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From Masalas to Mangos: Top 10 Indian Supermarkets Near Edinburgh

The population of Indians is rising high in the UK. Therefore, the demand for Indian groceries and items for daily needs is also experiencing a surge. Given that, we can imagine how Indian supermarkets are attaining a prominent position among other English shopping centres.

Be it London, Edinburgh, or any other UK city, these supermarkets are your go-to destinations. The reports of SmartScrapers state that there are around 371 Indian grocery stores in the UK at present.  Therefore, if you are Indian and living in Edinburgh, there is no worry regarding getting your favourite items. Prepare the best Indian foods at home, or collect authentic puja items. Your days are sorted with the appropriate shopping destinations.

Prepare the list, check out the supermarkets near you, and go for all the necessary items to fill up your bags. The UK gives full privilege to the Indians and presents almost a mini-India at different localities. Have you checked the Indian Supermarkets near Edinburgh yet? Take this small tour with me to identify the best places to shop the necessary things. 

The popularity of Indian SuperMarkets in the UK

In the UK, Indian Supermarkets are getting more popular than ever. You can get all sorts of products for daily use. The reports of Spice Business Magzine suggest that more than 2.5 million customers prefer to have Indian food in the UK, almost every week. Moreover, these restaurants, around 10,000, and stores are giving employment to over 80,000 staff. Therefore, the estimated revenue from this industry is around £3.6 billion. 

Therefore, it is like witnessing a smaller version of India in a foreign country. Famous stores like The Indian Shop, Asda, Maqbools, Amma Spices, etc. will let you have every article for preparing food or arranging for a puja. 

Moreover, British people also love to shop from these supermarkets. With time, the English people have fallen for the Indian cuisines and the vartoes in their culture. As a result, they love to incorporate the Indian flavours in many of their occasions. It is now quite common to visit any Indian grocery store Edinburgh to ensure a complete Indian-style party. 

Top Indian Supermarkets Near Edinburgh

Edinburgh, one of the most visited cities in the UK, has some incredible shopping centers for the Indians. Therefore, if you are visiting this place from India, such Indian stores in Edinburgh will essentially be your must-visit places.

Furthermore, they act as a lifeline for hundreds of Indians coming to the country for studies or work. Get a warm treatment from these shopping destinations and fulfill your requirements for living a smooth life. 

Here, I will specify the top 10 Indian Supermarkets near Edinburgh to simplify your grocery shopping. Get all the staples from India and live without any worry in the heart of Edinburgh. 

1. Maqbool’s 

Image- Darek Krasnicki

This is the most popular Indian grocery store in Edinburgh, offering hundreds of varieties of every item. Moreover, the clean store is very cautious about hygiene and ensures you get only the freshest produce here. Not only Indian spices and accessories, you may also get some Middle-Eastern ingredients for a flavourful dish.

However, Maqbool is famous for its high-quality products, especially from India, Pakistan, and Turkey. Indian street foods, chips, and chocolate brands, like Lays, Kurkure, Cadbury’s, etc., are available in plenty here. Overall, nothing can be on the top of this list except Maqbool’s. 

Address: 36 Potterrow. Edinburgh EH8 9BT. 
Rating: 4.7 stars

2. Waitrose

This grocery store counts as one of the best and all-purpose Indian Supermarkets near Edinburgh. Moreover, as per most customers, it is an upscale place for groceries, ensuring fresh fruits, veggies, and prepared meals. The options are quite huge in every category. 

Waitrose stands as the second-best option among the Indian stores in Edinburgh, especially for its fruit quality. Be it the delicious papaya or the juicy watermelon, you have only the purest quality.

Besides, you can also get some exotic fruits and vegetables imported from various corners of the world. Chinese lanterns, Indian dolls, and other home decor items are also available at reasonable rates. 

Address: 145 Morningside Road. Edinburgh EH10 4AX.
Rating: 4.6 stars

3. Jordan Valley

Image- Darek Krasnicki

Satisfy your desire to get the best-flavoured tea (like elderflower loose, chamomile, etc.) at this grocery store. Furthermore, the staff is very friendly and even ensures re-stocking of any supply if you are unable to get it at one visit.

Different articles available at Jordan Valley are oil, ready-made meals, dry fruits, organic health foods (chickpeas, humus, etc.), tahini, olive oil, nuts, soya milk, and others. The collection of cheese and butter is also impressive. Interestingly, you will find Ghee also at Jordan Valley. 

Jordan Valley has special spaces for parking your car or bike. The payment conditions are flexible. Therefore, you can pay through Credit Cards and Online baking apps. Thus, the place is a perfect package to get all your preferred articles locally. Hence, we are keeping it at the 3rd position. 

Address: 8 Nicolson Street. Edinburgh EH8 9DH
Ratings: 4.3 stars

4. Stockbridge Market

Do you want the freshest and most exotic veggies within your budget? Not the European ones, you get the Indian primary vegetables too at Stockbridge Market. The supermarket is famous for its long range of cheese, fruits, veggies, fish, eggs, meat, bread, cakes, etc. 

