7 Types of Part Time Jobs for 16 Years Olds

Teen jobs must fit your lifestyle. That implies they can’t have a strict 9-to-5 schedule (hello, school), be boring, or demand a lot of experience.

How so many times have the tenants asked what company plans are that you’ve lost count? You’ll need to secure your first job earlier rather than later, despite how persistent your parents may be.

Depending on what state you reside in and your age, may need to first complete certain paperwork in order to be qualified for employment.

Here we are going to discuss some of the important facts related to part-time jobs for 16 years olds and types also.

Legal information for 16 years olds workers

All young workers are covered by the law (except those who are genuinely self-employed) – A student works is a person under the age of 18 who is old enough to quit school.

Temporary, informal, part-time, as well as agency employees, trainees, and participants in other types of training programs.

What relaxation periods are allowed for you:

  • If you are required to labor for longer than four hours and fifteen minutes straight, take a 30-minute break. In addition to lunch breaks, there are also rest breaks.
  • 12 continuous hours off for each 24-hour work period
  • Visit child employment and working hours websites for further details, or call the ACAS Helpdesk at 0300 123 1100. Also, look at The Mix and type “work hours”.

Local ordinances governing child employment permits

According to the majority of local councils, companies that want to hire school-aged children must first apply for a child work authorization. Without a minor employment permit, it’s possible that an employer won’t have insurance to cover mishaps involving the youngster.

Children participating in school-sponsored job experiences do not require a work permit. To find out if part-time jobs for 16 years old are legal or not, employers should get in touch with their local council’s ministry of education or district education service.

How many hours can a 16-year-old work?

There are very strict rules in the UK for students to work in part-time jobs for 16 years olds. The work hours are limited to their age and mental abilities. Working hours for a week are given as:

Young people are not permitted to work:

  • Without a work permit given by the municipal council’s education division, if local ordinances mandate it
  • Sites like an industrial facility or a factory
  • During the school day
  • Both before and after 7 o’clock
  • For about an hour before school (unless local bylaws allow it)
  • Without a pause of at least an hour for even more than 4 hours
  • In any employment that would be detrimental to their health, well-being, or educational pursuits
  • Without taking a 2-week vacation from any work over the summer or any other time off during the academic year.

Rules for term time:

Children are only permitted to work a limited 12 hours per week during term time. This comprises:

  • 2 hours maximum on student days and Sundays
  • Restriction of 5 hours on Saturdays for teens aged 13 to 14, or 8 hours for teenagers aged 15 to 16.

Rules for school holidays:                                          

  • 13 to 14-year-olds are only permitted to work a limited 25 hours per week during school breaks. This comprises:
  • 5 hours maximum on Mondays and Saturdays
  • A Sunday limit of two hours
  • 15 to 16-year-olds are only permitted to work a maximum of 35 hours a week during school breaks. This comprises:
  • Max. 8 hours on weekdays and weekends
  • A Sunday limit of two hours

Payment scale of a 16-year-old worker

The payment scale of jobs near London for 26 years old in the UK varies as:

  • Youngsters under 16
  • Children who are in education are not eligible for the National Minimum Wage.
  • You only need to add children below 16 to your payroll if their combined income exceeds their Allowance because they do not contribute to National Insurance.
  • Once a person turns 16
  • 16- to 17-year-old young workers are guaranteed to receive £4.81 per hour.

As part of processing payroll, if you’re a recognized employer, you’ll need to record and submit their compensation. Additionally, you’ll need to perform other standard PAYE duties like generating deductions if their weekly income exceeds £123.

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7 Types of part-time job ideas for 16-year-olds

there are tons of part-time jobs for 16 years olds. Some of them are:


In the UK, one of the simplest part-time jobs for 16-year-olds is babysitting. Additionally, it is a highly common career choice for teens. In your community, it’s simple to discover babysitting employment.

The fact that parents frequently desire to go out in the evenings but also have jobs or other commitments. You have the responsibility of watching the kids while the parents are away.

Given that you don’t have to prepare meals or take care of the newborns, the work is rather simple. Just make sure they are alive and safe till their parents return. You will find lots of jobs near London for 16 years old.

Referrals are the quickest route to finding a babysitting job in your area. Make a babysitting offer to your neighbours and kin. Given that the minimum age to work as a babysitter is simply 13, you can typically get a head start in the field.

Additionally, you are compensated hourly. The amount paid, however, varies according to the neighbourhood and the parents’ generosity.

