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Top 9 Halal Restaurants in Coventry for Authentic Cuisine

Halal cuisine-food that is permissible by Islamic law is referred to as halal cuisine. Halal is an Arabic word that simply refers to lawful or permissible. So, many Muslims who follow their customs and tradition, across the communities in Coventry looks for halal restaurants for authentic cuisine.

Although there are some areas throughout England, where halal cuisine is readily available but there are still some areas where halal cuisine is hard to get. From German Doner Kebab to Hummus House, and from Shere Khan restaurant to Falafel Corner; plenty of halal restaurants are there in Coventry.

 So, if you are looking for an authentic halal restaurant in Coventry then you are on the right path. Here, in this article, we are going to put together the top 9 halal restaurants in Coventry for authentic food.

Let’s dive into the deep!

Here are the top 9 restaurants in Coventry

#1. Shere Khan Restaurant:

Shere Khan Restaurant
Image by S

Shere Khan Restaurant opened its door for food lovers in 1987 and it was the first licensed Indian restaurant that offers great food by combining modern design with traditional Indian taste. In the past 25 years, the restaurant has grown so much. They use only the best cuts of halal meat to prepare the dishes.

Shere Khan used fresh local spices and vegetables to ensure their food consistently impress the eaters. They prepare the dishes on-site and you can also check their busy working environment.

They have a great variety of items including sizzlers, mild/medium/hot curries, Chef special dishes, and drinks. Sizzlers include chicken Tikka, lamb chop tikka, reshmi chicken kabab, and mixed grill; Chef’s special dishes include King prawn tikka masala, karahi lamb Punjabi, chicken Tikka Lahori, lamb Nihari; and so on. Also, you can end your food craving with some drinks such as beer, and with some other liquor like T. Maria, Tequila, Malibu, and so on.

Signature dishes: Butter Chicken and King prawn Tikka masala, and the curry dishes are their signature dishes; so you must try these dishes.

Ambience and atmosphere: If you want to go with your friends or family then Shere Khan is the best option because of its good ambience. Your children will enjoy the food in a great environment.

Review: One of the visitors of this restaurant has stated that this place is very good to eat and they offer good food and good service. You must try the curry dishes.

Rating: 5 star

Address: Watson Rd, Nechells, Birmingham B7 5SA, UK

#2. Hummus House UK:

Hummus House UK

Hummus House UK is another top halal restaurant in Coventry. They offer halal cuisine, and also a vegan option is available here. They use halal meat, fresh vegetables, and spices to offer authentic food. Also, they have an experienced great team who offers the best service to the food eaters.

Hummus House offers an extensive range of food items. Some of the dishes include rolls, salad, sandwiches, falafel salad, chicken, poultry, chicken salad wrap, hummus salad, monkfish, and so on. You can end your food craving with some drinks such as fresh juice, wine, apple juice, orange juice, etc.

Signature Dishes: The falafel wrap and the chicken wrap are their signature dishes. So, if you visit this restaurant, you must try falafel wrap.

Ambience and environment: You will be impressed with the great ambiance and good vibe of the restaurant. It will be the best place if you need some food very quickly.

Review: Most of the visitors stated that super cheap food with great quality. Some eater has stated that the falafel and the hummus wrap are to die for

Rating: 5 Star

Address: 74 Hertford St, Coventry CV1 1LF, UK

#3. Falafel Corner:

 Falafel Corner
Image by avnika kuvadiya

Falafel Corner is the place where fresh Middle Eastern food is prepared in front of the customer to order. They offer food that is nutritious, delicious, and affordable. Their mission is to offer high-quality food for food lovers who are looking for healthy and tasty food.

They use halal meat, fresh local spices, and vegetables to prepare the best, and most authentic food. They offer an extensive range of food items including Houmous platters, filled pitta breads, Lebanese wraps, salad bowls, falafel dogs, and so on.

The items that they offer include fresh herbs Falafel Houmous, grilled halloumi cheese, slow-roasted peppers, Feta cheese, and so on. Also, you can end your meal with some tasty beverages such as lemon and lime sparkling water, Pepsi Max, Cloudy lemonade, and much more.

