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20 Best Restaurants In East London That You Will Love To Go To

Good food is one of the finest joys of life and a great way to spend time with your friends and family and celebrate any day, no matter what the occasion. Especially for Londoners, there is nothing comparable to a good, choice assortment of domestic and foreign cuisine. We love eating and are on the constant lookout for great dining experiences.

Hence it was a duty overdue for this article to bring to you the 20 best restaurants in East London.

The best restaurants in East London that you will not regret trying

In the east and the southeast part of London, our place is of concentrated growth and excitement, new people from all over England and even around the world come to find homes in the newly developing sectors of these areas.

It is no surprise then that London will provide for this rapid growth and diversification by welcoming the coming up of a variety of budgets to high-end restaurants and diners in this region.


Angelina Restaurant

We love foreign cuisine, especially when provided with a little bit of innovative twist, and in those extensive lists of our favorites, the Japanese and the Italian tops them all. Angelina sports a fusion menu of Japanese and Italian cuisines revealing all along an added treasury of a Tokyo-style cocktail bar.

The ambiance is fun and sophisticated, making this reach High on the list of irrevocably satisfying places to eat in East London, especially for those who love the Italian tang with the Japanese spicing.

Address: 56 Dalston Ln, London E8 3AH, United Kingdom


Brawn – A Neighbourhood Restaurant On Columbia Road, East London
Brawn, East London

It is claimed by food lovers to be one of the finest that you will ever encounter, not only on the eastern side but all over the city. They also deliver food home and have a carefully chosen seasonal menu.

If You are something of a drinker, you will inevitably fall in love with their exclusive wine list. Making its way into every East London restaurants list, Brawn even tops the beautiful interior list for restaurants, being a sweet, rustic place with sharp lighting and friendly waiters.

Address: 49 Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG, United Kingdom

Buen Aire

Buen Aire, London
Buen Aire, London

This East London restaurant is committed to rewarding visitors with an authentic Argentinian experience. They rock the allure of mouth-watering dishes like traditionally done steaks, empanadas, sweetbreads, and Capriccio. With a simple yet immersive interior of wooden windows and rustic lighting, this is a place you will return to again and again.

New dishes are regularly innovated here, and chefs are open to feedback and criticism. If you like a homely atmosphere and a little customization of your food according to your individual tastes, this is your place for sure.

Address: 50 Broadway Market, London E8 4QJ, United Kingdom

Casa Fofo

Casa Fofo | East London | Hot Dinners
Casa Fofo, East London

Casa Fofo has been idealized keeping in mind the great joys of the tasting menu. It was found by the renowned chef Adolfo De Cecco. Unassuming but quaintly beautiful on the outside, their single menu is often a surprise visitors are never prepared for. It is a Pdfin inspiration married to local tastes.

Casa Fofo loves using the freshest ingredients to create a truly unique Italian dining experience. The menu of Casa Fofo features a variety of dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. From our signature pizzas and pastas to our hearty meat and seafood dishes, you’re sure to find something to your liking.

You will surely come away with this childish desire to keep dining there every day from then on. Casa Fofo is definitely one of the most underrated East London restaurants. The catch is, you never know what new they are surviving unless you visit! How fantastic is that!

Address: 158 Sandringham Rd, London E8 2HS, United Kingdom

Campania and Jones

Campania & Jones — NINA PARKER
Campania and Jones, east London

Another place to eat in East London committed to delivering authenticity at its finest is a South Italian restaurant creating fresh food every day. It is located very near Columbia road and has a daily changing menu.

This simultaneously means it also has a community of loyal customers who would give a lot to eat there whenever possible. True to authentic Italian style, they aim to serve customers portions large enough to set it even the acutest of hunger.

Address: 23 Ezra St, London E2 7RH, United Kingdom

Big Moe’s diner

BIG MOE'S DINER, Barking - Jenkins Ln - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews -  Order Online Food Delivery
Big Moe’s Diner, East London

This designer and restaurant is a place where you can enjoy an American experience in the very heart of eastern London. It has been decorated all over with the theme of the USA from the 50s, and even plays a 50s rock and roll on a jukebox while you wait for your food.

One of its most famous dishes includes that meat triple-stacked burger. Located in the white Chapel High street, it proudly includes vintage snacks and desserts as a part of its menu.

Address: 96 Whitechapel High St, London E1 7RA, United Kingdom

Fatboy’s diner

FATBOY'S DINER, London - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor
Fatboy’s Diner, east London

The name suggests this is a sporty little American-style diner located in orchard’s place, east London. It is a very cozy tiny little eatery with a menu that is certain to leave you full. They proudly include on their menu burgers price and chicken wings.