Responsibility as a babysitter:

A babysitter’s responsibilities include watching out for the kids’ safety, interacting with and amusing them for a predetermined amount of time, and keeping to the kids’ feeding, sleeping, as well as other schedules as instructed. Tasks and obligations for a babysitter include:

  • A good babysitter is dependable, responsible, on time, and not easily discouraged. Their primary responsibilities are:
  • Keeping the kids safe, having the parents’ contact information on hand, alerting them right away if there are any problems at home, and then recording any occurrence.
  • Recognizing circumstances where families should be informed in the event of an emergency as opposed to when to dial 999, 111, or 101.
  • Picking up kids from school, driving them home, and escorting them to appointments, sporting events, or educational functions.
  • Preparing meals, giving out snacks, helping with eating, keeping an eye on sleep, and caring for one’s cleanliness as directed by parents.
  • Choosing enjoyable pastimes and entertainment, such as games, books, and outdoor pursuits, and assisting kids with their homework and other schoolwork.
  • Monitoring the use of the internet, video games, and television.
  • Organizing and cleaning the house.

Dog Walking

Another one of the simpler jobs for 16-year-olds is pup walking. In the UK, the majority of dog owners lack the time necessary to bring their dogs twice daily. Some, though, are willing to pay someone else to walk your dog for them.

Additionally, there are quite a few professional dog walkers available. Additionally, they are paid to walk the pups every day. If you get along well with dogs, one of the best part-time jobs for 16-year-olds can be dog walking.

It is a fantastic method to earn some consistent money while still enjoying walking. So, how do you land the job? Offer your services and take the initiative.

It may sound a little cheeky, but have you ever noticed someone walking their dog down that street and appearing a little hurried? That is a signal! Approach them and start a discussion about the assistance you can provide. It will absolutely be worthwhile! Plenty of part-time jobs near London for 16 years old are waiting for you.

Responsibility for dog walking job                                                   

As a dog walker, you will take dogs for scheduled walks from client homes. Having the physical stamina and capacity to control several dogs while out on walks with sporadic threats like automobile and pedestrian traffic is essential for this job.

The level of client happiness and the pets’ health and well-being will be used to gauge success in this position.

  • Walks dogs when necessary.
  • Preparing a walking route.
  • Eliminates dog waste.
  • Observes how pets act.
  • Transports canines to the doctor in case of emergency.
  • Reports to clients any troubling problems.

Shop work

Some neighbourhood stores stay open well into the evening. Therefore, you are free to work at a shop during the academic year. Find the shops in your neighborhood, then hand your the front desk your CV. Teenagers could also find weekend jobs in local retail establishments. Moreover, one more excellent employment for 16-year-olds is operating in supermarkets. Also, store sales are at their highest during the summer holidays. It is definitely a 16-year-old job.

Additionally, they need greater assistance in order to counteract the added pressure. You could only work part-time when you are under the age of 16. But during the busiest period of additionally, gaining retail experience at a young age will position you well for wonderful future retail work after graduating from high school. Additionally, retail employees receive additional bonuses and advantages in addition to their pay. For instance, several shops provide personnel discounts on the goods they sell. That year, you can easily make a nice living by working part-time.

Responsibility for working in shops

To succeed in their position, a shop assistant must fulfill the following crucial roles and responsibilities:

  • Obtaining new shipments through customers and subcontractors, unpacking them, and organizing them
  • Putting things in the display racks and labeling them                                               
  • Helping clients locate the things they’re looking for
  • Processing payments from customers at the register or till
  • Addressing client concerns and grievances
  • Giving customers ideas and guidance on shopping
  • After hours, reorganizing and cleaning the shop
  • Regularly conducting price audits to address price inconsistencies
  • Coordinating with other group members to maintain a spotless and organized sales floor at any time.

Teaching younger kids

Do you consistently produce excellent outcomes despite your passion for some subjects? Then you may probably locate some nearby home tutoring jobs. Students frequently need assistance with the following subjects: math, English, biology, or language. You could not be able to earn as much money as an expert with a degree in that field. You will nevertheless continue to make a respectable living doing what you love.

If you have previously received a strong GCSE mark, you can quickly qualify to teach children aged 5 to 14. But also be sure to check the parents out because some of them might not be real clients. Teaching nursery kids is one of the 16 years old jobs.

