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How To Choose The Right London Spa

It’s been a long time since spa treatments were considered a luxury or simply pampering. The latest research shows that regular spa treatments offer an array of benefits, including reducing the effects of anti-ageing, reducing pain, and lowering stress levels.

Multiple medical reports have shown stress to be instrumental in the onset of age-related diseases. Simply lowering stress levels can help reduce the risk of these diseases.

However, not all London spas are created equal. To get the most out of your treatment you need to know what to look for. We’ll help you identify the best hydrotherapy bed, massage table, and even the layout of the spa.

Here’s what you need to consider.

Treatment Furniture

The treatment furniture is perhaps the most important part of a spa and one that is often overlooked. Verifying the type and condition of this furniture is essential and the reason you should ask for a tour before your first treatment appointment.

You’ll want to see the latest tech integrated into the furniture. For example, the latest spa treatment furniture with water can handle steam baths, massages, manicures, and even hydrotherapy treatments.

Spas with the latest equipment don’t just offer the best treatment options. It also illustrates that they are committed to providing the best possible service and are investing funds back into the business.

That’s a very good sign.

Treatment Options

Naturally, you should also be looking at the range of treatment options available. The wider the range the easier it is to find something you’re comfortable with and that benefits you.

Make sure you check their ‘menu’. Alongside hydrotherapy treatments, it’s good to see a variety of massage techniques, acupuncture, aromatherapy, and even skin treatments such as a laser facial.

If you’ve never been to a spa before then you’ll benefit from chatting to others to discover which spa treatments to look for.

Of course, if it’s not your first time you’ll already know which are your preferred options. Simply ensure the spa you’re considering offers the same range of services.

The Ambience

Having studied the London spa options and narrowed the field it’s time to visit and take a closer look at how the facility feels.

In essence, this means visiting the spa, chatting to the receptionist, and pausing for a moment in the waiting area. This will provide you with an insight into the ambience.

Does the place feel calm, almost serene? Do they have music playing in the background? Are the other clients happy, anxious, or something else?

Taking a few moments to look around the space and see the other people will help you assess whether the ambience appeals to you. In general, you’re looking for a relaxing experience.

When observing the ambience, take a moment to consider how clean the spa areas are. You need to be confident that the staff take hygiene seriously. It’s okay to ask about their linen policy or how they handle the tools of the trade.

Customer Service

While visiting you can take the opportunity to chat with the receptionist and even any other member of staff you see.

This is a great opportunity to see how friendly and helpful they are. Don’t forget to watch interactions between other clients and staff.

As mentioned, a spa treatment should be relaxing. That means you need staff who are friendly, appear stress-free, and are eager to help you get the most from your experience.

Staff who appear to be enjoying their work are more likely to be looked after by the business. That also tells you their business is invested in their staff and their future. That’s a good sign if you want to make your spa visit a regular thing.


It’s also worth taking a moment to look at the layout of the spa. If the spa is situated in an old building it can be hard to get the perfect layout, but modern buildings have no excuse.

You should feel a natural flow pulling you from the entrance to the reception desk. The desk should be easily accessed but offer some privacy for you as you talk to the receptionist.

From there the waiting room should be easily accessed but separate enough from the reception desk to enhance privacy.

Ideally, there should be easy-to-read signs telling you where to go for the different treatment options.

All-in-all, the process of arriving, checking in, and getting to your treatment should be easy and hassle-free.


You shouldn’t visit any business without first checking their reputation. Even the best-looking spa facilities can be hiding a bad reputation.

Fortunately, the internet makes it easy to check. Just go onto social media and type the name of the spa. You’re certain to find people with something to say.

Remember, it’s almost impossible to get all positive reviews. You can expect to find some negative comments, regardless of how good the spa is. Negative comments can actually be beneficial.

You’ll be able to see how serious the issue is: i.e. would it bother you? You’ll also be able to see how the spa facility responded and resolved the issue.

A clinic that responds quickly and tries to resolve the issue is likely to have a good customer service team. They are also aware that reputation matters which means they are dedicated to providing the best possible service.

Of course, if possible you should also ask family and friends if they have any experience of the spa.

Summing Up

Some people get lucky and find the perfect spa first time. But, that isn’t always the case. You shouldn’t be afraid to visit a spa and then try a different one the next time.

That, along with the above tips, will help you find the perfect London spa for you. Remember that your needs are unique, the spa which appeals to you may not appeal to all your friends. That’s okay, this experience should be about you.

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