Best Student Jobs in the UK 

Studying in the UK is a treat to many international students, given the variety of courses, colleges, work opportunities, and the exciting student life that comes with it! For aspiring students, the UK has always been the frontrunner and one of the very first choices to pursue degree courses and PhDs. 

Universities in the UK provide world-class education, cultural diversity and unmatched living experience, with fantastic student housing choices like Onyx Accommodation and IQ Highbury. The student accommodation options in the UK are fully equipped with amenities and facilities to make the student’s life and study abroad experience hassle-free. 

With great opportunities come great hustles. To sustain and live a comfortable life in the UK, you might want to consider working part-time or a student job to keep yourself on your feet and earn some extra pounds!

Luckily, cities in the UK like London are abundant with side hustles and work opportunities for students to explore and pursue, and here are some of the student jobs you can take up – 

1. Teaching Assistant 

Working as a Teaching Assistant is a great side gig for students. It pays an average of £10/hour, which is a good deal for students. It also gives students the insights and opportunities to help with teaching, tests and lectures. It improves their chances of gaining subject matter expertise if they wish to pursue specific careers. Generally, teaching assistants must have good grades throughout their studies and exhibit patience, helpfulness, and problem-solving skills. 

2. Tutor

You can share your subject knowledge and academic expertise with students as a tutor. It pays an average of £23/hour if taught privately. As a tutor, you can teach the basics of any subject that you may be good at to school students, teenagers and even students with special assistance. Some tutoring agencies or students may need you to have a degree in the course you teach. You can also tutor online on specific sites from the comfort of your student accommodation. This is a great way to earn a part-time job and brush up on your academic skills. 

3. Retail Worker 

Working in retail has excellent benefits, and cities like London and Manchester have numerous opportunities to work in retail. It pays an average of £10/hour, and you can work as a sales assistant, cashier, and customer service representative. The benefits of working in retail include great commissions, especially during the holiday seasons of November and December and employee discounts, so you can choose to work at your favourite clothing brand, technology store or bookstore. Another benefit of working in retail is brushing up on your marketing and sales skills, which are essential for a business student. You need to possess good communication skills, interpersonal skills and a knack for sales to be an excellent retail worker. 

4. Translator 

Students (especially international students) have the opportunity and the benefit of working as translators. Use your native language to your advantage to earn an average of £15/hour. As a translator, you can work with agencies or freelancers and help research and translate articles, marketing materials, and company websites, or you can also choose to work as a personal translator for other people. Working as a translator also gives you the edge as companies in the UK look out for people with multilingual skills, making you an attractive candidate in the job market. To be a translator, you need to have deep knowledge and understanding of the language and certificates of language tests to prove the legitimacy of your skills. 

5. Research Assistant 

If you are a graduate or a doctoral student, you can work as a research assistant at your university with your professors or fellow students. It pays an average of £15/hour, but you will likely be paid a salary instead of hourly. You may work full-time or part-time, depending on your involvement in the subject. As a research assistant, you will get excellent opportunities to work on innovations, technology, and discoveries and get guidance from industry experts and leaders. To qualify as a research assistant, you need to have a degree in the subject and deep subject knowledge.

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