What are The Restaurants You Must Try In London?

London is a paradise for food lovers, with diverse options that meet even the pickiest tastes. The architecture of the restaurants’ buildings is also spectacular, and in most cases, it is worth going there just to see a place so impressive. But, of course, as you will also want to eat something, you want to find restaurants with the best ingredients, which is exactly what most of the restaurants in London offer. As these diners are very famous, you need to book in advance to have the chance to taste something from the exquisite menu options, where you will find alternatives inspired by several continents. Plus, London is known as a city with some of the best chefs in the world, trained in various countries, and from where they brought new ideas and flavours, so now the capital of the UK offers some of the best restaurants. The atmosphere is very important to make an eating place popular, as people don’t look only for food (although a good one is paramount), but also for a unique experience, where it matters the location, the attitude of the employees, the serving time and the menu.

As picking a restaurant can be challenging because you have so many from which to choose, we have prepared a list to make things easier for you. So, keep reading to discover the next diners where you will taste the best food.

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Santiago Lastra, the chef and owner of KOL, is a cheerful, talented Mexican that worked in esteemed restaurants like Hija de Sanchez in Copenhagen or Mugaritz in San Sebastian, and in May 2020, he decided to open his own venture, KOL. But unfortunately, as the Covid-19 pandemic hit at that time, his restaurant was closed until October. Since then, the diner has already met some high expectations, and now it is a popular choice for anyone who wants to eat something delicious in London. Because of his origins, in his restaurant, you will find some Mexican staples you must try, like tortillas, tostadas and tacos. But they differ from the types you usually find in other restaurants, as the chef offers high-end and masterful alternatives, making his dishes with smoked chilli, langoustine, sea buckthorn, or grilled octopus. Lastra likes to experiment without being too flashy, so you will find in the dishes the very known Mexican ingredients, like corn and chilli, that mix perfectly with British products, like cabbage and beetroot.


 Maene is a restaurant that offers modern British cuisine in a spectacular place with high ceilings, impressive and huge windows, exposed brickwork and blue banquettes that gives a relaxed and elegant feeling. The chef, Amber Francis, succeeds in creating dishes that let the final product do the talking, as the food is absolutely delicious. You can try popular choices here, like La Latteria Stracciatella, the gnocco fritto with Sussex romesco, or the Cornish pollock with wild garlic oil. As this place has a very cosy atmosphere, it is also suitable if you want to find a location from where to work remotely. And because the restaurant is so beautiful and has nice details, you may want to add some of the decorations you like from Maene to your house. But be careful if you search online from inspiration, and only consider trusty sites, as you don’t want to make a payment only to discover that a website didn’t protect your data, and because of that, information about you and your credit card details are exposed to hackers. This is a hard situation to be in, as it can bring financial loss and mental trauma. But if this ever happens to you, it is good to know that you can claim compensation for the harm done. You can find more at https://www.legalexpert.co.uk/data-breach-compensation/.


When it comes to restaurants in London, you usually have two types from which to choose: the buzziest ones, where you need to make reservations weeks in advance, or the more subtle ones, recognised for their elegance and sophistication. But Luca is a restaurant that succeeds somehow in combining both of these characteristics, as it has a cosy atmosphere, is airy, and has the perfect lighting that illuminates the olive-green and terracotta-red leather banquettes perfectly. The food is delicious, so make sure you come hungry to be able to finish the dishes made with very well-chosen ingredients and a lot of love. Popular choices are represented by the parmesan fries and antipasti that have an Italian flair but also contain British ingredients, which makes the best mix.


Bacchanalia is situated in Mayfair, and as its name suggests, it is a place characterised by kitsch and bold vibes. The food is interesting because it is represented by a sort of Greco-Roman fusion with souvlaki, risotto, or pasta, which is worth a try. But what attracts people to visit the restaurant is the art you will see in the building, which is phenomenal. There you will find a mixture between neoclassical sculptures and frescoes in the Renaissance style. The name of the local was inspired by a religious cult from Ancient Rome, where women and men were enjoying an environment of happiness in the company of loud music and good wine. And now, you will find a similar experience at Bacchanalia, so you will surely make some unforgettable memories there. Even if it is quite expensive, you need to try the local at least once in your lifetime, so be prepared to remain speechless by the beautiful elements of the interior!

Final words

More restaurants are very popular in London, as the city has famous locals where you will also receive an amazing experience besides good food. The owners of the restaurants are, in most cases, chefs trained all around the world, and from where they brought new ideas, so London now has one of the most famous diners from everywhere.

Which one of these restaurants in London will you try the next time?

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