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11 Top Halal Restaurants in Bristol for Foodies

After a day of fasting, finding a delicious supper seems even more important than usual. Naturally, preparing meals at home before sunrise and after sunset is a significant aspect of Ramadan. But there are still some days when your stomach might be aching for something different.

Maybe you just want to spoil yourself and your loved ones or just want to skip the incredibly exhausting hours of planning, cooking, and cleaning during our fasting period. That’s when eating out is the one method that comes to your rescue.

To ensure that you taste the best of halal delicacies, I have brought you a list of the top 11 halal restaurants in Bristol. Scroll down to know more!

11 Best Halal Restaurants in Bristol 

1. Sam’s Master Grill 

Sam's Master Grill 
Image by Sam’s Master Grill

 At Sam’s Master Grill you can take your tastebuds to experience poetry made in food and their Persian hospitality has a class of its own. Here you can have the most authentic Persian cuisine

They serve great flavors, you must try their Saffron Sugar Tea and Dates before or after your meal. They give you a brilliant dining experience with well-presented food. You should check out this excellent halal restaurant in London. 

Their visitors notice the utmost care and preparation that goes into their food creation, it cleans and is god for the soul. They also use the finest saffron originating from Iran. 

With the utmost delicious food, super fast service, and big portions they offer the best halal food in Bristol. You especially cannot miss their saffron soft-serve ice cream. 

  • Ratings: 4.8/5
  • Location: 215 Cheltenham Rd, St Andrew’s, Bristol BS6 5QP, United Kingdom
  • Highlighted Dishes: Flatbread, Kofta, Naan Roti, Chicken Kebab Joojeh, Lamb Shank
  • Pricing: ££
  • Phone Number: +44 742 936 0082

2. Cedar’s Express

Cedar's Express
Image by Sami Khoueiry

Cedar’s Express is a Lebanese restaurant where you can have the best halal takeout in Bristol. They have a small menu of cold and hot dishes coupled with grill plates, pizza, and sandwiches served in a sweet cozy space. 

Cedar offers the best Shwarma there is to offer in Bristol. The meat is tasty and full of supreme flavors. With everything fresh and homemade. Their brilliant staff is also always friendly. 

If you are in the area and looking for a quick bite, this is your destination, the best halal takeout in Bristol. Cedar offers a price range that is hard to resist. 

No matter which category you fall into whether you are single, a family, or a couple looking to take your date to an amazingly affordable place, Cedar fulfills all your needs. 

  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Location: 60 Park Row, Bristol BS1 5LE, United Kingdom
  • Highlighted Dishes: Chicken Shawarma, Kebab, Falafel, Wraps, Lamb, Kofta
  • Pricing: starting from £9 
  • Contact: +44 1179 560 85

3. Matina 

Image by H MIK

Matina is inarguably one of the BEST Halal restaurants in Bristol, that you can find. Foodies must absolutely check this gem. This exquisite Middle Eastern restaurant serves superb grilled meat, vegetables & naan bread with an unforgettable experience that only Matina can give. 

I have NO WORDS, except just go eat their food. They will spice up something your tongue has never tasted before. You will definitely keep coming back. 

Matina offers unreal Kebab, seriously so good it melts right on the tongue with some unearthly fragrance and otherworldly flavors. They only have a few items on the menu, so you will know that they do them THE BEST. 

Matina comes highly recommended, on this you don’t need to second guess. A must-try would be their Mixed Chicken and lamb Wrap with juicy meat and saucy bites. 

  • Rating: 4.8/5 
  • Location: The Glass Arcade, St Nicholas, St, Bristol BS11JQ, United Kingdom 
  • Highlighted Dishes: Lamb, Wraps, Halloumi, Kurdish Cuisine
  • Pricing: ranges between £4 to £10
  • Phone Number: +44 745 5015 596

4. Curry House

 Curry House
Image by Rastaurent Guru

Curry House serves a superb variety of halal food in Bristol. They have an extensive menu of Indian dishes within a modern interior design covered in terracotta flooring. 

