9 Must-Visit Kpop Shops in London for Every Fan

You are in the right place if you are a diehard K-pop fan or just someone who recently got a gist of K-pop albums in the UK.  This a handmade guide bringing you the best Kpop shops in London.

Kpop is a very dynamic we well as vibrant culture. With high-end fashion, over-the-top choreography, and talented Idol groups captivating a global audience, it boasts a global devoted fanbase.

K-pop gives sit fans a sense of belonging, providing motivation and inspiration for their daily lives. Kpop has also built a community where fans can stay connected and bridge the gap between countries and cultures.

Whether you are looking for BTS merchandise, Kpop albums in the UK, or T-shirts. In this article, we bring you the best 9 Kpop stores in London and also Kpop stores near London.

Kpop Shops in London for Every Fan



 Sokollab London is every Kdrama and Kpop fan’s dream. You can buy K-pop merchandise and K-beauty products. They serve the best Korean products in London

  • Location: 14 Rathbone PI, London W1T 1HT, United Kingdom
  • Opening hours: Tuesday 12-5 pm, Monday, Thursday-Closed, other days – 12-6 pm

Special features and promotions

Sokollab London offers the best selection of Korean beauty and K-pop products. They also offer your favorite Kpop Beanies, badges, grip holders, photocards, and badges.

Trust me when I say it is your one-stop shop for all K-pop albums in the UK needs. A place every K-pop fan in London should know.

#2 Kpop K-Shop

 Kpop K-Shop
Image by

Kpop K-Shop London is a slippery eel but one that’s worth it. This little store gets a little right hard to find. But it’s most definitely a brilliant place for K-pop lovers, the staff is nice, friendly, and helpful.

The Prices they offer are also very good. They sell a range of merchandise from different Idol groups. It is a multi-fandom Kpop store in London, a must for every fan.

Products available:

They offer a brilliant range of albums, merchandise, BT21, and especially photo cards!!

They also have some rare albums from harder-to-find groups as well. They have light sticks, big plushies, and tons of albums.

  • Location: 140 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6DG, United Kingdom
  • Opening hours: Thursday: 1-6 pm
  • Phone Number: +44 7823453539

#3 Oseyo Camden

Oseyo Camden
Image by Masahiro Ohta

Oseyo is one of the most popular K-pop stores in London. This Kpop cum convenience store offers a wide range of imported products from South Korea. You can find delicious snacks and enjoy them with the K-pop tracks buzzing in the store.

The visitors can also ask the staff for products not available on the shelf, you have gotta try a little harder to have the best experience.

The whole experience is packaged at a reasonable price. They bring the vibrance, tradition, and elegance of Korean & Asian food to the UK.

Products available:

They store snacks such as Kimchi, Kimbap, instant noodles, and some of the most popular idol groups’ Albums. They also contain snacks you can’t find elsewhere.

  • Location: 158 Camden High St, London NW1 0NE, United Kingdom
  • Opening hours: All days 10 am-10 pm
  • Phone Number: +44 2031054857


Image by Ertug Ekenler

 With a recent founding in 2019, PURESEOUL is the top destination for all things around Korean beauty. They work directly with some of Korea’s top beauty brands and offer the most unbeatable & exclusive selection of skincare & makeup must-haves.

Most definitely one of the best beauty stores every K-pop fan in London should know.

Products available:

They offer free shipping on UK orders over £30. They offer a wide range of everything Korean products from skincare to makeup and brands such as Beauty of Joseon, Acropass, Benton, and Cossrx. 

  • Location: 70 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H0BJ, United Kingdom
  • Opening hours: 12 – 8 pm every day
  • Contact:

#5 London Kpop Street

London Kpop Street
Image by Wallpaper Flare

London Kpop Street is an online K-pop store in London serving exclusively in the UK. They give free delivery in all of the United Kingdom on orders above £50.

K-Pop merchandise available

You can scroll through their wide range collection of Albums, photocards, Weverse, BT21, seasons greetings, K-pop CDs, and of course, a lot more to explore.

Some of their bestsellers include STRAY KIDS, KEY, NEW JEANS, XDINARY HEROS, and much more.

Their K-drama OSTs section is one of wonder and definitely worth checking out. If you are into unboxing surprises, you can unlock their LKS surprise boxes.

Special events and promotions

If you are a student studying in the UK, all you must do is e-mail them and you will get a 10% student discount on all their products. Plus, they also sponsor K-pop events.

