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Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Brands in the UK: Leading the Way in Eco-Friendly Style

Sustainable fashion is becoming popular and available all around the globe. One portion of the globe that mainly focuses on sustainable and ethical fashion brands is the United Kingdom. An ethical and sustainable fashion brand is kind to animals, human beings, and the planet. 

Also, sustainable fashion brands make a strong connection between designers, consumers, and makers. There are plenty of fashion brands that are producing high-quality, eco-friendly products while not sacrificing style. So, if you are looking for some of the best sustainable fashion brands in the UK then this article is for you. Here, in this article, we are going to put together the top 10 sustainable clothing brands in the UK. 

10 sustainable Fashion Brands in the UK:

1. People Tree:

People Tree
Image- Charlie Smith Design

People Tree is a leading fair-trade fashion brand that offers ethical and sustainable items. According to the brand, they were the first fashion brand that obtain a World Fair Trade Organization label. 

Brand’s History and Vision for Sustainability:

People Tree started its journey in 1991. Since then it focused on producing sustainable fashion items. Long before it used organic fabric. Their ethical and intentional artisan partnership ensures ethical economic opportunities for the artists, designers, and makers they work with. They are committed to producing quality products and they produce ethically and sustainably with respect for animals, people, and planet.

Eco-friendly Practices and material used:

People Tree always aims to offer its items to you at a very reasonable price. They offer a reasonable price to their farmers, weavers, and makers all through the supply chain. They have been supporting both people and the planet for 30 years. 
People Tree uses a large proportion of organically grown raw materials and natural fibers such as cotton and linen to design and produce their products.

Sustainable Fashion Collection: 

Playful patterns and everyday wardrobe staples, casual, everyday wear, workwear, activewear, accessories

2. Beaumont Organic:

Beaumont Organic
Image- Thrift Plus

Beaumont Organic is a UK clothing brand that has an extensive range of collections of products. These items are made with organic and recycled cotton. At this brand, you can find timeless pieces across all categories. 

Brand’s History and Vision for Sustainability:

Beaumont Organic started its journey in 2008, and it is an international fashion brand that mixes classic style with contemporary twist. They use eco-friendly fabrics and they produce items suitable for all year round. They work hard behind the scenes to offer you products with full transparency into sustainability practices.

Eco-friendly Practices and Materials Used:

Beaumont Organic initiates sustainability practices towards their suppliers, customers, makers, and weavers. They visit the factories regularly and document the process of creating every product. 

Organic cotton is at the heart of their collections, also they are continuing to explore new areas of sustainability. They are introducing new fibers and yarns such as recycled cotton fiber in their knitwear and seaweed-based technology. 

Sustainable Fashion Collection:

Tops, bottoms, jackets, knits, Yoga range, underwear, nightwear, Footwear, accessories, and more

3. Rare & Fair:

Rare & Fair
Image- rareandfair. com

Rare & Fair is one of the best ethical brands in the UK. This is a slow fashion brand that promotes handmade clothes and accessories by artisans using sustainable and natural materials. Their handloom, natural clothing, and natural products support the farmers, artisan communities, and handloom weavers.  The artisan community of this brand creates clothing pieces with modern designs so that you can look great while doing good!

Brand’s History and Vision for Sustainability:

Rare & Fair promises to support local small-scale natural fiber producers, villagers, family businesses, and local designers of the UK. Through this support, the brand not only preserves the traditional wisdom but also enables small-scale farmers and villagers to gain social and economic recognition.

The brand meets all of its suppliers physically to enhance a completely transparent supply chain. Through this way, they can introduce their customers to the farms, communities, and artisans that create their purchases. 
rare & Fair also promises to use sustainably sourced natural fibers and materials. They want to offer such products to you that will be very kind to your skin as well as to the planet

Eco-friendly Practice and material used:

Through your purchase, you are also saving traditional artisans, natural clothing, and accessories. That means you are also supporting women and rural communities. 

Rare & Fair always aims to use organic and sustainable fabric materials such as handwoven silk, natural cotton, Ikat silk, and more.

Sustainable Fashion Collection:

Skirts, blazers, suits, tops, blouses, mini dresses, maxi dresses, and more

4. Mother Of Pearl:

Mother Of Pearl
Image- Glints

Mother of Pearl is a more ethical and sustainable womenswear and accessories designer brand in the UK that celebrates authenticity and individuality. this brand aims to create classic, but never boring products for you. 

Brand’s history and Vision for sustainability:

Mother of Pearl started its journey in 2002, and it made fashion with wit, heart, and concise. They focused on creating contemporary designs that would not harm the earth.

Mother of Pearl uses wool to produce their product but they refuse to use such wool where the sheep have been mulesed. The brand always takes social responsibility and they care deeply for the people who are involved in their production. Also, the brand worked harder to trace its supply chain and work very closely with its factories and suppliers. Moreover, the brand promotes sustainability in every touchpoint of the business.