A great place with a clean environment, musty music, and super friendly catering staff. A bit on the high end but most definitely worth the experience. 

Curry House will exceed your expectations and it’s best if have made a reservation in advance. Their food is excellent, tasteful, and a little spicy but that can be customed according to you if you make a request. 

Each course at Curry House is delicious and has depth in its flavors, It is a must-visit place for Halal food in Bristol if you are a curry fan foodie. 

  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Location: 393 Bath Rd, Arno’s Vale, Bristol BS4 3EU, United Kingdom
  • Highlighted Dishes: Bhaji, naan, Chicken Biryani
  • Pricing: price range between £2 to £30
  • Phone Number: +44 117 977 9090 

5. Beirut Mezze Lebanese restaurant

Beirut Mezze Lebanese restaurant
Image- Beirut Mezze

Located in the heart of the city, this Lebanese restaurant is known for its extensive menu that offers flavorsome halal dishes. Here, you can also try out the traditional Lebanese fruit cocktail. And I am sure you will love it as much as I did!

The ambiance is ideal for hosting family and friends get-together. They provide excellent service – very considerate and ensure prompt arrival of food.

I recommend you to try their range of meze dishes that are catered really well. The food served is flavourful and spices can be customized as per your request.

  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Location: 13A small street top of Corn Street Bristol city centre, Bristol, BS1 1DE
  • Highlighted Dishes: chicken samosas, deep fried filo pastry, spicy minced chicken, charcoal grilled minced lamb skewers
  • Pricing: Price ranges between £12 to £30
  • Contact: +44 117 927 7937

6. Urban Tandoor

Urban Tandoor
Image- Urban Tandoor

Urban Tandoor is another Indian Restaurant that offers the best halal food in Bristol. They are well-liked because they serve less oil in their Indian Cuisine. 

With a diverse menu just like the country, this special place is cozy with a supremely lovely atmosphere and aesthetics. The dishes please the eyes as much as they please your palette.

A must-try at Urban Tandoor would be the Lamb Tikka, with the most efficient service and quick response from the staff you will find this place to your liking. 

One thing that separates Urban Tandoor from other restaurants is their attention to detail, after each course, they will take your feedback on dishes. A substance you won’t find at other casual restaurants. 

  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Location: 12 Small St, Bristol BS1 1DE
  • Highlighted Dishes: Chicken, Lamb, Shawarma 
  • Pricing: Price ranges between £17 to £35
  • Phone Number: +44 117 929 9222

7. Everyday Thai

Everyday Thai
Image- Dawid Kaminski

Everyday Thai has been hailed as the best Thai restaurant in Bristol for serving excellent halal, vegan and gluten-free delicacies.

The moment you step into the eatery, you will notice the nice welcoming staff that are determined to offer the best services. In addition to that, you obviously get great food that will surely make your taste buds dance.

I highly recommend you try their trio starter which is perfect for sharing. It comes with fishcakes, calamari, and prawns in filo pastry that is cooked to perfection. For mains you can order the squid in Penang sauce, chicken Thai red curry, and prawn pad Thai.

The pricing is really reasonable and everything tastes fresh. The ambiance of the place is cozy and warm making it ideal for hosting family and friends gatherings. The best Thai food corner indeed!

  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Location: 11 New Station Rd, Bristol BS16 3RP, United Kingdom
  • Highlighted Dishes: Thai and green milk tea, lamb masaman curry, Thai fish cakes, Mango sticky rice.
  • Pricing: Price ranges between £11 to £25
  • Contact: +44 117 965 7007

8. Lona Grill House & Juice Bar

Lona Grill House & Juice Bar
Image- Halit Turk

  This a very exotic and colorful Lebanese Restaurant and one of the few top halal restaurants in Bristol. They offer chargrilled meats coupled with meze dishes. 

The place has an ample amount of space, with a colorful center juice bar. They also offer free complimentary Delights of Turkey and cute lollipops at the end of the meal with on-point swift service. 

If you are fond of Lebanese cuisine, then chances this will become your quick favorite Lebanese eatery in all of the UK, and believe me that’s saying something. 