They previously hosted several events such as Hallyu Con 2022, UKBTSARMATION 2021, 2022, 2023, and many more.

You should check out their website! It’s great.

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Opening hours: 24*7

#6 YesStyle

Image by Pexels

YesStyle is unlike any other online Korean beauty store in London because they offer great prices and a selection that is absolutely beginner’s friendly.

If you are new to this whole K-beauty ordeal, then worry because YesStyle has thoroughly got you covered.  Its friendly collection of starter Korean beauty is just the thing you must be looking for.

Their products are not only price friendly but also extremely authentic and genuine. Plus, they always have some kind of discount going on that promotes great deals and customer satisfaction.

K-Pop merchandise available

YesStyle is where you find the perfect blend of K-beauty and K-fashion. You get to explore a wide range of beauty, makeup, and fashion products.

The top categories in beauty include Makeup, Sun care, Tools & Brushes, face masks, Face cleansers, hand care, and hair care.

The brands include CODRX, rom&nd, Beauty of Joseon, Etude, Axis-y, and many more.

Comparison with physical K-Pop shops

You will not get the variety and the amazing deals YesStyle offers though not exactly a Kpop store. It compliments well the Kpop culture with beauty and fashion.

You can get the hottest deals on products your favorite Kpop Idol prefers and YesStyle is the exact place you need.

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Opening hours: 24*7

#7 Bentobab

Image by TripAdvisor

There’s no K-pop store in London list complete without delicious Korean Food. Bentobab offers traditional Korean snacks with meals, drinks, and sushi.

This sweet little shop offers Dine-in, Takeaway, and no-contact delivery.

Bentobab is hard to beat in everything Korean with great prices and assured quality with their superb staff. The whole Korean Food Kpop experience is worth the fuss.

It is a restaurant every K-pop fan in London should visit.

Korean products available:

Bentobab’s authentic Korean BBQ is a must-try for every K-drama and K-pop fan. Alongside chicken dumplings, Korean Fried Chicken, and Kimchi fries.

  • Location: 4 Commercial St, London E1 6LP
  • Opening hours: 11:30 am – 10 pm
  • Phone Number: +44 2073775742

#8 Oseyo TCR (H-mart)

Oseyo TCR (H-mart)
Image by Oseyo TCR

 Oseyo TCR is another one of Oseyo’s outlets in London situated in Tottenham where Kpop fans can get Koran Merch and snacks.

Products available

Like always Oseyo offers a stock of a great range of food and other products with a K-pop and K-cosmetics store. This store’s Kimbap rolls are mouth-watering and 100% rewarding.

You can find a variety of items to gift any Kpop fan and make authentic Korean-flavored dumplings and dishes.

  • Location: 115 Tottenham Ct Rd, London W1T 5AH
  • Opening hours: 10 am – 10 pm
  • Phone Number: + 44 2073883128                        


Image by Hanan Muhammed

 Kpoppinuk is a neat K-pop store in Birmingham. If you don’t mind a little detour and a trip, then this dedicated Kpop Store is you’re the perfect fit.

This First gen K-pop is totally independently owned by a family. The staff is really experienced and super knowledgeable on all things Korean music.

An added advantage is their warm-hearted and kind nature to all their visitors. You will keep coming back.

K-Pop merchandise available

Check out their Albums. Some of their featured products include HARD photobook Ver, PLAY Ver, STRAY KIDS BDM POB PCS, ATEEZ, EXO 7th Album, and much more.

All the pre-order exclusive items you will most definitely love. 

Unique features and promotions

They offer K-hip-hop, K-RnB underground, and upcoming Eastern Asian Artists.

Also, their fan-made merch is in a class of its own. They run the local events and their shop is well-stocked with all the latest goodies.

They offer all of this in a safe, inclusive environment which is a wonder of an independently run business.

  • Location: 119 Floodgate St, Deritend, Birmingham B5 5SU, United Kingdom
  • Opening hours: 10 am- 6 pm
  • Phone Number: +44 7772237607


We hope you loved our exclusive hand-picked guide to the best K-pop shops in London. If you want to explore all things London, consider going through some of our other guides.

There are so many advantages of supporting the blooming Kpop culture, it fosters immense cultural exchange and drives growth and fame to your favorite Idol groups supporting their journey.

K-pop’s influence not only shines but also empowers fans day and night.


Q. Is the UK people crazy about K-pops now?

Ans. K-pops is a new culture, and the fans of BTS are now going crazy for the K-pop albums in the UK. 

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