15 Useful 40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men: Gift Guide

Birthdays are usually a big deal, after all, it is a day the celebrant gets to receive presents from both family and friends, and have a memorable day by sharing a few drinks, treats and dancing to celebrate the milestone. This tradition runs back to the time of the Romans who were known to throw lavish parties and offer presents for birthdays.

There are multiple reasons behind gifting people to each other on their birthdays. It possibly could be to show gratitude for the value the celebrant plays in your life or just due to some amount of obligation that usually involves family relations or friendship. And in some cases, it also could be for the reciprocation of a gesture extended to you on your last birthday. Whatever the situation is, it is very important to make the right choice when looking to buy a gift. 

In case, you do not know the person very well to tell what it is their likes and dislikes or needs, a key indicator to direct you while choosing a gift, is to pick a gift that you can get at the age the celebrant would be attaining.

1. Coffee Brewer

Coffee Brewer
Image Source: Tech Crunch

Drinking coffee in the morning is as essential as brushing teeth for many people. You must have marked by now if your close ones love coffee, and love brewing their own. In this case, gifting a coffee brewer would be a great pick. He’ll surely cherish a coffee brewing machine that allows him to brew a fresh hot cup of coffee.

2. Eyeglass holder

Image Source: Huffpost

If your loved ones wear glasses, this is one of those ideal gifts you can give him on his special day, that he never knew he needed. It not only looks aesthetically pleasing on a nightstand, but also it proves to be very convenient to put the glasses in the holder where they are well secured by the fuzzy part instead of laying them on a solid surface unprotected or in their case every time.

3. Charcoal Grills

Charcoal Grills

It is believed that most men know cooking, like barbecue, because of the macho overtones that it offers. That is why when a man is asked what is the best part about cooking, he will most likely respond by saying only grilling. In their home, the majority of men would not allow any other person to handle the grill, which makes it a perfect gift for someone who wants to turn their hobbies into a passion while getting into their 40s.

4. Beard grooming care kit

Beard grooming care kit

No matter if he is young or in his 40s, men’s beards are one of the things that attracted people to him the most. And in order to keep their beard well groomed, they spent a lot of money on several products. You can help him keep the budget under control by getting him a beard grooming care kit available on the market. Like the ones that carry all of the essentials needed to tame the wildest beards and keep him looking attractive.

5. Theragun


It surely is an ideal 40th birthday gift idea for men. Physical stress also increases with an increase in age. And someone entering their 40s might need to have more spa sessions than they ever needed to. However, with a Theragun, one can easily get a good relaxing massage without having to leave the house to get a spa-worthy massage treatment. The device can offer deep muscle massage treatment that will make one feel better, move better, and recover faster with relief from tension and soreness. Its sleek-looking design is not only comfortable to hold, but also comes with handy travel cases so one can also take it with him wherever they go.

6. Decanter set with tray

Decanter set with tray
Image Source: 1stDIbs

Pouring yourself a glass of whiskey from a 19th-century style vintage decanter gives a different luxury feeling than just getting it from a bottle. Every man who enjoys having whiskey looks forward to the day when he would be able to get his own decanter set and flaunt among his circle. If your known ones do not already have this, and soon are getting into their 40s, he will surely appreciate it as a gift.

7. Dude Diet Cookbook

Dude Diet Cookbook
Image Source: Domesticate Me

While entering the age of 40s is probably a fine time to start eating healthier meals, thus making it one of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for men.

However, it can be hard and sometimes boring too to do so, but not anymore with the Dude Diet Cookbook. It is more than just a male 40th birthday gift. The Duet diet cookbook has made it very easy with their finger-licking delicious recipe. While portraying very colourful photography, the book contains about 125 amazing delicious yet deceptively healthy recipes for many people who want to switch healthy and other willing people.

8. Tote Bag

Tote Bag
Image Source: Hiconsumption

For the fashion-loving man in your life, gift him a versatile tote bag on his 40th birthday that he can carry while shopping or more. A versatile tote bag can vary from one brand to another that usually comes in many different colours. However, choosing a tote bag that is made with a luxe vegan material can be the best possible option, not only for human but also mother nature. And if you buy it from online stores you can easily get a bonus over several products.