Signature dishes: Lebanese wraps and grilled halloumi cheese are the signature dishes of this restaurant. So, if you ever visit this restaurant you must try these items.

Ambience and environment: Falafel corner is quite famous for its good ambiance and environment. So, you must visit least once this food corner to have the taste of authentic halal food.

Review: One of the visitors said that it was fantastic having falafel & salad wrap. She is highly recommending this place to visit and she will go back for more.

Rating: 4 star

Address: 32 Broadgate, Coventry CV1 1NE, UK

#4. AL-Bader Restaurant:

AL-Bader Restaurant
Image by (Get to know your planet)

The Al-Bader restaurant is situated at the heart of Coventry and offers a mix of Lebanese, Moroccan, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern food. They offer authentic food prepared with fresh ingredients collected from local stores.

They offer an extensive range of food items including mixed grills, fish, and steaks. They also offer vegan food for vegetarians; vegan dishes including moussaka, falafel, and other vegetable dishes.

Signature dishes: Mixed grills and chicken sticks are the signature dishes of this restaurant.

Ambience and environment: The atmosphere of the restaurant is very impressive and you will be amazed at the ambiance of the place.

Review: one of the food lovers has shared her experience by stating that Al-Bader is a nice restaurant but not too many vegetarian options available. She was amazed at the great environment of the place.

Rating: 4.4 star

Address: 31 High St, Coventry CV1 5RE, UK

#5. Sultan restaurant:

Sultan restaurant
Image by TripAdvisor

Sultan is another great restaurant in Coventry that offers authentic food to food lovers. They offer a variety of food such as chicken sticks, wraps, shish, burgers, and more. The menu is including chicken doner, lamb shish, chicken kofte kebab, lamb and chicken shish, and so on.

Also, you can get some delicious house-special dishes here including Sac Tava, lamb beyti, Ali nazik, prawn guvec, and so on. The wrap items include chicken doner wrap, mixed doner wrap, chicken shish wrap, and so on.

You can end your food craving with some great dessert items they offer including strawberry flute, fantastica, baklava, chocolate cheesecake, and so on. Your kids also enjoy the kid’s special dishes such as chicken nuggets meal, chicken wing meal, chicken burger meal, and more.

Signature dishes: Prawn guvec and lamb beyti are the signature dishes of Sultan restaurant.

Ambience and environment: The environment and the good vibe surely enhance your mood and charm. Your kids will enjoy the ambiance fullest.

Review: One visitor has said that she was greeted with a smile, plenty of seats, and very clean premises. The food was very tasty and she will remember the nice warm welcome.

Rating: 4.5

Address: 94-95 Far Gosford St, Coventry CV1 5EA, UK

#6. Zeenat Restaurant:

 Zeenat Restaurant
Image by HSN1989

Zeenat Restaurant is another great halal restaurant in Coventry that offer authentic food to food lovers. They use halal meat, fresh spices, and vegetables to offer delicious, and fresh food. They have an extensive range of food items including starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks. They also offer vegan food for the vegetarian.

Starters include Zeenat special lamb tikka, Zeenat special chapli kebab, and chicken shaslik with naan; main courses include lamb karahi, king prawn karahi, biryani, and more. You can end your food craving with some dessert items such as motka kulfi, gulab jamum, and kulfi stick.

Signature dishes: Zeenat special chapli kebab is the signature dish of Zeenat restaurant. So, you must try!

Ambience and environment: You can feel more relaxed and fresh to have such a meal in that great ambiance of the restaurant. Also, the team is very customer-friendly and cooperative.

Review: Most of the visitors said about their good experience and environment to eat in and not too noisy the place is. Many food lovers said that they enjoyed the food eating in that place. They will be customer for life.

Rating: 4 star

Address: 159 Cambridge St, Coventry CV1 5HT, UK

#7. Nando’s Coventry Halal:

Nando’s Coventry Halal
Image by Kristin MW

Nando’s Coventry is one of the top-class halal restaurants in Coventry that offers authentic food to eaters. The Nando’s was born in South Africa with a blend of British and Portugal cultures. But, later it expanded its branches all through the world.

