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Can You Cut Grass in Lawn in Winter?

Grasses are continued to grow all year round if the weather condition is appropriate. Grasses are the earliest plants that start growing in the spring and the last to stop growing in the winter.

If you can cut grass your lawn is quite dependable. in this article, we will round up some facts you should consider before mowing your lawn.

Can you cut grass in the lawn over winter, or should you wait?

It is fine to cut your lawn over the winter if the weather is warm enough for it to grow. You need to choose one dry day and be sure that the soil is not wet. Fix your mower so its blades are raised in the summer about 2 inches.

If you haven’t cut the lawn over the entire winter, it is still needed to set the blades higher than usual. You can reduce the height each time you mow. You should not cut the lawn too low otherwise you will damage the grass. You can mow the lawn keeping the height around 4 inches.

Here are some decent reasons to mow your lawn in the winter:

Clean the debris from the lawn:

During the winter, trees losses their leaves and dead particles. These twigs are blown all over your garden in wind. Grasses need sunlight, so it is important to remove all the debris from the lawn.

To look good the lawn:

If you want your lawn to look more attractive, you can mow during the winter. Cleaning the lawn and mowing the grass helps to stand up your whole garden a much nicer place than ever.

Needs to check the lawn over:

If you run a mower over your lawn you can assess the condition of the lawn. During the winter, your lawn can be a breeding point for diseases, germs, etc. keep an eye on your lawn and call a lawn expert if you could find anything wrong with the lawn. It is better to catch any problem earlier to prevent further damage.

If the weather condition is not appropriate then it’s best to wait for cutting your lawns otherwise it will damage the grass. You must wait to mow your lawn in the winter if it suffers any of the following:

Snow or Frost:

If you could find your grasses under snow, you need not mow the grasses. If there is frost or a layer of mild snow, stay off it. If you push a hard mowing machine over the grass then it will damage the lawn.

The soil is wet:

If the soil is wet, stay off the lawn. If you walk on a wet lawn it could damage the structure of the soil. This will harshly affect the further growth of the grasses. So, you need to wait for a few days to get dried out of the soil.

It is very long:

You do not cut the long grass in the winter. Long grasses are likely to have been left on top of the plants. These leaves are essential to maintain the health of the grasses. Leaves harvest the sun’s energy and pass it to the entire plant to grow.

Grasses will take more time to grow replacement leaves during the winter. So, the plants will suffer. That is why you need to wait till the spring to cut the grass.

 How often should I mow my lawn during the winter?

You need to mow your lawn during the winter less frequently than during the peak time of the year. Generally, in the summer months, you mow your lawn once a week. Instead of once a week, you should cut the grass once every 3 to 4 weeks.

Grass growth reduces when the temperature falls to 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Grasses do not grow similar to the rates it grows during warmth, sunshine, and water. So, it is not necessary to cut the lawn every week.

If the temperature drops harshly, then the grasses may stop their growth eliminating your need to mow them altogether.

 How to cut your grass in the winter: Rules for winter lawn mowing

Yes, for sure you can cut your grass in the winter following some rules. They are:

You need to avoid mowing when the ground is wet:

Healthy soil consists of various tiny particles such as rocks, organic matter, and minerals. It is the home of a lot of tiny organisms that make the soil to be more fertile. Between the particles, the spaces filled with air.

These spaces are very crucial for the soil to be healthy. These spaces allow water, minerals, air, and nutrients to all the living beings in the soils including the roots of the grasses.

Walking on wet soil can destroy the structure of the soil. This will create problems in the regrowth of your grass all year round. So, you should not mow your grass in wet soil. If it is necessary to cut the grass in the winter you can wait for a couple of days without rain.

Frosty weather:

Frosts put a sparkle on your garden. If you cut the grass on your lawn when it is frozen it will damage the grass. If the water inside the leaves of the grass is frozen then the vital organs of the grass may be affected. If some of the cells of the grass will die then the entire plant also turns brown and die.

Remove every piece of debris:

While you will walk on to pick up the leaves, dirt, twigs, and dog’s poo from the lawn, you can assess if the soil is dry enough to cut the grass. You need to remove lawn debris even if it is too wet to mow.

Not to scalp your lawn:

If it is essential to cut the grass in the winter, you need to raise the cutting blade more than the normal one. You should not cut more than one-third portion of the leaves in one go. Leaves of grasses are the energy source of plants. they harvest energy from the sun and keep the plants alive.

Winter days are short and with rare sunlight. The more the surface area of the plant leaves the more solar energy will be harvested. We will suggest you keep the cutting height not less than 5cm.

Remove all the cuttings:

It is important to remove all the clippings from the lawn as they may block the sunlight on the grass. Besides, wet clippings sitting on a lawn can be a breeding space for diseases.


Should I stop mowing my lawn in the winter?

Ans: If it is essential to mow your lawn in the winter then you can walk on this. If your lawn yet has not been cut once in the entire winter season then you can go forward. Otherwise, you can wait till the spring to cut the grass.

Which is the perfect month to mow my lawn?

Ans: March is the month when spring starts. You can start mowing your lawn twice a month from March. Then, from April mow the grasses every 10 days and after a few days once each week. It will help the grasses to replace the leaves immediately and grow faster.

Which is the perfect time on a day to mow my lawn?

Ans: You can take the mid-morning or the afternoon on a day to mow your lawn. Early morning is probably the worst time to mow the lawn. Mid-morning is the optimum time to mow your lawn. The afternoon is the second best time to mow your lawn.


If your lawn needs to be trimmed and the conditions are perfect enough, you are not doing any harm mowing the grasses during the winter. It is also worth avoiding mowing the grasses during snow, frost, or recent rains.

During winter, you can mow the grasses every four to six weeks according to the heights. However, if you put in some good care during the cooler months, you can make your lawn look healthy and vibrant.

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