Why Should a London Stay Make It Onto Your Bucket List?

London is a city that everyone has to visit once. It is an eclectic megalopolis, sprawled-out yet unfathomably dense, with something to discover around every corner. Despite being incredibly easy to get to, and despite being a cradle of British culture, somehow 3.5 million of us have never been. If you are one of those 3.5 million, firstly: what on earth? Secondly, why exactly should you experience London at least once in your life?

The Landmarks

The foremost reasons for which London finds its way onto so many travel bucket lists are its myriad landmarks. Every aspect of London’s distinct cityscape is near-instantly recognisable, and many landmarks are worth the visit all by themselves. Each of London’s districts is home to a variety of tourist spots and landmarks, and seeing them all in one day is essentially impossible.

Westminster boasts the Houses of Parliament and its signature clock tower Big Ben, as well as the beautifully imposing Westminster cathedral; the City of London, meanwhile features St Paul’s Cathedral and the Shard some of the most impressive pieces of architecture past and present. Booking a stay in Waterloo puts you right by a mecca for sightseeing, being the best place from which to view the best of London – and not just due to the London Eye.

The History

Many of London’s landmarks are historic, standing as testimony to the rich tapestry of life and events in the UK capital. London has been the British Isles’ seat of power for over a millennium, and seen a great deal – from Roman rule to city-wide fires, from powder plots to royal reckonings and beyond. The entire city is a monument to its history, but there are innumerable places to visit to experience specific parts of this chequered history.

On the one hand, you could spend an afternoon touring the Tower of London, home of the Crown Jewels and the former prison that saw the execution of Anne Boleyn. On the other, you could find the fragmented remnants of London’s Roman walls, protected underground or in hotel courtyards. The choice is yours!

The Nightlife

But you needn’t dwell in the past to have a good time in London. It is world-renowned for its sprawling, active nightlife, from Michelin-starred restaurants to chic bars, sweaty clubs and some of the best live music venues in Europe.

There’s something for everyone in London, and those somethings are often neatly divided by borough. Dalston and Stoke Newington are the perfect places to visit for independent venues and excellent pubs, while Soho excels with wine bars and casual dining. The West End precedes itself for theatre, and Bermondsey is the de facto home of craft beer.

The Culture

Beyond venues and drinking, London is a city of vibrant culture – borne out in part by the sheer volume of places with historical significance to some of the world’s greatest writers – including James Joyce, T.S. Eliot and Grahame Greene. Abbey Road is also a cultural pilgrimage all of its own, mostly due to the Beatles connection but also through the great many incredible musicians that have passed through the eponymous studio’s doors.

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