9. Cashmere sweater

Cashmere sweater
Image Source: Woolovers

This is another universally flattering classic, crew neck cashmere sweater that is ideal to gift someone in their 40s. A cashmere sweater not only feels good but also adds value to your clothing. The cashmere sweaters are available in several colours, and you can easily gift them their favourite. And if you cannot manage to find any, you can even knit a personalized sweater. Making it one of the best personalised 40th birthday gifts for men.

10. Marvel wine chiller

Marvel wine chiller
Image Source: Wine Cooler Expert

Gifting a wine chiller to a middle-aged person is just very practical and convenient. And undoubtedly, a very admiring 40th birthday present ideas for him. Generally, wine chillers are made up of pure marble; it holds most standard-sized wine and champagne bottles. Besides, you can even use it to store/hold kitchen utensils or even as a vase for decorative flowers when nog chilling your vino.

11. Brooklilen sheet set

Brooklilen sheet set

Brooklinen sheets are not only luxurious but also very comfortable. They are incredibly soft and have decent breathable material that sustains their quality after years of usage. If used with care you won’t spot holes or pilling of sheets. This is probably the best 40th birthday gift you can get anyone because it will help both poor sleepers to sleep better and good sleepers to sleep even better! There are a wide variety of colours, patterns, and sizes available to choose from.

12. Card holder

Card holder

A spacious stainless steel card holder with room for 10-20 business cards, credit cards, or ID can be a good gift option to go for. It is sleek enough to fit into a purse or pocket. The brushed silver finish makes it an elegant business accessory. And if personalized, it can also be a great personalised 40th birthday gift for men.

13. Smoker Box

For the people out there who smoke, a well-designed smoker box can be an ideal gift. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big, expensive smoker to get that smoky flavour. A good smoker box sits right on top of the cooking grates and turns most gas or charcoal grills into a smoker that can infuse your food with that delicious hickory, oak and even apple flavour. 

14. Picnic Backpack

Picnic Backpack

This is a great gift in the list of 40th birthday gift ideas for men, and for those who love travelling and outdoor adventures. Surely, they know that any food tastes better when eaten outside. The backpack comes with everything needed for a picnic duo;  it offers two sets of cutlery, plates, napkins, wine glasses, a cheese knife, bottle opener, salt and pepper shakers, a chopping board, and additionally fleece blanket to spread it all out on. Moreover, the best part is that the picnic backpacks are mostly insulated to help keep food and drinks at the correct temperature. There is also a zippered portion on the outside of the bag to carry a bottle of wine or water. 

15. Thinking eggs

Thinking eggs
Image Source: Inventors Digest

Thinking eggs are like fancy Easter eggs made for adults! It is designed to help people practice mindfulness, calm down, and make them think. It works similar to worry beads or stress balls, but with a much more aesthetically pleasing look. The eggs are built of lava stone, which represents strength, the brass used represents revitalization, howlite stone represents calmness, and the bamboo represents concentration. And with so many healing properties, it is a worthy enough gift for a man’s 40th birthday.

And that wraps up the list of 15 useful 40th birthday gift ideas for men. We hope the list could help you figure out an ideal gift for the male in your life.


What do guys like to receive as gifts?

Clothing, leather products, and cologne are some of the staple gifts for men. However, the choice of things varies from person to person depending upon their likes, dislikes wants and needs. But while looking for 40th birthday gif men, everything that is mentioned above in the list can be a great choice.

Is there a traditional gift for the 40th birthday?

Usually, men are gifted with either accessories or wardrobe staples that can be remembered. But there is certainly no “traditional gift” to stick with. Everyone’s taste in shopping varies and so do the gifts.

How can I celebrate my husband’s birthday differently?

There are numerous options by which you can celebrate your loved one’s special day differently. One of which is, not following the trend. You can do something adventurous if your partner is outdoor loving and have a nice duo picnic or just make him his favourite breakfast and make him the “King” of the day by showering love and attention. There are endless ways to celebrate a day, you just need to figure out what fascinates your husband the most!

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