Top 10 Financial Services Companies In London

Knowing where to begin when looking for the best London financial companies might take a lot of work. There are several companies from which to pick! However, this does not imply that they are all the same. Some will provide better rates than others or have more flexible repayment arrangements.

We’ve produced a list of the Top 10 Financial Services Companies In London today to ensure you don’t wind up with something unsuited to your requirements.

Top 10 Financial Services Companies In London

#1. Aviva


Nineteen years ago, Aviva was established as a company. It is a worldwide insurance organization that operates in 16 different countries and is one of the largest Financial Services Companies in London, UK. Aviva’s 30,021 workers assist clients globally in all the company’s locations.

Most of the company’s customers come from Europe and Asia, both priority markets. Approximately 33 million customers get services in general and life insurance, long-term savings, and fund management from 18 primary subsidiaries.

#2. Legal & General

Legal & General

Legal & General Group plc, sometimes known simply as Legal & General, is a global firm headquartered in the United Kingdom, active in financial services and asset management. Europe, Asia, the Gulf, and the United States are its primary markets, and as of 2018, they together provided the corporation with £44.89 billion in sales and £1.93 billion in earnings.

Even though it is the tenth-largest investment management business, Legal & General only has roughly 7,500 specialists on its payroll. On the other hand, having this many staff is sufficient to provide services of a high caliber.

#3. Prudential

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Prudential plc, sometimes known simply as Prudential, is one of the Financial Services Companies in London. The firm provides consumer credit, investment management, and life insurance. The corporation has 24,711 employees and brought in an income of £89.54 billion in 2018, despite having more than 26 million consumers for life.

The United Kingdom and Europe, Asia, and the United States were the three regions that contributed to Prudential’s £2.49 billion in earnings, which is an increase of 18.6% over 2017. Each year, a portion of the revenues is donated to various sporting organizations. This is the first year that the corporation has been a sponsor for the RideLondon cycling event.

#4. HSBC

Canary Wharf

HSBC Holdings plc, sometimes known simply as HSBC, is a multinational banking and one of the top financial services companies UK with operations in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Oceania. It is one of the most recognizable companies in the world.

It is a worldwide corporation with its main office located in London. In 2018, HSBC achieved earnings of £8.67 billion and sales of £63.93 billion, making it the largest bank in Europe and one of the seven largest banks in the world. Its four business segments employ about 228,687 professionals throughout its 35 primary subsidiaries.

#5. Barclays plc

Barclays plc
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2018 was a challenging year for Barclays plc (further Barclays) regarding its financial performance. It had a £1.37 billion loss in earnings and an adverse change in sales, which is 6.2% lower than the previous year’s results. In 2018, the total revenue was £27.71 billion. Barclays continues to maintain its status as one of the most important banks in the United Kingdom despite all of the problems.

It has provided investment banking and other financial services for over 320 years. Seventy-nine thousand professionals are put to use by the bank to provide services to customers throughout 30 primary divisions and subsidiaries in the UK, in addition to several additional locations around the globe.

#6. Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young
City A.M.

Another largest British financial services firm is Ernst & Young, sometimes known simply as EY. Ernst & Young is a worldwide corporation that provides professional services. Over 270,000 workers supply customers from 150 countries with tax, financial advice, assurance, and legal services.

These services are provided in a variety of contexts. Despite the cultural variations, the corporation is arranged territorially into four areas: EMEIA, Asia Pacific, Japan, and the Americas. These regions have the same corporate structure, allowing them to function efficiently.

#7. PwC

The Indipendent

PwC, which stands for PricewaterhouseCoopers, is one of the top financial services companies in the UK that provides a wide range of professional services. The organization’s primary areas of expertise include legal, accounting, and assurance work.

PwC’s global network includes over 800 offices across 150 different nations. The web is served by about 251,000 personnel in seven geographic zones. The revenue for PwC in 2018 was £33.17 billion, with the area including North America and the Caribbean contributing the most significant portion of that total.

#8. Standard Life

Financial News

Standard Life Aberdeen plc, sometimes known simply as Standard Life, is a financial organization based in London, United Kingdom, that operates in the categories of life and health insurance, long-term savings, and assets management.

The organization operates in many countries and reports having assets of 868 billion dollars under management. This positions it as Europe’s second-largest fund manager, behind only Legal & General. Over one thousand financial specialists provide service to customers of Standard Life in eighty different countries. They were successful in generating an income of £322.04 billion in 2018.

#9. RBS Group

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc, sometimes known as RBS Group, is a significant banking and insurance holding corporation headquartered in the United Kingdom with subsidiaries operating in Europe, Asia, and North America.

After the worldwide financial crisis of 2008, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) fell from its position as the biggest bank in the world. It is now the 10th most prominent financial services firm in the United Kingdom, and as of 2018, it has a total annual revenue of £16.94 billion. The corporation has 10 significant companies.

#10. Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group

One of the most well-known Financial Services Companies in London is Lloyds Banking Group plc offers its services throughout the United States of America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. In addition to the administration of pension funds and insurance policies, retail banking is one of the services supplied by the 67,905 personnel working for Lloyds throughout its network of worldwide subsidiaries.

In 2018, the five divisions of Lloyd’s had a combined revenue of £42.08 billion and a profit of £3.94 billion. Because of this outcome, the firm was able to break into the Top 5 of the Global Database’s list of the most prominent financial and insurance services organizations.

How To Choose The Best Financial Services Company In London?

If you’re new to finance, picking a London financial services firm might be difficult. With so many alternatives, it might take time to choose the right firm. Following several essential parameters, you may rapidly restrict your selections and choose the finest financial services firm.


Reputation is crucial when choosing a financial services firm. Online reviews, testimonials, and ratings reveal the company’s reputation. Clients will rate a good firm highly. Check the company’s website for honors.


London’s most significant financial services firm will have a staff of seasoned and talented advisors. The firm should excel in investment management, financial planning, tax planning, and estate planning.

Service Variety

Choosing a financial services business that meets your requirements is crucial. The organization needs experience in investment management, financial planning, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, and more. Consider your finances and objectives when choosing a firm.


Financial services organizations charge management, transaction, and performance-based fees. Before hiring, know the costs. A trustworthy firm won’t hide its expenses.

Communication Accessibility

Choose an accessible, communicative financial services firm. The organization should be simple to contact, and its employees should answer your queries and resolve your problems. The organization should offer a customer site or other communication methods about your investments and financial strategy.

Technological Security

In today’s digital world, a financial services organization that employs cutting-edge technology to deliver safe and trustworthy services is crucial. The firm should secure your personal and financial data. Choose a business with user-friendly technology to access your account and track your assets.


London’s top financial services firm must follow all rules. The FCA should register and regulate the firm. The FCA’s registration verifies corporate credentials.

Client Support

Selecting a financial services provider requires good customer service. Customer service should be informed and responsive. The staff should swiftly address your inquiries and concerns.


Friends, relatives, and coworkers who have utilized financial services businesses may also suggest you. Referrals may reveal a company’s reputation, service, and performance.

Individualized Approach

The most significant financial services firm will tailor their services to you. The organization should understand its financial objectives and build a strategy. Choosing a firm that appreciates your feedback and takes the time to understand your situation is crucial.


Finally, London is home to some of the world’s top financial services organizations that serve a variety of clientele. Global clientele trusts these organizations for their competence, knowledge, and innovation. As said, the top 10 top Financial Services Companies in London, all provide customized services and have distinct strengths and skills.

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