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10 Best Mexican Restaurants In London

Traveling to different countries or cities is always fun. Exploring new places gives me so much happiness and pleasure. Exploring without food? Is this any option? No no, not at all. A beautiful country with tasty food is just the cherry on top. So, when you’re in London, explore different cuisines. If you are looking for Mexican food in London? Then, you’re at the right place.

Here, you can take a look at the top 10 Mexican restaurants in London. From your breakfast to your dinner, you can choose whatever food you want. You can taste your comfort food i.e Mexican in London. Or you can just explore New Mexican cuisine from the below-mentioned places. So, don’t waste time looking into the list below.

1.     34 Mayfair

34 Mayfair
Image Source: Secret London

When authentic Mexican food comes to mind, there is only one restaurant that picks up in rain and that is Mayfair where simplicity serves on a plate with love and pleasure. Located in Mayfair, central London, Mayfair is a Mexican restaurant that mainly focuses on meat, seafood, and seasonal ingredients.

The restaurant has a stylish interior and a refined atmosphere with a live jazz band. Throughout your entire time there, they unquestionably take care of every aspect from beginning to end. Their staffs are well trained and serve you the best they have.

Address: 34 Grosvenor Square, S Audley St, London W1K 2HD, London

Phone no: +44 20 3350 3434

Rating: 4.4

2.    El Pastór

 El Pastór
Image Source: The Guardian

It is one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in London. It is loved y their locals as well as tourists who visit London. We must request you try their short rib sharing plate, a 12-hour braised Angus short rib served with warm tortillas, the most wonderful pickled red onion salsa, and spiced sugar.

El Pastór is a restaurant where you won’t go hungry because of their desserts and drinks, which are equally as good as their main menu.

Address: A Stoney St, London SE1 9AA and many other outlets


Rating: 4.2

3.     Temper Soho

 Temper Soho
Image Source: Temper Soho

As the name suggests, it can help you temper your Mexican food taste in London. It is one such restaurant where you can try out Mexican food in London. When it is hard to find out tempting vegan or Mexican food in London, temper serves the purpose profoundly. You can taste their excellent beef along with classic corn tacos.

The menu has traditional Mexican fare like carnitas, mole, and tortillas but also incorporates flavours from Argentine, Spanish, and Korean cuisine to create flavorful food that is on point. You can choose whatever you want.

Address: 25 Broadwick St, London, W1F 0DF and many other outlets

Phone no: +44 20 3879 3834

Rating: 4.1

4.     Taquería

Image Source: The Honest Shruth

Taquería, a Mexican restaurant is most famous in West London though it is popular all over the world for its nicely plated food. People from different states currently visit there to taste their popular dishes. Although if their panko crumb deep-fried oysters are a good enough incentive to go, their tacos, of which we suggest choosing the fish, are unquestionably their specialty.

 On days when you feel decadent, we suggest finishing your meal with some warm, delicious churros that are served with cajeta. If you are planning to visit west London then you should make sure to add this restaurant to your list.

Address:  141-145 Westbourne Grove, London, W11 2RS

Phone no: +44 20 7229 4734

Rating: 3.6

5.     La Bodega Negra Restaurant

La Bodega Negra Restaurant
Image Source: The Nudge

La Bodega Negra is a well-known Mexican restaurant, located in London. One of London’s most thrilling entrances is this Mexican restaurant.  They are serving Mexican food in London along with tequila and mezcal drinks is just like the cherry on the cake.

Each meal was performed with delectable flavours. From the dance floor to DJ nights, every corner has its charm. Though it is a busy restaurant ut the waste is worth it. So, before going, make sure to book your seat in advance.

Address:  9 Old Compton St, London W1D 5JF, UK

Phone no:  +44 20 4580 1186

Rating: 4.1

6.     Wahaca Oxford Circus

Wahaca Oxford Circus

When Mexican food gets stuck in your mind in London, Wahaca Oxford Circus restaurant is where you can come to taste it. They are providing you with wonderful Mexican street cuisine that is ideal for sharing, such as burritos and tostadas with delectable beverages and energetic soundtracks.

They serve plenty of vegan options which you can taste. There’s no halaal option but plenty of alternatives. So, go and eat some good vegan, Mexican food that will last longer in your taste buds.

Address: 26-28 Great Portland St, London W1W 8QT, London

Phone no: +44 20 3951 9742

Rating: 4.3

7.     Santo Remedio – Cocina Mexicana

Santo Remedio - Cocina Mexicana
Image Source: Eater London

Santo Remedio – Cocina Mexicana is serving Mexican with a twist. They are presenting a contemporary twist on Mexican street food with a relaxed, quirky atmosphere and an inventive cocktail selection.

 From their margaritas to their tacos, everything on their menu is capturing the attention of food lovers in London. Their tortillas are made with all corn and most of the dishes are gluten-free as well which is the best part of this restaurant.

Address: 152 Tooley St, London SE1 2TU, London

Phone no: +44 20 7403 3021

Rating: 4.4

8.     Tortilla Soho

Tortilla Soho
Image Source: Restaurant Guru

If you are looking for some local Mexican food in London, then you must visit Tortilla Soho.  To taste the local Mexican food, now you don’t have to travel all the way to Mexico. You can taste it here, I mean in London as Tortilla Soho will serve only for you the local Mexican food.

 Their burrito & taco joint are two very famous dishes amongst food lovers. And the best part of their popularity is they make everything from scratch and they serve the best fresh plate in front of you. From their wide range of menus, You can customize your plate as well which is attracting many people to their place.

Address:  88 Wardour St, London W1F 0TH, Uk

Phone no: +44 20 3909 0427

Rating: 4.3

9.     La Chingada Mexican restaurant

La Chingada Mexican restaurant
Image Source: Cheese & Biscuit

La Chingada Mexican restaurant is one of the most popular authentic Mexican restaurants in London. In La Chingada Mexican restaurant you can eat the best tacos. The best part of this restaurant is tacos are made by Mexican chefs only. So, you can taste the authentic taco taste.

Not only tacos ut also they are serving the est tostadas, guacamole, burritos or quesadillas. To eat their special shrimp tactic, you have to go there on Sunday. So, choose your next Sunday to eat the best Mexican food in your comfort zone in London.

Address: 12 Rotherhithe New Rd, London SE16 2AA, London

Phone no: +44 20 3972 3243

Rating: 4.6

10.   Mestizo

Image Source: Trip Reporter

Mestizo is one of the best Mexican restaurants in London. From their ambiance to their mouth-watering food, everyone loves to hang out and chill there. This establishment is praised for providing home comforts that are authentic to Mexican cuisine and does its actual justice.

Along with the standard fare like enchiladas and tostadas, Mestizo also serves several less common meals in London, such as pastel de elote and nopales, which are grilled cactus leaves with tomato, onion, and queso fresco.

Address: 103 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 3EL

Phone no: +44 20 7387 4064

Rating: 4.3

Disfrute de su comida. Gracias

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