What to Look For When Buying Second-hand Campervans

Whether you want to attend festivals, take the family to the beach, or just want to spend your vacations in the UK for the next few years, a campervan offers you a home on wheels, and the best is easy to drive, comfortable, and roomy enough for you, your family, and all of your stuff.

While supply chain constraints mean you’ll have to wait a long time for a brand-new campervan, the same isn’t true for the secondhand market. You’ll also pay less than you would for a brand-new campervan.

But how can you separate the best quality second-hand campervans for sale from the rest? And what should you look for in a second-hand campervan in 2022? So, these are some of the key considerations to look for before you put your money down.

But first, what are the advantages of purchasing a second-hand campervan?

Buying a campervan is a significant commitment, and purchasing a second-hand campervan may save you money that you could otherwise spend on vacation. Purchasing a second-hand campervan or campervan offers several advantages. The most significant is the cost. Self-drive travel may be relatively economical with a second-hand campervan, so you may be on the road sooner than you expect.

However, it is still a significant investment, so make sure you ask all the correct questions and explore all the possibilities.

Things to look for when purchasing a second-hand campervan or campervan

There are a few more factors to consider when purchasing a secondhand campervan or automobile. The following are the major aspects to consider:

  • Budget:  Motorhomes come in many forms and sizes, but they all have one thing in common. They keep their worth far better than automobiles and depreciate significantly less than their age. If you are on a limited budget, we recommend you spend at least €20,000. If you buy via a trustworthy dealer, you will get a campervan that is under warranty, properly inspected, suitable for the purpose, and fully operational.

For the higher end of the pricing range, you may choose a 1-year-old campervan that is nearly brand new with the newest innovations still under the manufacturer’s warranty at a reduced price, plus it is likely to come with extra extras like bike racks and aerials already installed. Somewhere in the center is always a realistic alternative, and in recent years, campers have even held their worth.

  • Structure: Is the campervan in good shape? We inspect the flooring and ceilings. A spongy feeling on the floor might show delamination, thus a comprehensive check is performed. Damp is the most common issue when purchasing a second-hand campervan, and if not addressed, it may damage the frame of a campervan and cause many difficulties with pricey repairs. Keep an eye out for stickers placed in strange areas to ensure they are not concealing something nefarious.
Second-hand Campervans
Second-hand Campervans
  • Vehicle History: It is critical for avoiding theft or insurance write-offs. The campervan and chassis VINs must be verified against the certificates of conformity and log books as a regular procedure. Because the bulk of the campers we offer are trade-ins from previous customers trading up, we have insider information on most of them. It is usually reassuring for prospective first-time purchasers to understand the history of their purchase.
  • Engine and cab checks are an important element of assessing a second-hand campervan before accepting it as stock, and an experienced specialist performs them.
  • All appliances, including the plumbing, such as stoves, heaters, and electrical gadgets, should be in excellent functioning condition. If the campervan has a three-way fridge, it should operate on battery, gas, and supreme power. Before listing the camper for sale, we complete these procedures to guarantee that it is fully functional and functioning.
  • When buying a van conversion, make sure it has documentation proving that it complies with the International gas installation standard IS EN 1949. IS EN 1949 is an international standard for installing gas appliances in campervans and trailers. This standard applies to all gas-powered campervans and caravans.

Many non-factory converted vans on the market, however, are uncontrolled DIY projects with home gas hookups for hobs, heaters, and fridges, which might jeopardize your safety, so approach with caution. Therefore, we are highly picky about the quality of second-hand van conversions we accept into our inventory for sale. Only factory-fitted conversions or campers converted by a recognized and professional fitting provider are accepted.

  • Tyre Condition: Because second-hand campervan tyres have less wear and tear owing to lower mileage, they might appear perfectly flawless, with an exceptional thread count to the human eye. Motorhome tyres hold weights of about 2-3 tonnes for an extended length of time and are prone to drying out and cracking throughout the seasons; in fact, tyres older than 4 years are outmoded and unfit for use, therefore it’s critical to know when they were last replaced.
Second-hand Campervans
Second-hand Campervans

Final Words

There’s no disputing that a campervan is a substantial investment that, if done incorrectly, may cause both financial grief and the annoyance of a ruined vacation. But there’s no reason to be concerned as long as you scrutinize every element of the purchasing process, from verifying that the fridge isn’t moldy to confirming that the latest servicing included the handbrake.

Choose your vehicle with care, and it should offer you many years of joyful service.

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