device, there are several faulty sectors.
  • Unsatisfactory state according to SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology)
  • There was a persistent clicking sound coming from the hard disc drive.
  • Expenses related to losses caused by fire, water, or other natural factors
  • Failure of the computer to restart when requested.
  • a failure on the part of the BIOS to recognize the drive

You must see data recovery not only as a solution to the problem of data loss but also as a preventative precaution. Because of this, you must know about the data mentioned above for recovery services in London.

Points To Remember When Choosing Data Recovery Service In London

Data powers companies, organizations, and people today. Data loss may have serious financial, reputational, and legal repercussions. Disasters need a dependable London data recovery service. This article discusses essential data recovery service considerations.

Expertise and Experience

Selecting a data recovery provider should prioritize experience and knowledge. You want a provider that has successfully recovered data from several devices and operating systems. Find a firm with years of experience and qualified data recovery professionals.


When choosing a data recovery provider, reputation matters. Check internet reviews, references, and customer testimonies. A trustworthy data recovery provider should have a high customer satisfaction rate and instances of successful data recoveries.

Turnaround Time

Today’s fast-paced corporate climate demands speed. Choose a data recovery provider with a fast turnaround. In emergencies, several firms provide same-day or 24-hour assistance.


Data recovery requires security. Choose a firm with robust security standards to protect your data. Secure facilities, transmission methods, and encryption should safeguard your data.


Choose a data recovery provider with transparent pricing. Before signing up, be sure you understand the fees. Remember that inexpensive is only sometimes better.

Client Support

Customer service is essential for data recovery. Choose a data recovery firm that communicates clearly and often. They should update you on your rehabilitation and answer any queries.


Choose a 24/7 data recovery solution since disaster might strike at any moment. When you need help, they should be there.


Data recovery companies should guarantee their services. Before signing up, read the guarantee terms. They should also give a complete data recovery report.


Make sure your data recovery provider has expertise with your device and OS. They should be able to recover data from desktops, laptops, servers, and external hard drives running Windows, Mac, Linux, and others.

Secure Data

Finally, find a data recovery provider with a robust data protection policy. Data protection best practices and GDPR compliance are required.


It may be highly challenging to retrieve data from a hard disc that has been destroyed, dropped, corrupted, or rendered inaccessible since each instance of data loss is unique. However, a group of skilled rehabilitation experts is aware of their responsibilities. For optimum data recovery, having qualified experts on hand is crucial, but also having access to a technologically equipped Cleanroom environment and the appropriate gear is necessary.

Our investigation has led us to believe that The Top 5 Data Recovery Services in London is the best option for recovering sensitive data and difficult data loss situations. Despite their steep prices, they are recognized for having exceptional customer service, a team of trained engineers, and a secure environment. In addition, they carry the necessary security certifications. They have received positive feedback from previous clients.

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