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Floor Insulation – What It Is and What Materials To Use

It is necessary to protect your home from heat loss from all sides. Floor insulation is not the least of these things. If you wish to insulate floorboards or seal the space between the floor and the skirting board, you must do this. Insulation boards must be used to ensure adequate protection against heat loss. This shop has a wide range of insulation boards  from well-proven manufacturers.

Why insulate my floor? Is it worth insulating my floor?

Statistically, 20% of heat loss occurs through the floor covering. More is needed to insulate the walls and roof; you must also care for the floor. This solution once and for all solves the problem of draughts, which enter through the gap between the skirting board and the floor.

It is necessary to insulate the floor for the following reasons:

  • to minimize heat loss;
  • to prevent the penetration of moisture;
  • proper protection of pipes underneath the floor.

Floor insulation is necessary for both single-storey and multi-family houses. Special insulation boards can help to solve this problem. If the house has a basement, it is worth insulating it. It is not a good idea to insulate between floors. Installing insulation boards on the ground floor to protect the building from heat penetration into the ground is better.

Benefits of insulating the floor with insulation boards

Putting a big rug on the floor is enough to insulate it. But the truth is that it is more complicated. To ensure that your home is properly protected from heat loss, you must thoroughly use the right material. Insulation boards are excellent for this task. You will achieve the following benefits as a result of this proven work:

  • savings on utility bills;
  • care for the environment – installing insulation boards allows you to reduce your carbon footprint by up to 240 kg annually;
  • protection of flooring from moisture, mould and water vapour
  • regulation of heat flow into and out of the house so that the households inside the house will feel cool during the warm season and warm during the cold season;
  • an optimal solution for wooden floors – this flooring always requires a thermal insulation layer between the skirting board and the floor.

The very procedure of insulating a floor using special boards will cost you a decent amount of money. However, the long-term results are fully worth the money. In this case, the ease of installation of insulation boards allows you to cope with this task yourself, particularly if you have previously had to deal with the installation of plasterboard.

Where to buy all the materials you need for floor insulation

Floor thermal insulation requires a smart approach. It applies in particular to the choice of suitable material. It is best to turn to our shop for this problem. We offer a wide selection of insulation boards from modern brands that provide certified material that meets all the qualities.

You can find all the goods you need yourself in our catalogue. And if you need professional advice, ask our shop employees for assistance.


What is an insulation board?

An insulation board is a special rigid panel used to insulate your home’s floors and other surfaces.

What kind of rooms can insulation boards be used in?

The material presented is excellent for thermal insulation in a variety of areas, both residential and commercial. They can be used in houses, offices, schools and other public buildings.

How are the insulation boards fixed?

It involves using special construction adhesive or large screws and washers for this material.

How much do the insulation boards cost?

The cost of the material depends directly on the selected insulation material. You can find products from different brands: Celotex, Ecotherm, Jablite, Kingspan, and Mannok. The price of insulation boards depends directly on their thickness, material of manufacture and other things.

What are the dimensions of insulation boards?

The material presented may vary. The length of the boards varies between 8 m and more; the width varies between 600 mm and 1.5 m. It is also worth mentioning that the boards can be adjusted in size and shape with a circular saw or a construction knife during assembly.

Can I assemble the insulation boards myself?

No problem. Every craftsman at home can assemble the boards without any help. Before doing so, familiarize yourself with all the details of the process.

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