Eco-friendly Practice and Material used:

They launched their first fully eco-friendly line ‘No frills’, in 2018. The products of the Mother of Pearl are created with a transparent supply chain and the pieces are made from organic and eco-friendly materials. They never compromise on the quality of the design, and all their collections are made as ethically as possible.

They use non-mulesed wool, organic cotton, and recycled synthetic fibers to produce their collections of products. 

Sustainable Fashion Collection:

Dresses, jackets and coats, Denim, knitwear, sweatshirts, ready-to-wear dresses, trousers and skirts, and more


Image- eBay

COSSAC is one of the top-class sustainable fashion brands in the UK that believes in creating timeless, elegant, versatile, feminine apparel products. They promote the concept of capsule wardrobes. They offer contemporary fashion that you can wear and cherish across all seasons. 

Brand’s History and Vision for Sustainability:

The founder of the COSSAC brand is Agata Natalia Kozak. Agata was born and brought up in Poland. After reallocating to London, Agata worked for both high-end and high-street levels and witnessed the fast and destructive side of the industry. later in 2014, she created COSSAC. 

COSSAC aims to offer women design-led honest fashion. They help drive awareness of the negative social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry. They also take the concept of sustainability and they deal with all the heavier stuff to not harm the people, animals, and the planet.

Eco-friendly practice and material used:

COSSAC is committed to slow fashion and it focuses on sustainability, transparency, and social well-being. The mission of this brand is to offer balanced and concise collections These collections are made very seriously with respect for every contribution along the way. The future of fashion is just sustainable And ECOHOT. 
 They carefully choose sustainable materials to create their ECOHOT clothes. They always seek eco fabrics that include organic cotton, Tencel, Cupro, Modal, Ecovero Viscose,  organic wool, recycled wool, and recycled polyester. 

Sustainable Fashion Collection:

Knit Kimono cardigan, Black denim trench coat, reversible dresses, Blue Denim Wrap dress, Blue Denim light Jacket, Print Ecovero maxi dress, Vanilla Ecovero maxi dress, and more

6. Baukjen:

Image- Dpop

Baukjen is a womenswear brand and it is a London-based company that focuses on sustainability. With their pre-loved programs, they strive to expand the lifespan of their products. All the items are entirely manufactured in Europe. 

Brand’s History and Vision for Sustainability:

This brand was founded by Baukjen and it is a family-run business. The brand always focuses on people who are creating their clothes and must be paid well. after some time, the brand has realized the importance of ethical fashion for the planet. The brand is not only doing good for the people but also serving for the entire fashion industry. 

Baukjen only uses organic and expensive fibers and fabric to make their items. Also, they have halved the carbon footprint associated with an average Baukjen garment from 2019 to till date. 

Eco-friendly practice and material used:

Baukjen always initiated to reduce their water usage by working with their supply chain and making improvements through collaborations. The brand also focuses on wages of the labor, labor conditions, and maintaining ethics standards.
this brand has won a United Nations Global Climate Action Award, and it is the first for a fashion brand.

98.2 % of the fabrics that the brand uses are responsibly sourced, with 90% lower impact fibers. All their collections of garments are better for people and the planet. Eco cashmere, Ecojilinviscose, EcotecCotton, organic cotton, green cash, hemp, leather, and linen are some types of fabrics that the brand uses for its production. 

Sustainable Fashion Collection:

Dresses, shirts, tops, blouses, jackets, coats, knitwear, jumpsuits, sweatshirts, joggers, and more

7. Affends:

Image- Sustainability Magazine

Affends is one of the top sustainable clothing brands in the UK. The brand is pushing sustainability through its garments and products. Affrends handpicks the most sustainable fibers with the very least amount of impact on the earth. The brand is focusing on producing lifetime items that will remain in fashion for years. The brand follows slow fashion.

Brand’s History and Vision for Sustainability:

Affends was founded in 2006 and they always strive to do the best for both the planet and people. From design, delivery, durability, longevity, eco-friendly, and timeless apparel that will last for longer. The brand wants to be a role model in sustainable practice for the young generation.

They have spent years researching eco-friendly fibers, and hemp. From transparency in supply and design, and the business ethics the brand does only what is good for the planet. Their goal is to be socio-economically and environmentally sustainable in every aspect of the business policy.

Eco-friendly practice and material used:

Small changes can make a bigger difference. eco-friendliness is at the forefront of Affend’s design procedures. Every garment of this brand is made from sustainable fibers. They are more conscious in every process from seed to skin. They always keep in mind for the people and the planet.

Always, Affends uses expensive, high-quality sustainable raw materials to create their collections. They use organic cotton, hemp, Tencel, and recycled Poly. to produce their collections.