Interiors with the greatest amount of simplicity, this dinner is another 1950’s based rupee that is the perfect place for you and your families to have a cheerful, satiating hangout. One of the best restaurants in East London to do the everyday American perfectly, this little vintage spot is especially a favorite for the younger generation.

Address: Trinity Buoy Wharf, 64 Orchard Pl, London E14 0JY, United Kingdom


BOKAN 37 RESTAURANT, London - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews -  Tripadvisor
Bokan, East London

Bokan is simply one of the finest gems on this list. It promises a fine dining experience, that is exactly what it provides. The interior is astonishingly striking, and the customer service is beyond mention. They have a divorce range of cuisines incorporated into the menu.

Anything from scalp to Sushi to pizza can be ordered. It looks down upon a panoramic view of the river Thames and the skyline of London. There is no other experience like sitting down to the sunset of London from this restaurant on the 37th floor. They boast a similarly classy selection of drinks at their bar for older customers.

Address: 40 Marsh Wall, London E14 9TP, United Kingdom


SUSHINOEN Restaurant - London | OpenTable
Sushinoen, East London

This restaurant is dedicated to Japanese home cooking. Creative by the Stylist Magazine has one of the best Japanese restaurants in town, their menu will surely baffle you. Famously dedicated to home-cooked Sushi, scallop, salmon, eel, tuna, prawn, skewer, seaweed, and other ingredient-based dishes.

They have artistically kept their interior simple and peaceful, to match their vision of simple home-cooked food. Apart from their renowned sashimi and nigiri platters, make sure to try out sukiyaki when you visit.

Address: 2 White Church Ln, London E1 7QR, United Kingdom

Eastern Eye Balti House

A corner restaurant in Brick Lane, Eastern Eye is always teeming with

EASTERN EYE BALTI HOUSE, London - East End / East London - Photos &  Restaurant Reviews - Order Online Food Delivery - Tripadvisor
Eastern Eye Balti House, East London

customers. It is a place aiming to marry the history and diverse culture behind Indian meals with local tastes and preferences. It has a menu dedicated especially to several curry dishes and has been chosen as one of the best places for a Friday night curry.

It is craftily designed with lighting to bring out the artistic Indian dining experience. Balti houses are very popular places to eat in east London, and this is surely on the list of the places you should be looking forward to trying.

Address: 2 White Church Ln, London E1 7QR, United Kingdom


MERAZ, London - East End / East London - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews  - Tripadvisor
Meraz, East London

Bengali cuisine demands a separate mention if we are talking about the curry favorites of eastern London. Meraz is a restaurant delivering the finest of local Bengali and Bangladeshi curry and winning the hearts of both first-timers, as well as people of actual Bengali descent.

Bengal has been culturally known for its rich cuisine all over Southern Asia, including both its curries as well as its desserts. The menu had been specially maintained to be more diverse than a regular curry house, making it a hub of new experiences for seasoned curry lovers.

Address: 56 Hanbury St, London E1 5JL, United Kingdom

Galvin La Chapelle

Galvin La Chapelle — Spitalfields, London
Galvin La Chapelle, East London

This is a larger-than-life restaurant, with a somber, majestic ambiance created carefully with the use of ancient architecture and a simple and regal interior. A chosen place for French fine dining, it is complete with a traditional and modern French menu, chosen drinks, and a striking collection of deserts.

Guests are also welcome to bring up to two bottles of their own wine and champagne at this restaurant. The owners of Galvin La Chapelle claim to always purchase their ingredients to create nutritious, seasonal, and fresh food.

Address: 35 Spital Square, London E1 6DY, United Kingdom


ENSO, London - Spitalfields - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews -  Tripadvisor
Enso, East London

Enso is a quaint restaurant located on Brick Lane. They pride themselves in the ultimate collection of Japanese and Thai cuisine. Indeed, Japanese and Thai cuisine has always gone so well together. Adhering to the culture of Britain to provide great food with minimum fancy interior or seating, this still managed to keep the customers grossed with the beautiful paintings on their walls.

Enso is committed to making Japanese cuisine affordable for everyone. Their menu ranges way beyond platters of Sushi to include the everyday and diverse dishes enjoyed by the cultures at home. If you have never tasted Thai cuisine before, this is definitely your signature.

Address: 94 Brick Ln, London E1 6RL, United Kingdom

Hackney Coterie

Hackney Coterie restaurant East London Anthony Lyon and Kelvin McCabe
Hackney Coterie, East London

The moment you enter this beautiful little place, its brick red walls and tasteful choice of abstract paintings will make you comfortable, and make you want to stay. Hackney Coterie aims at providing great food at a very affordable cost – with courses for as little as thirty pounds – but most importantly, it is dedicated to post-pandemic waste management.

