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10 Places to Find Delicious Halal Breakfast in Manchester

The term ‘Halal’ refers to what is permissible in or in accordance with Islamic law. It is an Arabic term derived from the Quran, the Holy Book of Islam. 

When talking about Halal food principles we mean any prohibition of pork, with a very particular slaughter method known as ‘Zahiba’, the absence of certain forbidden ingredients such as alcohol, predatory animals, blood, birds of prey, and anything containing impure substances.

If you are looking for the best Halal Breakfast in Manchester, or perhaps any good Halal Breakfast near Manchester, then my friend you have come exactly to the right place. 

In this guide, we have discussed only the best places where you can get Halal Breakfast in Manchester.  There is a growing popularity of Halal food in Manchester, due to the increasing Muslim population, and growing multiculturalism as well as immense diversity.

Halal food options present you with a wide range of culinary varieties from mostly Muslim-majority regions, such as Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asia. 

The Northern Quarter District 

  The North Quarter District in Manchester is also known as Northern Quarter, it is a fairly trendy and delightful vibrant area that offers you a rich range of dining options that includes Halal Breakfast in Manchester. 

1. Chaiiwala

Image by Soumen Mukherjee

Chaiiwala offers you a classic Indian-style breakfast. it is a standard place for tea lovers and people who would love to catch Halal Breakfast in Manchester. 

It is often busy in the evenings. You have to taste the Karachi Bun, chicken sausages, and desi Kebab. You will surely be returning again & again for their mouth-watering delights. 

All the drinks were fantastic and delicious, and their service was also very warm and sincere. With quick service and no wait along with reasonable prices, Chaiiwalal does not disappoint your expectations. 

Once you go you will keep coming back because Chaiiwala feels like a home away from home. You will absolutely love the Bombay chai vibes and their desi style. 

  • Ratings: 4.3/5
  • Contact: +44 161 546 5400
  • Location: 74 Bury Old Rd, Manchester M8 5BW

2. Ezra & Gil:

Ezra & Gil
Image by Adrian Lunsong

‘Ezra’ is a term that means ‘Helper; and ‘Gil’ is a term that means ‘Happiness’. This combined means an evolutionary modern concept for the concrete jungle coffee culture. Your perfect hang-out place with your gang. 

The whole Ezra and Gil experience is super welcoming and wholesome. You should definitely try their French toast, poached eggs, and Halloumi. 

Ezra and Gil offer you a superb Halal Breakfast in Machester. The waiting time on the weekends is usually 20-30 minutes. A much-recommended place. The staff is also a friendly and amazing bunch. 

  • Ratings: 4.6/5
  • Contact:
  • Location: 20 Hilton St., Manchester M1 1FR, United Kingdom

Rusholme – The Curry Mile 

Rushmore is Manchester’s one of the best places where there is a rich and diverse culinary scene including numerous Halal options. These are some of the popular Halal restaurants and eateries.

Lots of eating options such as restaurants, takeaways, and dessert shops make Rusholme a perfect option for Halal Breakfast in Manchester. 

3. Ziya Restaurant:

Ziya Restaurant
Image by Ziya Restaurant

Ziya Restaurant is a contemporary restaurant with a traditional fusion of modern and classical Pakistani and Indian cuisine. They also offer a wide range of cocktails and street food. 

Some of the must-try dishes at Ziya Restaurant are grilled dishes, lamb chops, lamb shank, and Jalfrezi, the mouth-watering mix of these dishes brings a tantalizing flavor. The portion size is generous for two people.

Zika offers superb service and great hospitality to their visitors making it a must-try place for Halal Breakfast in Manchester. They serve to please the palette. 

  • Ratings: 4.5/5 
  • Contact: +44 161 257 2010
  • Location: 65-67 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M14 5TB, United Kingdom

4. The Koffee Pot:

The Koffee Pot
Image by Andrej T

The Koffee Pot is a super lively, and colorful space with a spacious cafe serving your favorite comfort food & Halal breakfast in Manchester. 

