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How To Make Your Home More Sustainable

Sustainability in build used to be a bit of a trend; however, now it is something that more people understand and are trying to implement. As good as sustainability is for the environment, it can be great for your bank account, too.

The initial investment into sustainability might seem steep in some cases, but overall, it means that you are contributing to a better society.

What does a sustainable home mean?

While many people think about sustainability, like growing their own vegetables and fruit (self-sustainable), it is more than that when it comes to your home. It means that if you use sustainable materials, these won’t do harm to the environment or you. If you would like to start your sustainability journey by growing your own fruit and veg, we recommend using a domestic polytunnel to protect your crops from pests as well as to give your plants the perfect climate.

Natural cooling and heating methods are often included in sustainable homes, and it is designed by a sustainable architect for the long term.

What changes can you make to your home that will help it become more sustainable?

Shop Local

One of the smallest and most impactful things that you can do is to shop local. Shop locally for anything that you need in terms of materials or products. Doing this might seem like it won’t make a big difference, but not only do you support your local community by doing this, but you will be reducing your emissions.

Energy Systems

Your energy system makes a huge impact on how sustainable your home is. Many homes are now looking at how they can have a renewable source of energy. There are more options available than just Solar Panels, although they are a great start.

You can research what is available in your location in terms of ground-source heat pumps, biomass boilers, and air-source heat pumps. Many government incentives can help you cover the costs of these – and in some locations, there can be a waiting list, too!


Homes that are letting out a lot of heat and letting in too much cold are burning energy and money. Upgrading your insulation is one of the fastest ways to be more sustainable. Coincide insulation upgrades with any renovations to keep mess and disruption to a minimum.

To understand exactly what you need from your insulation, it is worth speaking to an expert who can talk you through it and make recommendations. This upgrade will benefit the environment greatly – but also mean you see some savings, too.


VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, and typically, paints contain a high amount. There are now Low VOC paints on the market, and they put less out into the atmosphere. VOCs are released for years after the paint has been applied, so a low VOC option is a smarter option.


While buying new can give people a bump of excitement, buying secondhand and thrift items is a great way to become more sustainable. You can buy everything from second-hand kitchen and bathroom units to furniture and clothing.

Energy efficiency is something that can make a significant difference to monthly bills, which is why many people are switching to making more sustainable choices in their homes; here is how you can make a bigger improvement: How to Get an Energy Efficient Home.

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