They use halal meat, and fresh ingredients to prepare the food they offer. Peri-Peri is the signature dish of the Nando’s. Also, they offer an extensive range of food dishes including starters, peri-peri chicken, pitas, burgers, wraps, platters, and also including veggies.

Some of the famous dishes include Houmous with peri-peri drizzles, spicy mixed olives, Halloumi Sticks & Dip,  Peeper & feta Dip, boneless chicken thighs, chicken butterfly, 10 Wing Roulette, and much more.Some of the pittas, wraps, and burgers items include grilled chicken wrap, fino pitta, grilled chicken pitta, grilled chicken burger, double chicken wrap, and more.

Signature dish: Houmous with peri-peri drizzles, and Halloumi sticks are the signature dishes.

Ambience and environment: All the staffs are very polite and supportive. You will be amazed at the great ambiance and good vibe of the restaurant. You will have great fun while ending your food craving with some delicious food.

Review: One of the visitors said that she is usually a frequent visitor of Nando’s and the service has always been great. The food they offer is the best quality and tastier. She visits Nando’s once a fortnight.

Rating: 3.5 star

Address: 1-6, ribbon factory, Trinity St, Coventry CV1 1FE, UK

#8. My Dhabba:

My Dhabba
Image by Graham Clark

My Dhabba is another halal restaurant in Coventry that offers authentic food to its customers. They use halal meat, fresh spices, and vegetables from the local store to prepare great food for the customers. The staff is professional at this place.

The restaurant guarantees to offer perfectly cooked grilled lamb, fried fish, and cheese naans. You can take a sip of delicious wine or beer here. Chicken starter includes chicken cheese seekh kebab, chicken Malai tikka, chicken keema samosa; Dhabba House special dishes include My Dhanna Mazza, chicken Tikka Keema, Kebab handi, Nawabi keema, Sahi chicken tikka makani, and so on.

Signature dishes: Grilled lamb, and chicken cheese seekh kebab are the signature dishes of My Dhabba.

Ambience and environment: You will feel more relaxed having such amazing food in this amazing environment. Also, you will surely be amazed at the spectacular atmosphere and fancy décor.

Review: One food lover said thatthe service and food are amazing. The staffs are very professional and cooperative. Some other visitors said that you can have a little problem with the loud pop music here.

Rating: 3.5

Address: 1-3 Lower Holyhead Rd, Coventry CV1 3AX, UK

#9. Franzos Coventry:

Franzos Coventry
Image by Franzos Coventry

Franzos Coventry was set up in 2012 by two brothers who desire to create dishes that are bursting with flavors. They took inspiration from East Africa and Asia. They research authentic flavors and intoxicating aromas. Franzos aimed to bring great-tasting food to more people.

They prepare a great range of dishes with quality ingredients to offer a satisfying food experience. Franzos is for family, family, and always for flavors. A wide range of dishes including appetizers, chicken burgers, Franzos cakes, francos mohitos, pittas, piri piri chicken, Franzos platters& boxes, and so on. Also, you can end your food craving with a sip of good beer, wine, or any other drink you like.

Signature dishes: Franzos platters and Boxes

Ambience and environment: You will be amazed by the spectacular environment of the restaurant. Also, your kids will enjoy the kid’s special dishes they offer.

Review: One food lover said that he has visited this restaurant with his family and they offered a great welcome by the team. Also, added that good food, good service, and nice comfortable seating.

Another visitor stated that she highly recommends this place. Nice place that makes smile. Staffs are very professional too.

Rating: 4 star

Address: 14 Corporation St, Coventry Cv1 1GF, UK


Nowadays, beyond eating and drinking, restaurants play a vital role in our life by shaping our social relations. However, we should take out some time to spend some quality time with our friends and family then it can boost our minds. We will feel great and relaxed after a hectic schedule.

So, if you are a resident of Coventry or someone else from a different origin but want to have halal food to satisfy your food craving then you follow our enlisted top restaurants in Coventry. Hope, this guide will help you to satisfy your food craving with a halal meal. 


Q. Can I get Kurdish cuisine at the halal restaurants in Coventry?

Ans. Yes, of course. Many top halal restaurants in Coventry offer mouth-watering Kurdish dishes like mixed grills, falafel, vegan recipes, etc. 

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