Koffee Pot offers you cheap delicious food with an amiable atmosphere and great service quality, you will love everything about it. Try their  Full English Breakfast platter, I bet you will become an ardent fan of this place.

It also happens to be dog friendly. The prices are fairly reasonable with neat sitting areas and attractive decor that is easy on the eyes. Overall, Koffee Pot offers a wholesome experience for first-timers. 

The whole experience at The Koffee Pot is surely worth everything. their service really good and nothing compares when there is no wait between and your food. 

  • Ratings: 4.4/5 
  • Contact: +44 161 236 8918
  • Location: 84-86 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LE, United Kingdom 

Manchester City Centre

Manchester City Centre provides you with a coolly thriving Halal food scene. The City center is home to many cuisines and tantalizing tastes with some of the superb Halal Breakfast Places in Manchester. 

Manchester City Center carters you different sorts of eateries and cuisine places, here are two of the very best for Halal Breakfast near Manchester. 

5. Afghan Cuisine Restaurant & Takeaway

 Afghan Cuisine Restaurant & Takeaway
Image by Qasim Sarfraz

Afghan Cuisine offers very good value for money food which has both taste and authenticity, making it one of the most preferred places to have a Halal Breakfast in Manchester. 

The authentic Afghani food is hearty and fulfilling, situated in the heart of curry mile, The place is lip-smacking clean, and super good. 

They offer Brilliant service and are always super spot on with everything quality, service, seating, and pricing. Every bite is worth the money. You can also try the combo meals which are very pleasing to the taste buds. 

Some of the must-try dishes at this contemporary restaurant are chicken tikka, afghani pulao rice with kebab, and chops that make every bite a ride to heaven and back. 

  • Ratings: 4.2/5
  • Contact: +44 161 248 5333
  • Location: 86 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M14 5AL, United Kingdom 

6. Brasserie Abode:

Brasserie Abode
Image by Brasserie Abode

Brasserie is a fairly grand comfort fare. it gives you a comfortable feel. It offers you the classic cocktails, a nostalgic feel to the whole place, and most importantly pleasant music that goes well with the food. 

If you are looking for a fabulous place to eat your Halal Breakfast in Manchester, we implore you to try Brasserie Abode. You must try their Halal Roast beef, it is a blessing to one’s palette

The atmosphere of Brasserie Abode is cozy, and they send their discount vouchers in your mailbox which is a win, with exceptional taste, and mouth-watering dishes, every foodie in Manchester should try this place at once. 

  • Ratings: 4/5
  • Contact: +44 161 200 5665
  • Location: 107a Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2DB, United Kingdom 

Cheetham Hill

There are numerous options for Halal Breakfast in Manchester in the Cheetham Hill area including restaurants, takeaways, and grocery stores that cater to a broader culinary preference. 

Some of the restaurants worth mentioning in Cheetham Hill for Halal food are Istanbul Grill, Shan Restaurant, and Flame ‘N’ Grill but below are some of the very best Halal Breakfast options on Cheetham Hill. 

7. Nawaab Restaurant:

Nawaab Restaurant
Image by Fahad Matin

Nawaab Restaurant is a sophisticated modern restaurant that serves Pakistani and Indian Halal food. They even hold events often and you can catch them in their show mood. 

Nawab Restaurant aims to serve you authentic and wholesome food right from the heart of the Indian Subcontinent and South Asia. Their master is truly an expert who brings up a natural lair with his experience and uniqueness in each dish. 

They use only the freshest and finest ingredients and you can taste the freshness in each of the delightful dishes served with their supremely hospitable and welcoming staff. 

  • Ratings: 4.2/5
  • Contact: +44 161 224 6969
  • Location: 1008 Stockport Rd, Manchester M19 3WN, United Kingdom. 

8. Zouk Tea Bar & Grill:

Zouk Tea Bar & Grill
Image by Zoak Tea Bar & Grill

Zouk tea bar and grill is a traditional Pakistani and Indian grilled dish with a superb contemporary feel and the settings in the banquettes. One of the best places you can have a Halal Breakfast in Manchester. 

