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Top 9 Must-try Vegan Restaurants in Zurich

We have cherry-picked and curated the perfect list of vegan restaurants in Zurich, ransacking the internet for you. If you are a traveler with a passion for a plant-based diet or simply trying to experience a new lifestyle by changing your diet to see the effects on your overall health.

We have got you covered with the best vegan restaurants in Zurich that serve you plant-based deliciousness. Just go ahead and pick anyone that’s nearby because everything here is simply perfection at its peak.

From Breakfast to parties to snacks, there is no plate left unperturbed for the honor of your vegan palette. Let’s dive in.

Top 9 Must-Try Vegan Restaurants in Zurich.

#1. Haus Hiltl:

  • Menu: European, Lacto, vegan–friendly, catering, International, Take-out, Western, Beer/Wine, Buffet, bar, salad, Indian, Swiss, Mediterranean.
  • Address: Sihlstrasse 28, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
  • Contact no: +41 44 227 70 00.

Arguably the best vegan restaurant in Zurich. Haus Hiltl deserves to be on top of any vegan enthusiast in the city. Hiltl is world’s one of the oldest restaurants in the world.

If you are a fan of places with histories, you will find this one the most interesting and not to mention the food. With great customer care like labeling allergens and gluten-free food. It is a vegetarian’s heaven.

#2. Marktkuche:

  • Menu: European, Central-European, vegan, International, Take-out, Western, Beer/Wine,  
  • Address: Feldstrasse 98, District 4, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Contact no: +41 44 211 22 11.

The second most popular vegan restaurant in Zurich is undoubtedly Marktkuche. You must book in advance if you want a seat because it’s always packed up. It’s a high-end restaurant that pays attention to detail with fabulous cuisine and an unforgettable dining experience.

The place is simply so good even a non-vegan will convert to vegan after only one meal.

They provide good quality cooking along with polite service. The ambiance of Marktkuche is a wonder of its own. Every dime spent on Marktkuche is worth its weight. They take plant-based food very seriously.

#3. Vegelataria The Sacred:

  • Menu: European, Lacto, vegan–friendly, Gluten Free, vegetarian, vegan options, Take-out, Brunch
  • Address: Muellerstrasse 64, Zürich 8004, Switzerland
  • Contact no: +41 44 558 70 35.

This sweet spot makes vegan dishes more fun to eat. It’s a world full of joyful fine dining experiences. You will not just enjoy one of the best vegan restaurants in Zurich but also eat the best homemade ice creams made with care with almond milk, soy, and rice.

Running on a vegan diet has never been tastier and fun before. They serve the most attractive gluten-free cuisine. Vegelataria The sacred runs on the values of people, yes vegan people. You can never go wrong with this place when it comes to upholding values.

#4. Loi-vegetarian Bistro:

  • Menu: European, Lacto, vegan–friendly, catering, International, Take-out, Western, Beer/Wine, Buffet, bar, salad.
  • Address: Limmatstrasse 268/270, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland
  • Contact no: +41 44 227 70 00.

The Lio is made with delicacies that are presented as art and the chef is most certainly an artist who can mix both taste and fine dining at this beautiful restaurant. They have top-notch compositions of a variety of cuisines that are well worth the praise and easy on the pocket.

You will find here unique food with exquisite graphics at unbelievable prices. They also provide premium quality seasonal dishes. It’s a restaurant with the purpose of being loyal to its customers. They are mind-blowing, creative, and on a whole other level.

#5. Dapur, Plant-based Indonesian Restaurant:

  • Menu: vegan–friendly, Take-out, Western, Indonesian, Vegan
  • Address: Schaffhauserstrasse 373, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Contact no: +41 44 310 24 50.

The only vegan restaurant in Zurich that serves superb Indonesian cuisine which is both exquisite as well as exotic. They have three lunch menus and a must wonderful indoor dining experience. The cuisine is aromatic and hypnotizing. This place also requires you to book in advance.

If you are looking for fine vegan Asian cuisine, then you have no need to look further. Dapur is just the right option with a pleasant experience and fragrant dishes coupled with excellent staff and service. It makes the customers keep coming again and again.

#6. Vegitat CigKöfte:

  • Menu: Fast food, Turkish, vegan–friendly, Middle Eastern, International, Take-out.
  • Address: Langstrasse 192, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Contact no: +41 61 554 66 55.

Vegitat is a Turkish fast food takeaway store that serves Seitan Döner alongside cigkofte wraps. We always believe to have a diversity of food on our list because of course it makes sense to try out everything at least once.

Hence one of the best takeaway vegan restaurants in Zurich, everything they serve is vegan except for the Aryan yogurt drink. Offering a variety of exotic dishes, they also have a delivery option available. It makes this place a perfect grab-a-quick-bite site in Zurich. Their staff is also super friendly.

#7. Samses:

  • Menu: European, vegan–friendly, catering, International, Take-out, Western, Beer/Wine, Contemporary, Buffet.  
  • Address: Langstrasse 231, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Contact no: +41 44 440 13 13.

Samses is the best place you can go to have a buffer at lunch. Get their pay-per-weight option and you can eat your fill which is labeled about 80% vegan. It includes vegan burgers, tofu cuisine, soya vegan schnitzel, and lots more suited for an exclusive began palette.

At dinnertime, you can expect a multi-course menu that gives an unscrupulous variety and mouth-watering food.  If you like a restaurant for their creativity, then you will fall in love with their sensational dishes.

#8. Roots:

  • Menu: European, vegan–friendly, Take-out, Western, fast-food.
  • Address: Lintheschergasse 15, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Contact no: NA.

Roots is a place tucked away at the cozy corners of Zurich Street. With an ambient vibe that offers everything vegan except for their dairy milk option. Here you can enjoy delicious bagels, smoothies, juices, coffee, salads, wraps, and much more.

They have also announced a couple of outlets coming up. You can look forward to more roots around the road in Zurich soon.

# 9. Tibits:

  • Menu: Vegan, vegan–friendly, Gluten-free, Asian, café.
  • Address: Seefeldstrasse 2, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Contact no: +41 44 260 32 22.

Looking for a relaxing dining experience? Tibits has got just the right fit for you. They offer friendly service with a relaxing ambiance and an exquisite dining experience with a self-service bar.

The food at Tibits makes it one of the best vegan restaurants in Zurich, a real treat to the palette and the pockets. A must-go for all the plant slayers.


 There you have it folks, a lovingly hand-crafted curated list of the very best vegan restaurants in Zurich serving you all-time meals that is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snacking. Meat-free and a must visit for vegetarians.

We have carefully picked and included variety, convenience, and ambiance mixed with mouthwatering delightful vegan food. A complete fine dining experience curated out of the top 9 vegan restaurants in Zurich.

Last thoughts?

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