They have a typical but unprecedentedly delicious collection of vegetable, meat, and pescatarian menus. Not only will they win your heart with their appetizers and courses, but their desserts will also bore the minds of the sharpest of critics.

Address: 230B Dalston Ln, London E8 1LA, United Kingdom


London's Silo restaurant has a zero-waste ethos and interiors - The Spaces
Silo, East London

Another restaurant fully dedicated to zero waste production, Silo is calming and compelling to first-time visitors. One might wonder if they have stepped right into a movie set, so beautiful is the location and the experience. All ingredients are bought directly from small producers. Nothing goes to waste.

Even the interior is upcycled, and so beautiful. Flour is milled within the house and cocktails use bio-friendly, plant-based spirits. And no, there is no compromise in taste at all – except that customers do end up feeling healthier after a full meal than normal both in the body and the soul.

Address: Unit 7, The white building, 1st Floor,c/o CRATE Bar, Queen’s Yard, London E9 5EN, United Kingdom


Lyle’s, East London

This restaurant has successfully made British cuisine festive. Why go for anything foreign when you can celebrate National gastronomical traditions on your special day? Lyle’s has an industrial interior appearance, something that is becoming quite popular in recent years.

Its category-crafted menu includes Cheviot mutton, artichoke, and ricotta ice cream with black fig. This restaurant has won itself a Michelin star and is considered officially one of the world’s 50 best restaurants. It is located in Shoreditch.

Address: Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JJ, United Kingdom

Berber and Q grill house

Berber and Q grill house, East London

For lovers of diverse cuisine and cultures, Berber and Q is something special. This place is dedicated to north African, middle eastern, and Ottoman flavors. They are principally a grill house, committed to smoky barbecues and other meat-based, grilled dishes.

The sitting arrangement is beautiful on its own where groups sit together on benches and share their food making new friends and forming new communities on the way. They serve natural vines and cook everything on a live fire. This restaurant has been beautifully incorporated into what used to be a railway arch.

Creative as art should be, isn’t it?

Address: 338 Acton Mews, London E8 4EA, United Kingdom


Bistrotheque, Wadeson Street, Bethnal Green, London
Bistrotheque, East London

This place is famously popular for brunch, and even though brunch options are not limited in London, perhaps there are only a few who would come to contest this industrial, East London treasure. It has been converted into a restaurant from a warehouse, yet manages to be this fancy.

The kitchen is open, and there is even a piano with skilled pianists taking the stage. Coffee is delicious, but nothing compares to desserts. Dessert includes French toast with berries, millefeuille, and raspberries. Especially for a Sunday brunch with a huge group, this place will never disappoint.

Address: 23-27 Wadeson St, London E2 9DR, United Kingdom

Arepa and co

AREPA & CO - BETHNAL GREEN, London - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews -  Tripadvisor
Arepa and co, East London

Mesmerized is the word that goes with this East London Restaurant. There can scarcely be a place as beautifully decorated and as friendly in its service and ambulance as this one. Go to this place for breakfast or brunch, and dine inside the beautiful little cafe, or choose to eat under the open, roofless, sunny morning sky.

Dedicated to Venezuelan cuisine, you will never know how well it goes with brunch unless you try it. Arepa, cachapa, yuca fries, Perico, guacamole, and the baffling smell of irresistible coffee – this experience cannot be ignored.

Address: 58a De Beauvoir Crescent London. N1 5RY  

The clove club

The Clove Club | The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2021 | Ranked No. 32
the clove club, East London

Reserving one of the most popular for the last, the clove club has been a talk of the town for a long while now. Officially the close club has been ranked to be the 33rd best place on Earth to enjoy a meal. Entering this restaurant is in itself an unforgettable experience.

College from top to bottom in beautiful shades of plant green, wood, white and bright, brilliant blues, this place pairs the contemporary with a flair for the vintage.

They are famously known for playing with traditional tastes from around the world to come up with dishes never heard of before. The menu is seasonal and eating there is a bucket list activity for the majority of food lovers.

Address: Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old St, London EC1V 9LT, United Kingdom


Best restaurants in East London will never cease to include underrated as well as rare ticketed places. Going to the global level of growth and popularity of eastern and Southern London, a global eating experience in these quarters is no longer a far-fetched dream.

Experimenting with food and choosing what works for oneself is an ever-rewarding experience. Art is subjective and so is the science behind cultivating a particular taste.

Enjoy your free time and celebrate the best of occasions with this list of incontestable eateries from all over eastern London.

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