Responsibility for teaching young kids                                               

The responsibility of teaching kids that are younger than you are:

  • In addition to teaching personal, interpersonal, and emotional abilities, teach the alphabet and math.
  • Organize the learning resources and materials.
  • To inspire and stimulate children’s skills, use a variety of educational strategies and activities (songs, stories, media, organized games, art, outdoor pursuits, etc.).
  • Keep the lines of communication activities with parents and give them the necessary information.

Writer or blogger

Writing or blogging can earn you a nice living. If you have a knack for language, it is yet another of the simpler occupations. Being informed about various subjects and current events would be helpful to writers. You can sign up for a blogging network that will pay you a certain amount for each post. Additionally, a few of these networks will give you a cut of the money they make through advertising.

On Word Press, you may even start your own blog and do freelance work. You also gain more control and indeed the advertising revenue in this manner. Additionally, you can register for AdSense or advertise goods from other brands on the website. Taking the bloggers for beginners program will be ideal for you when you’re new to blogging! Discover how to set it up your domain, register a blog account, and optimize your blog for search results. You will become more adept at driving inbound links to your blog website thanks to the course. This might be a little tricky to buy the highest-paying part-time jobs for 16-year-olds.

Responsibility of a blogger

There are different types of responsibilities of a writer which are given as:

  • Complete the order on time if you are writing for someone else.
  • Maintain the quality of the content of the website whether it is yours or someone else’s.
  • Upload regularly on the website to engage the viewers.
  • Post the best and most unique content.

Delivery man or woman

In your city, applying for a delivery job is simple. Make sure to register for a license in advance. During your term, you can operate as a part-time delivery person. Additionally, receiving gratuities from consumers after delivery is a bonus of working as a meal delivery person. Additionally, if you choose, you can work just on weekends and during the evenings. Most often, national chains need that you be 18 to work as a delivery person.

Even if you’re only 16, most restaurants in the area will still hire you to deliver food. You can go to the surrounding restaurants and ask if they are recruiting. Additionally, you can drive deliveries for retail establishments.

And if you want to deliver packages, you can check out Amazon Flex’s website to see if you’re eligible for a part-time courier.

Responsibility of delivery man

A delivery man has to do:

  • Deliver various products to various addresses in the designated order.
  • Maintain a timetable and work within time constraints.
  • Utilize the delivery-friendly routes recommended.
  • As required, load and unload the car.     
  • Examine, operate and prevent contamination of the car.
  • Whenever needed, collect money.
  • Make sure the package reaches the consumer.
  • Keep track of all deliveries and relevant details for future reference and confirmation.
  • Obey the laws and guidelines governing road safety.

Work in restaurants and bars

One of the best careers for 16-year-olds is working in bars or restaurants. Regularly interacting with the public can also boost your confidence. However, some occupations in restaurants and bars may not be available to teens due to alcohol-related legislation. Only when a meal is ordered in a restaurant where you work are you allowed to serve alcohol. Additionally, you are permitted to serve alcohol taken from the pump in several areas of the UK.

However, culinary occupations offer more flexibility for youngsters. Because you don’t need to come into contact with booze directly. There are lots of job openings at your neighborhood bar, pub, café, or eatery. You may, for instance, work as a kitchen helper or a washer-up. To find out whether they are aware of any such bars or restaurants that are hiring, you may contact your family and friends. You will find lots of such jobs near London for 16 years old.

Responsibility for working in restaurants and bars

Staff members may supervise: depending on the nature, purpose, and size of the bar or restaurant

  • Providing superior client service
  • Serving clients in the dining room or bar
  • Taking orders for food   
  • Executing transactions and receiving money
  • Controlling stock and inventory
  • Table and booth cleaning
  • Ensuring criteria for food safety
  • Either business or hotel management (Restaurant managers or Bar Managers)
  • Managing front-of-house personnel (Restaurant Owner or Restaurant Manager)
  • Management of the kitchen and back-of-house teams (Restaurant Owner, Restaurant Manager, or Head Chef)


These are the seven different types of jobs that are very suitable for 16 years old to execute. The pay rate is also very good and the working hours are also reasonable. All the information is also given above. You need to follow all the rules and regulations clearly so that you don’t face any major issues later on. There are lots of jobs near London for 16 years old.

You can also work on micro-jobs if you don’t have much time. These don’t require a lot of skill but can add up to a considerable amount of change. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk website is one of the best sites for micro-jobs. You can complete various functions for these tasks, from data entry to the best-paid surveys.

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