All of their juices are freshly made and every dish is simply fantastic. definitely, a must-visit place with your family and friends. 

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Location: 218 Gloucester Rd, Bishopton, Bristol BS78NY, United Kingdom 
  • Highlighted Dishes: Chicken grill, Smoothies, Juices
  • Pricing: approx £25
  • Phone Number:  +44 117 942 6100

9. Alwaha

Image- Alwaha

Alwaha offers you friendly service, generous portions, and fast service. Everything you can ask of a good Halal restaurant in Bristol. 

They offer a variety of dishes at affordable prices and each dish tastes good in its own way. The service and the staff make up for anything that Alwaha may lack. 

They are very kind and friendly. A must-try from this place would be their curry, which tastes superb, especially after a long day at work. 

To all the Foodies who are curry lovers, you must definitely check out this place. 

  • Rating: 3.9/5
  • Location: 4 High St, Easton, Bristol BS5 6DL, United Kingdom
  • Highlighted Dishes: Chicken Tandoori, Lamb, Naan, Curry
  • Pricing: Price ranges between £11 to £ 30
  • Phone Number: +44 117 935 5339

10. Oh Calcutta

Oh Calcutta
Image- Usman Ahmed

Oh, Calcutta is a regional Indian restaurant offering an open kitchen sweetened with a modern industrial backdrop that stands out on the deep red walls of the place. 

Oh, Calcutta offers delicious halal food in Bristol. Especially their food portions are great and they are child-friendly. Oh, Calcutta also has a fantastic host and chef who are wonderful people. 

The staff is highly cordial and super caring serving authentic halal food in bristol. Oh, the curries are simply mind-numbing. Will make you come back for more.

The atmosphere that Oh Calcutta offers is also a bit Bollywood in style but one you cannot resist. To anyone wanting to try or do the best halal takeout in Bristol, then this is your place. 

  • Rating: 4/5
  • Location: 216 Cheltenham Rd, St Andrew’s, Bristol BS65QU
  • Highlighted Dishes: Lamb, Goan fish curry, Jalfrezi
  • Pricing: Price ranges between £4 to £25
  • Phone Number: +44 117 9240 458

11. Monte Carlo cafe

Monte Carlo cafe
Image- Mobe87

 Monte Carlo Cafe offers the best Halal breakfast in Bristol you will ever experience. They have some special salmon breakfast with French toast, a must-try. 

They offer some of the best customer service, with incredible food and authentic taste. You will most definitely be disappointed. 

Their food presentation is a wonder of its own. It will become your very own breakfast place and keep you coming more often and before you know it you will be a regular. 

Monte Carlo Cafe gives you a banging experience for your buck, you can get a full vegetarian and English breakfast for only £5. Most definitely worth it. Every Foodie should check this place out. 

  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Location: 458 Stapleton Rd, Eastville, Bristol BS56PA, United Kingdom 
  • Highlighted Dishes: French Toast, Poached eggs, 
  • Pricing: Price ranges between £11 to £25
  • Phone Number: +44 117 951 0199


That’s a wrap folks, the above-mentioned list of halal restaurants was concluded after my thorough research based on a compilation of authentic reviews. All of these restaurants serve the best quality food at a reasonable price range with excellent service.

Food, whether from a Michelin-starred restaurant or your go-to neighborhood kebab joint, always unites communities and families, especially during the holiest month of the year.

Whether you plan on enjoying your Iftar meal or a lovely post-Ramadan party, I am sure you can’t go wrong with hosting it at the restaurants mentioned above. I hope you enjoyed our curated guide of the Top 11 Halal restaurants in Bristol. If you liked it, check out my other posts on restaurant recommendations! Look for “best halal places in Manchester”, “halal restaurants in Ilford”, and” best places to get halal food in Liverpool” in the website.


Can I get vegan dishes at a Lebanese food joint in Bristol?

Yes. Lamaya is one of the authentic Lebanese food bars in Bristol offering delicious vegan varieties.

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