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The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Chains

Many men typically avoid wearing jewellery, whilst others just don’t know where to begin.

However, there’s no hiding that adding a chain can complete your outfit and make it look completely different; it’s an easy upgrade that a lot of men overlook.

Each chain has a unique appeal that fits everyone’s needs and aesthetics for any occasion.

Whether it’s minimalistic, bold, casual or formal, the true power of men’s chains will shine when you pick the right one for you.

Men’s chains come in a variety of different types, lengths and metals, ranging from gold to silver chains.

Here’s a highlight of some of the most popular types of men’s chains.

Why chains for accessories?

Men’s chains are a staple within the world of men’s fashion, blending a mixture of historical prestige and cultural significance – some with a modern flair.

The chains become more than just an accessory that makes you look good; they are also symbols of power and status.

Through the years, men’s chains allow them to express individuality, influenced by different cultures and celebrities – with men’s silver chains alongside gold chains as the prime choice.

Whether it’s a touch of sophistication or a bold statement, men’s chains remain the timeless, go-to accessory for many, whilst others are only just starting to dip their toes in it.

The Classic Cuban Chains

The classic Cuban chain, also known as Miami Cuban Links, is known for its bold, interlinking links.


Unlike the other chains, the men’s Cuban chain lies flat on your chest and has a weighty yet minimal and polished-off feel that exudes power and confidence.

Though bold and heavy, it is a simple piece that can elevate any outfit. It’s a trendy choice for many that add luxury to any outfit.

It is perfect for making a statement, whilst its versatility makes it a great choice for literally any occasion.

Unique Characteristics Of A Cuban Chain

  • Closely interlinked, oval-shaped links, that lay flat and have a sleek finish.
  • Comes in different thicknesses and lengths, making it very versatile. 
  • Has a strong cultural association with hip-hop and urban fashion.  

The Rope Chain

Unlike the Cuban chain, the rope chain is more rounded. Crafted to resemble a rope, it has links that are twisted and looped together.


This creates a unique, intricate and textured look that offers a different pop to your outfit. Its detailed patterns reflect light, creating a nice shine to the look that can dress up or elevate your outfit.

This chain comes in different weights, lengths and metals, making it another versatile option. 

Unique Characteristics Of A Rope Chain

  • Distinguished by their intricate twisted design which resembles a chain. 
  • Due to their twisted and braided structure, rope chains have a unique ability to catch and reflect light from multiple angles. 
  • Very versatile option and looks great paired with a pendant. 

Figaro Chain

Figaro Chains originated in Italy, adding a touch of European craftsmanship that makes this piece so unique.

Its pattern with one long link followed by 3 shorter links offers a more sophisticated look.

When worn,  it compliments your outfit, with attention to detail that not only looks good but also provides more practicality by being less prone to getting tangled.

It’s another popular choice that looks good both, worn on its own or paired with a pendant. 

Unique Characteristics Of A Figaro Chain

  • Possesses a very unique sequence of one long link followed by two or three small links.
  • Comes with high cultural significance – made in Italy. 
  • They are versatile and unisex – suiting any occasion.  

The Choice Is Yours

Men’s chains come in all shapes and sizes, each bringing its own unique style and cultural significance – there is a perfect chain to fit any man.

By choosing the right chain, you can begin to elevate your looks, adding a touch of style to your look. Wearing a chain doesn’t just mean you’re wearing a neckpiece, it allows you to express yourself and elevate your looks with simple yet effective additions to your wardrobe. 

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