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Time To Try Some Vietnamese Food: 9 Best Vietnamese Restaurants In London

Vietnamese cuisine has been slowly but surely making its way into the hearts and minds of Londoners. This cuisine is known for being vibrant, fresh, and inventive, and it is laden with flavors such as lemongrass, ginger, soy sauce, and chili.

It was only 15 years ago that the first Vietnamese restaurants opened their doors, but now you can find one just about everywhere. We have made it simpler for you to find the best Vietnamese food in London by limiting the options. Take a look:

9 Best Vietnamese Restaurants In London

#1. Viet Grill

Viet Grill
Image Source: Hot Dinners

Viet Grill’s menu, which looks like a Vietnamese holiday, is so big that it will make you question how quickly you can make decisions. It strikes a healthy balance between quantity and quality. Perhaps the best way to approach things in this Vietnamese restaurant is to go for the sharing platter, which allows you to sample all of the good bits like imperial spring rolls, coconut chicken curry, Saigon pork belly stew, caramelized claypot Mekong catfish, and banana fritters for £28 per person.

Ordering the bun cha, Hanoi’s signature barbecue pork and noodle dish, on the side would not harm. Caphe martinis, similar to espresso but made with Vietnamese coffee and condensed milk instead of espresso, are the perfect finishing touch to a night spent making informed decisions about one’s life.

Ratings: 4.1

Address: 58 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8DP, United Kingdom

Phone Number: +44 20 7739 6686

#2. Thuan Kieu Vietnamese Restaurant

Thuan Kieu Vietnamese Restaurant
Image Source: Facebook

In London, you’ll find the Vietnamese diner called Thuan Kieu, which a family runs. The restaurant is known for serving traditional Vietnamese cuisine at reasonable costs. The Northland Mall is the location of this establishment. It is dedicated to producing the highest-quality food using conventional cooking methods to perfectly capture Vietnamese cuisine’s spirit perfectly. You will have the opportunity to have a pleasant eating experience here, complete with service that is warm and kind.

The cuisine at Thuan Kieu Vietnamese Restaurant is prepared with tender loving care utilizing family recipes handed down through many generations. Their menu features a variety of classic Vietnamese meals, each of which is crafted with the utmost care utilizing only the finest ingredients and fragrant spices. They would be delighted to have you join them for a meal and allow you to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine at its very best. Options suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and those avoiding gluten are all on the menu.

Ratings: 4.4

Address: 1275 Highbury Ave N #116, London, ON N5Y 1A8, Canada

Phone Number: +1 519-455-7704

#3. BunBunBun

Image Source: Time Out

At BunBunBun, the lesser-known bun is certainly the one that gets its time in the spotlight. This is the delicacy that once broke the internet when Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain were seen discussing it on an episode of Parts Unknown. Their rice vermicelli noodle salad comes in various forms, including topped with grilled ribeye beef, lemongrass goat, and sizzling fish.

They are known to do so famously in Hanoi, with five-spice marinated lemongrass pork, mini grilled pork patties, and a crispy spring roll. This Vietnamese restaurant near London has two locations, one in Dalston and the other on the Pho Mile. Each bowl is signed by the artist, accompanied by a seal, and given Nuoc cham. And although it’s not a must, we recommend pairing it with a cold beer to wash it down.

Ratings: 4.4

Address: 134B Kingsland Rd, London E2 8DY, United Kingdom, 511 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AR, United Kingdom

Phone Number: +44 20 7729 9500, +44 20 7241 4072

#4. Vietnam Restaurant

Vietnam Restaurant
Image Source: Just Eat

In the heart of London is Vietnam Restaurant, a dining establishment run by a family. For the last 26 years, it has been located in London’s Old East and offers traditional Vietnamese cuisine. It receives two prizes from the London Free Press and praise from several culinary writers. The utmost importance is placed on hygienic practices and food supply protection in their eatery.

The restaurant has traditional Vietnamese decor and cuisine, including noodle and rice dishes and other Vietnamese specialties. They are quite proud that their city is home to some of the most authentic Vietnamese food in all of London. They provide more than one hundred different noodle and soup meals, giving customers a wide range of options.

Hot pots, shrimp, chicken, and pig are some of the classic and well-known Vietnamese meals offered at Vietnam Restaurants. You may have a more relaxed eating experience while feasting on traditional Vietnamese cuisine in the ambiance of Vietnam Restaurant. The option is to dine in, pick up, or have the food delivered.

Ratings: 4.5

Address:  1074 Dundas Street East, London, ON N5W 3A6

Phone Number:  + (519) 457-0762

#5. Pho Lee Restaurant

Pho Lee Restaurant
Image Source: Pinterest

Pho Lee Restaurant is regarded as one of the city’s premier Vietnamese dining destinations. The restaurant provides a normal dining experience while serving traditional and genuine Vietnamese cuisine, such as pho and vermicelli. Pho Lee Restaurant is known for its dedication to serving traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Pho Lee Restaurant serves mouthwatering cuisine that is deliciously inspired by the flavors of both Vietnam and Thailand.

