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How To Get a Free Haircut In London?

So, looking for a new haircut? But short of cash? Do not worry. London will treat you with premium quality salons to get a top-notch free haircut.

If you are from the outside and do not know much about the city you might think that there is no way that you can get a free haircut in London. Generally in most salons that are the truth.

A very simple and the most basic kind of haircut is offered by most salons at the starting price of £30. As you go up in the level and difficulty of your hairstyle then the price will go up eventually.

With more and more specialized treatments like colors and everything, this price can go over hundreds, and honestly, that is a lot of money.

Only if you know certain things then you can avoid all these expenses and get a free haircut in London. But how?

That’s what this article is all about.

What salons provide free haircuts in London?

If we have to answer what salons provide free hair cut London, then the technical answer will be every salon. That is a very naïve kind of way to answer that question honestly because there are certain things that you need to keep in mind and also your luck will be a big factor too.

The salons provide free hair cut under certain circumstances and with a bit of information and taking a little bit of risk you can get it.

Every salon in the city has a trainee there. These trainees will need to be taught how to do things that the salon has to offer to the customers. So, the trainees will have to do some practical work on customers before it is sure that they can work perfectly.

This thing especially matters the most when a salon is very reputed for a particular kind of hairstyle. So, if you want your hair cut free you can be the one on whom the trainees will be taught how to do the work.

Is there any chance of the haircut getting botched if it is free?

There is a chance that your haircut might get botched but that is a very slim possibility we are talking about. Most of the time the reputation of a salon is at stake and training their new students should be done perfectly.

So, when the trainee will be doing the job there will be a senior hair stylist who will be looking at how the job is being done by the trainee in a free haircut. The senior hair stylist will constantly be giving the new trainee or the new student instructions.

Will it take the normal amount of time for the hair cut and when to book slots for these free haircuts?

You want your hair cut free and you also want to save time just like normal people. Unfortunately, that is not happening mate. Why?

Because you will be the model to a student of the salon the time will be longer than usual. The time might even be three hours depending on what kind of work you are making the trainee do.

Also for booking these slots for your hair being cut for free you might want to contact the salon 2 to 3 weeks before the day you are going to cut. This will ensure that no one else got the slot before you do.

7 best places for you to get a free haircut in London

Now we are going to present to you a list of the seven best salons for you to try these free hair cuts and feel the benefits of them. Some of these places are world-renowned salons which will cost over £100 for a haircut. So we ensure that it will be a great experience.

Hari’s-King’s Road

Hari’s-King’s Road
HARI’S Hairdressers

This is one of the most popular Salons in Chelsea. This celebrity hair salon will help you to get classic, polished, and cool trends with seasonal touches, the Hair’s team is the answer. They proudly offer from cutting and styling to any classic beauty treatments. You should go to the online site of this salon to book a free slot for yourself.

Stuart Philips- Seven Dials

Stuart Philips- Seven Dials
Time Out

The winner of Best Hair Salon In London and Overall Winner In The UK, Stuart Philips on Monmouth Street is the home of many best hairdressers and colorists. This glamorous salon has been working with well-known Hollywood actors and actresses and has worked with many catwalks, music videos, etc.

With the hair cut if you color then the charge will be 10£ and to get a slot here you just have to call the salon and book the slot available.

Windle & Moodie- Covent Garden

Windle & Moodie- Covent Garden
Time Out

London’s one of the buzziest salons that has been in the market for over 30 years. This cool and quirky salon will help you get a spa-like feeling more than a hairdresser. In the end, they will treat you with brilliantly styled and super glossy hair.

You can book the slots for this salon online this is a very popular salon in the city and will not disappoint you.

Percy and Reed- Shoreditch

Percy and Reed- Shoreditch
Time out

A super well-known salon that has been accommodating and professional. The best part of the salon is you won’t feel that you are in a salon. The hairstylist would transform you into the most gorgeous self.

Their model night is Tuesday. And for this one too online booking is necessary for a slot to be a hair model for a junior trainee.

London School of Barbering- Farringdon and Liverpool Street

London School of Barbering- Farringdon and Liverpool Street

If you are looking for a skilled barber for a new beauty experience then the London School of Barbering is here to provide you with a life-changing treatment. You will get a life-changing makeover and the stylist would make it successful.

This is a must-try for the purpose as it is very popular for fine hairstyles. This one is for the gents. You will get a free haircut from a junior trainee.

Hair For Men Academy- Shoreditch

Hair For Men Academy- Shoreditch

As the name suggests, men will have the opportunity to get a new haircut with this salon. With the skilled hair stylists, you will get professional standards for hair and the best qualification. You will get a pleasant experience with good hair care, great therapy, and highly skilled banter.

Hair For Men Academy- Shoreditch offers a free haircut or shaving just in 45 minutes. Is not it amazing?

Aveda Institute- Holborn

Aveda Institute- Holborn

This premier location in London is to fully experience the personal touch of the genius hairstylists, spa therapists, and technicians. Everyone will get to experience high-tech and high-touch philosophy. Their stylists will create a great look that will cater to your life.

They do not provide walk-in services. So, for a free cut, you need to check their Facebook and other platforms with a call for models.


How much is a haircut in London?

A very simple haircut in London starts at £30.

How much is a hair cut in the trim UK?

A haircut in the trim UK starts from £100.

Do you tip UK Hairdresser?

It is not a mandatory thing to do but just to show appreciation for their work you can totally do that as a gesture of appreciation.

How much is a Ladies’ haircut in the UK?

A ladies’ hair cut in the UK is generally in the starting range of £100- £150.

Do Hairdressers get mad when you go to someone else?

The absolute answer to this is no.

What is a wet cut?

A wet cut is one in which the barber wets your hair with sprinkles of water before starting to cut it.

Is dry cutting better?

This totally depends on the type of your hair and your hair texture.

Why hair cut is so expensive?

Hair cuts can be expensive for many reasons. A professional haircut takes a lot time and skill. Depending on how long and complex the hair is, a hair cut can take between 30 minutes and an hour. The cost of hair products, such as hair dye and hair clippers can quickly add up.

Q. Can I get a customised haircut for free in London?

Ans. Yes, you can. There are several barber shops or salons that offer a free haircut, like Hari’s King’s Road branch, etc. However, you may be required to pay a nominal charge like £20 to £30 to colour your hair.


Here is all the information that you needed to get a free haircut in London. And do not worry if your hairstyle gets botched it is a very slim chance it can be managed.

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