One of the superb things about Zouk Tea Bar and Grill is that every Saturday they hold events. They offer a perfect selection of chicken and lamb dishes. 

Some of the dishes you a must-try at Zouk Tea Bar and Grill are steaks, Sunday roast, Nihari, Briyani, mocktails, and dynamite prawns. You can also give a go to the tandoori prawns and lamb chops. 

The ambiance takes you by surprise, the flavors are a delight making the complete experience amazing and wholesome.  

  • Ratings: 3.6/5
  • Contact: +44 161 233 1090 
  • Location: 5, The Quadrangle, Chester St, Manchester M1 5QS, United Kingdom

Didsbury Village

Didsbury is situated in the Southern part of the Manchester area and offers a supremely wide range of Halal Breakfast in Manchester. 

We mention two of the best options where you can have Halal food in Manchester and especially for Halal Breakfast near Manchester. 

9. Greens Vegetarian Cafe:

Greens Vegetarian Cafe
Image by Greens Restaurant Didsbury

Greens Veg is a super lovely place with a lively atmosphere and is situated at the heart of West Didsbury which is a trendy location. They are an ambitious little restaurant that serves you imaginative dishes that are rich and packed with flavor. 

They use local produce that is thoughtfully selected and served in a relaxed, warm, and courteous environment. If you are looking for a homely vibe in a restaurant this is it. 

At Greens Veg, a must-taste would be their black pudding, gnocchi, feta, oyster mushrooms as well as sausage and nut roast. The perfect place for Halal Breakfast in Manchester. 

Greens is an absolutely gorgeous place that is also well-priced, each dish is presented with care that can be seen. 

  • Ratings: 4.6/5
  • Contact: +44 161 434 4259
  • Location: 41-43 Lapwing Ln, West Didsbury Manchester M20 2NT, United Kingdom. 

10. Thyme Out Food Co.:

Thyme Out Food Co
Image by Julian Johnson

Thyme Out is a cute lovely place with an amazing outdoor area, you can sit in the domes and it feels pretty amazing. The atmosphere is astounding as their warm and welcoming staff. 

At Thyme Out you can have the best Halal Breakfast in Manchester, a must-try would be at Thyme-out is its burritos, sandwich, pudding, and full English breakfast. 

It is a Bistro-cum-restaurant which has a brilliant feature that they allow dogs.  The food served is plentiful but there is no parking area. Though you can park at the side of the street. 

Thyme out will not disappoint you and you will most definitely enjoy the whole experience. The prices are decent and you will not feel like you got ripped off.   

On Sundays its most busy, you better try and arrive early here with your people. 

  • Ratings: 4.5/5
  • Contact: +44 161 434 8686
  • Location: 147 Nell Ln, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 2LG, United Kingdom 


 We hope you enjoyed the variety we provided, we have included Northern Quarter, Manchester city center, Didsbury Village, Rusholme, and Cheetham Street leaving no stone unturned in the Manchester Halal Food scene. From delicious curries to kebabs, and puddings to burritos, with scrambled eggs and whatnot. 

The variety and range in Manchester’s Halal Breakfast are insane, with so many options to look out for, of course, it becomes a little difficult in selecting what to eat and where to eat.

We hope through this ‘top 10 Halal Breakfast restaurants in Manchester’, we made that choice easier for you. 

We implore you to dive out of your house and explore the diverse and ever-growing Halal food scene in Manchester city, you can never explore too much. 

Lastly, if you liked our guide, consider bookmarking our website and keep a look out for more of the Top 10 Halal places. 

Enjoy the food! Bon Appetite folks!!


Q. Where can I get the best halal breakfast in Manchester at a reasonable price?

Ans. Halal Brunch, The Royals MCR, Chai Latte, etc. are some of the top places to get the best halal breakfast items in Manchester within your budget.

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