Sustainable Fashion Collection:

The hemp collection, t-shirt, long-sleeved tops, jeans, pants, shorts, dresses, jumpsuits,  accessories, and more

8. Plant Faced Clothing:

Plant Faced Clothing
Image- Burger Aboard

Plant Faced Clothing is an ethical UK company that represents a new and inventive fashion order. The brand focuses on preserving its presence as a 100 percent ethical fashion brand around the globe. plant Faced Clothing independently-owned vegan streetwear clothing business also improving sustainability trendy.

Brand’s History and Vision for Sustainability:

Plant Faced Clothing is an ethical streetwear brand that started its journey in 2016. all their collections maintain their core belief of supporting safe, ethical manufacturing practices, humane, plat-based material, and eco-conscious whenever possible.

The brand focuses on 100% ethical, and cruelty-free clothing. The brand is committed to offering the most uncompromising quality garment to you. They use mailer boxes made from 100% recycled paper and printed with water-based inks. Also, they use expensive organic fibers to produce their quality garment.

Eco-friendly Practice and material used:

The brand ensures their collections and the people who make them must be treated with all the respect they deserve. The garments have undergone strict ethical certification including Fair Wear or WRAP certification. So, if you purchase their products you will not only look good but also feel great too. You will be supporting other things that include no child labor, no forced labor, safe and healthy working conditions, and more.

They favor only organic and sustainable fabrics that care for your skin and the environment. They use organic cotton, recycled PET, water-based inks, and some other sustainable materials to produce their garments.

Sustainable Fashion Collection:

Tops, crop tops, long sleeves, gym wear, hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, shorts, accessories, and more

9. Birdsong London:

Birdsong London
Image- Not Just A Label

Birdsong London is a fashion brand in the UK that is both sustainable and ethical. Still, they are a first and foremost social company, which that means even in any crisis, its number one concern will be the well-being of its creators.

Brand’s History and Vision for Sustainability:

Birdsong London was founded in 2018 by Lone Design Club. The mission of this brand is to emerge from international fashion with lifestyle brands and empower the world to explore unique and transparent clothing and accessories.

The brand always focuses on promoting sustainable fashion. The brand always follows slow fashion. Birdsong London responsibly produces its collection for and by extraordinary women. They follow the principles to produce their products where they are not required to compromise with the planet, people, and animals. All the materials they use to manufacture their items are organically sourced and good for your skin.

Eco-friendly Practice and material used:

birdsong relies on making ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly apparel collections for their customers. It is a socially-driven business that supports garment makers by offering as much as 80% of product proceeds back to the women making the clothing. The brand also supports and promotes independent business. The brand ensures that its value is reflected in every aspect of what and who we work with. 

Birdsong always uses recycled, and fair-trade fabrics that make you feel great. they use organic cotton, Tencel, and high-quality linen to produce its collections. 

Sustainable Fashion Collection:

Coats, jackets, festive wear, tops, tees, hoodies, knits, sweatshirts, activewear, Denim, accessories, and more

10. Fanfare:

Image- Crowdspring

Fanfare Label is one of the great sustainable fashion brands in the UK. it is a circular clothing company that revolutionized how people buy, wear, and consume apparel. It manufactures apparel slowly to wear every season, so its garments are forever.

Brand’s History and Vision for Sustainability:

Fanfare was founded by Esther Knight in 2018. this firm is at the forefront of the upcycling trend. This brand converts antique pieces into one-of-a-kind modern designs and plastic is not used in the Fanfare Label line.

This brand is an independent sustainable fashion house that shows the way of circularity and positive changes. fabfare focused on creating a sustainable fashion economy and it has been recognized by Forbes, drapers, and more. At Fanfare, the team lives and breathes circular fashion. Never any piece of their clothing ends up in landfills. Its circular values are aligned with the UN’s sustainable development goals. This brand provides jobs to women that support their skills and talent. 

Eco-friendly Practice and material used:

The brand feels great to have total transparency in its supply chain and all the clothes of this brand are handcrafted by its team. All the materials they use are organically sourced. They practice ethical manufacturing procedures that do not do harm to the people, animals, and of course the planet. They also reduce their carbon footprints since they do not import their finished clothes into the country by air or sea. 

All the materials they use to manufacture their garments are organically sourced and natural, These include GOTS-certified organic cotton, OEKO-TEX Standard  100 cotton, Linen, recycled polyester, recycled paper buttons, and more

Sustainable Fashion Collection:

denim long skirt, Linen lounge Co-ord short set, linen suit, mother Earth T-shirt, Swirl strap top, and more


It is a vital time for brands and consumers to think twice about sustainability for the betterment of our planet. Thankfully, various players in the fashion industry already paying more attention to making greener choices. If you are interested in improving sustainable fashion then you can shop in the brands that aim to become more ethical and sustainable all the way round.

Here, in this article, we have put together the top 10 sustainable fashion brands in the UK. So you can choose one or more brands from the list and make your purchases good in every possible way, to the people, and the planet. We appreciate your initiative towards slow fashion trends!

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