They provide a broad selection of foods, one of which is soup, which may be used to cleanse the palette and make it easier to appreciate more nuanced flavors. On their menu, they offer more than 150 different options to choose from.

Visit this best Vietnamese food in London to sample its delicious selection of warm soup, satiating noodles, and substantial main courses. On request, we can accommodate vegetarian and vegan diets, gluten-free diets, and other dietary restrictions. At the Pho Lee Restaurant, you can dine in, order takeaway, or have food delivered to your home.

Ratings: 4.2

Address: C-19, near Bikaner, East Krishna Nagar, Krishna Nagar, Delhi, 110051

Phone Number: 097183 68043

#6. Sông Quê Café

Sông Quê Café
Image Source: Sông Quê Café

This Kingsland Road establishment, which has been around for twenty years and is renowned for serving some of the city’s most delectable Vietnamese food in London, proves that age is only a number. It is easy to recognize due to the brilliant green corner facade, and the city of London’s infatuation with it is not showing any signs of abating any time soon.

For a good reason: everything from beef wrapped in betel leaves to chargrilled quail eggs and crispy pancakes with prawns and chicken, everyone’s here, but the pho is the one dish that stands out as the menu’s star attraction. The co-owner, Mrs. Pham, takes care of it as if it were one of her children, simmering it for “hours on end” with seven different types of herbs and spices before topping it with fresh basil leaves, bean sprouts, red chilies, and the cut of beef of your choosing. Consume it, and you’ll soon be extolling the virtues of Song Que.

Ratings: 4.2

Address: 134 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8DY, United Kingdom

Phone Number: +44 20 7613 3222

#7. The House of Hô

The House of Hô
Image Source: OpenTable

House of Ho is an elite Vietnamese restaurant located in Fitzrovia. They provide delectable Pan Asian cuisine and traditional Vietnamese fare in a setting reminiscent of a colonial mansion. House of Ho is a modern restaurant located in a Grade II-listed townhouse. The restaurant spans four stories and has dining rooms designed in a contemporary and opulent manner.

Celebrity chef Ian Ian Pengelley has given several traditional Vietnamese meals a contemporary makeover. It would help if you prepared to spend a little bit more than you would at a regular Vietnamese restaurant, but this is to be anticipated considering the upscale atmosphere of the location. The crispy squid and popcorn shrimp are delicious appetizers you shouldn’t pass up, but the bowls of fragrant pho are guaranteed to fill even the heartiest appetites.

Ratings: 3.9

Address: 1 Percy St, London W1T 1DB, United Kingdom

Phone Number: +44 20 7434 0194

#8. Bánh Bánh

Bánh Bánh
Image Source: Time Out

Similar to the beginnings of many other popular restaurants, Banh Banh was once a modest establishment. From a food stall on the street to two Vietnamese restaurants with permanent sites, one in Peckham and one in Brixton, both of which are recognized for having the greatest Vietnamese cuisine in South London, the business began as a food stall on the street.

The restaurant in Peckham is owned by five siblings, who follow in the footsteps of their grandmother, who worked as a cook in Vietnam in the 1940s. Their devotion to Vietnamese cuisine is shown in the delicious family recipes from generation to generation. These mouthwatering delicacies, which range from summer rolls and noodle salads to fresh and steamy bowls of pho and Banh Khot pancakes, will have you coming back for more.

Ratings: 4.6

Address: 46 Peckham Rye, London SE15 4JR, United Kingdom

Phone Number: +44 20 7207 2935

#9. Cay Tre

Cay Tre
Image Source: B3 Designers

Hieu Trung Bui, the proprietor of Cay Tre, is considered by many to be the godfather of London’s Vietnamese restaurant scene. He traveled to London from Saigon around the turn of the century and is credited with starting the pho trend in the city.

They opened his first location in Shoreditch because he believed there was a “deficiency of excellent quality, genuine Vietnamese cuisine” in the city. Both his Cay Tres restaurants continue to do a roaring trade in summer rolls, lamb neck curries, goi (green papaya) salads, vermicelli bowls, and pho. He now has two Cay Tres restaurants under his belt (the shinier sequel is on Dean Street) and other ventures across the city.

Ratings: 4.1

Address: 42-43 Dean St, London W1D 4PZ, United Kingdom

Phone Number: +44 20 7317 9118

Last Words!

The Vietnamese restaurants in London have become their own in the last several years. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the dinner is full of bright, fresh tastes; there are a lot of fragrant herbs, and neither oil nor dairy is used in its preparation. The meals are intrinsically nutritious and were designed to be consumed communally, which reflects how we eat today.

Rice, vegetables, and fruits are the primary components of meals, and vital seasonings like soy sauce, fermented fish sauce, shrimp paste, lemongrass, ginger, pepper, lime, and various species of basil, mint, and coriander are used to enhance the taste. Chinese and French cultures have left their mark on Vietnam due to its colonial past. Please look at our rankings of London’s top 9 best Vietnamese restaurants.

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