Everything You Need To Know About Outward RDC: The Royal Mail Service


When you ship parcels out from a different country, you need to be familiar with some of the terms like Outward RDC. This term is widely used by the Royal Mail Service, which delivers in other countries.

The respective Government and postal service provider set up this mail service in the year 1516, and it has been in business for more than 500 years. When you need to send mail or another parcel, Royal Mail has been voted as one of the best countries, the most trusted, and the best postal service providers from 2018 to 2019.

In the UK the Royal Mail shipped around 1.4 billion parcels in 2021-2022 FY successfully. Suppose you want to decide to make use of the Royal Mail service and need to offer you a people tracking address for the parcel. You must find out the delivery stage and live status of the package every day until it is received. Here the different individuals deposit the letters parcels and other kinds of deliveries in the part of the royal mail post boxes and get transferred to the royal mail sorting office. Let us go into detail about the Outward RDC from below.

What does outward RDC mean?

When tracking the package and seeing the term Outward RDC– volumetric acceptance, it shows that the parcel, which is collected at the RDC, and now the mail, gets readied for the upcoming dispatch. This type of parcel must be delivered to the actual destination using the shipping date and available once the parcel reaches a regional distribution at the centre. You might be confused that you must have outward RDC Handheld acceptance, and it might pop up the parcel status. It shows that your parcel is in the part of the warehouse before itself. It obtains the property, which remains in the warehouse for a few days, and this warehouse gets to deliver further. When you are going to letter or parcel and distributed that they are need not collected. The packages and letters must be sent to warehouses from various parts of the country. They are sorted according to the delivery address and their daily activity in the amount of the Outward RDC.

What does outward RDC volumetric acceptance mean?

When the parcel is received at the regional distribution centre, must the mail status change to outward regional distribution volumetric acceptance? The outward RDC volumetric shows that the property has been received and scheduled for shipping from the warehouse to the different posted destinations. Hence, you must ensure you give the best support at all times. With the help of the volumetric, offer the right solution, give the best solution, and offer the best and most secure platform to send and mail easily.

What does outward RDC handheld acceptance mean?

Once the parcel is marked as “accepted “from the warehouse, it is held for a time before it gets delivered to the postage destination. The Outward RDC is in the system and will be marked as distribution. When you order the printer from Amazon, once Amazon processes the order, it provides a handheld to Royal Mail for distribution. Hence the outward RDC Handheld acceptance is considered the parcel to achieve the “Handheld Acceptance “and give the best solution at all times. Before letters and parcels are distributed, and they need to be collected at a warehouse then redistributed to different destinations. RDC refers to a regional distribution centre in other parts of the UK. RCD is compared with one or two firms’ daily mailing to give better support to the RDC.

Other terms of the royal mail delivery system?

Royal Mail lets you track the mail by assigning you a mail number that you enter in the tracking system. Each time your mail is scanned, the data is updated on the various tracking systems and remains up to date on the current mail progress. The royal mail RDC meaning is, and it is better to note that the amount of scanning depends on the service used. Therefore, you must follow the standard term and encounter the part of the tracking system finely.

Item dispatched

Once you post the individual mail, you need to update the royal mail, which is dispatched to the identical mail. Then it supports updating the comprehensive tracking data for the various mail processing.

Item received:

It is shown that the item must be received and already on the part of the royal mail system. According to the service, when you come to pick up the delivery confirmation, you need to update when the item has been delivered.

Internal technical issue

It shows that the Royal Mail experienced technical systems problems, which have always affected the standard mail methods.


There are massive reasons why the item you marked as pending, including?

The fee to pay arose at the time the sender failed to pay the postage cost or when the customer charge is applied to the item.

Redirection: the recipient changes the delivery address by choosing the redirection service and delays the item by one or two days.

Keep safe items:

The recipient requested to have the items kept at the delivery office for longer by purchasing a keep-safe service.

Delivery attempted:

Royal Mail needs to incur a different problem accessing your address. If they cannot access the address for mail delivery, they can try to deliver the item the following day in a satisfactory manner.

In Transit:

When you need an item obtain it when it is scheduled for delivery. It is marked as transit and moved via the system for delivery and status and location details are updated and tracked using the reference number.

Inward MC:

It is a site method that serves the delivery region for the various parcels and delivers the best support and solutions at all times.

Retention item:

Each business entity may have a chance to retain a service that covers the days they never opened. Therefore, this item was never delivered during the days when they are open at all times. Hence, it gives more comfort at all times.


On using the Pol, refer to the post office and give the best support solution at all times. They refer to notice the services effectively. It ensures parcel service and delivers the best support. You can easily track the parcel by using the system well. Thus, it will identify quickly and be able to find out more functionalities in using it.


Sending the parcel using the Royal Mail service, which is simple and easy so that you can easily track the order method via their advanced tracking system For the dispatch to the different collection of the parcel and mail to go via a regional distribution centre when the mailing process begins the process at the same time. Hence, you must track the systems and the order via this system at the time of collecting the other order more safely. On reading the above things, you are suggested to gather valuable ideas about Outward RDC, allowing you to send the mail safely and sell secured at all times.


Q. What to do when my parcel is stuck in transit of the RDC? 

Ans. This can happen for several reasons. The sender may have got your address wrong. Moreover, the documentation may not be complete. Therefore, if your parcel is stuck in transit with RDC, immediately call the customer care number of Outward RDC. 

However, first, check whether any message related to delivery has arrived on your phone through SMS or not. RDC may also send you an email to intimate about the time of delivery. Generally, for a delay, they put a message, and regret the inconvenience. 

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