Not only food, you may also get creative handicrafts from India at this place. Be it bags, shawls, wallets, or bedsheets, Stockbridge Market is a treasure for an incredible collection of the best products. Apart from India, you can expect other Asian goods too. 

Address: Saunders Street. Edinburgh EH3 6TQ
Ratings: 4.5 stars

5. Amma Spices

Image- Amma Spices

If we have to talk about the top Indian supermarkets near Edinburgh, you cannot ignore Amma Spices. It is the epitome of aromatic spices, reflecting the true flavour of India.

Get the intensity of Srilanka and South India at the same time by visiting this place. Moreover, it serves a unique collection of frozen food, Thokku, pickles, chutneys, masalas, teas, and lots more. 

Therefore, get the Indian mom’s recipes, famous from one generation to the next, in the foreign land of Edinburgh. You get pure quality products from top-notch brands like Mother’s, Saakthi, Heera, and others. Amma Spices is the real amma when you wish to have the authentic spices of India. 

Address: 261-267 Gorgie Road. Edinburgh EH11 1TX
Ratings: 4 stars

6. Bismillah Food Store

A prominent centre for all types of Asian goods in Edinburgh is Bismillah Food Store. Furthermore, the proximity of the market to Edinburgh University makes it a convenient location for students. A person permanently staying in the city can pop in at any time between 10 am and 10 pm to every foreign ingredient of their choice. 

The selection of vegetables and fruits is truly impressive here. Along with that, you will find many ingredients, herbs, and spices from Africa and Arab. It sells only halal-certified meat and, hence, qualifies as a preferable destination for nonveg items in Edinburgh. 

Address: 3 Nicolson Square, Nicolson Street. Edinburgh EH8 9BH
Ratings: 3.5 stars. 

7. Asda

Image- Ben Forsyth

Asda qualifies as a reliable Indian grocery store in Edinburgh and ensures that customers get the desired objects at the best rates. Surprisingly, you will find restaurants like McDonald’s at this supermarket. Therefore, if you are tired after shopping for your groceries, plan for some refreshments at these junctions.

You will get everything you want under one roof. Your special Indian dish will be authentic and aromatic as you keep Asda as your chosen grocery shop. However, other items are also available at the store. 

Address: 3 New Mart Road. Edinburgh EH14 1RJ
Ratings: 4 stars

8. Krishna Foods

Image- Papa Floyd

Among the Indian Supermarkets near Edinburgh, Krishna Foods also has a significant position. It is a specialist in supplying the staple food of India, like Indian rice, daal (lentils), Dosa batters, Indian spices, flour, mustard oil, etc.

Moreover, the exclusive vegetables of India, like banana blossoms, gourd, Drumsticks, and multiple varieties of leafy vegetables (Shaak in Bengali), are also available. 

The quality of every item is premium and lets you taste the authentic sweets, groceries, fruits, and vegetables of India. You can also get the Puja ingredients like camphor, incense sticks, candles, etc. The handpicked items will fulfill all your desires to ensure a proper Indian living in a foreign country.

Undoubtedly, it is a leading supermarket in Edinburgh, especially for its competitive prices and high-quality products. 

Address: 233 Gorgie Road. Edinburgh EH11 1TU
Ratings: 4.4 stars

9. Bombay Basket

Want to get quick deliveries of Indian spices and other groceries in Edinburgh? Without any other thought, switch to Bombay Basket. This online Indian grocery store in Edinburgh calls for instant attention when you are in need of exotic Indian flavors. 

Add some more spices to your meals by depending on the steady supplies from this site. Be it the To Ramen Noodles, Maggie, or the Parle G biscuits; everything is available with a click. 

Please keep updated about the offers it often gives on different articles. It is a specialized market store that ensures convenience and satisfaction at the same time. Get Indian spices, herbs, dry fruits, pulses, whole grains, chips, and a lot more. 

Address: Online Asian Grocer Store (
Ratings: 4 stars

10. Bodrum Fine Foods

Bodrum Fine Foods is another gem among the Indian stores in Edinburgh. It offers high-quality vegetables and fruits and some classic items for vegetable snacks. Hence, the vegetarian people can have a treasure at this place. The comparatively small supermarket will guarantee a continuous supply of all your needed groceries.

Therefore, do not feel the absence of Indian spices and snacks when you are in Edinburgh. Bodrum will eliminate all the tensions about quality. Try the best ones without pressurizing your pockets. 

Address: 25-28 Argyle Place. Edinburgh EH9 
Ratings: 3.8 stars


Indian foods are easily available now in Edinburgh. Sometimes, people may feel pissed off after landing in a new country. Moreover, when you are from India, several things will be on your wishlist for everyday purchases. Indian supermarkets near Edinburgh will ensure you get every item promptly. 

Be it the fish, chicken, mutton, or eggs, the variety of non-veg items will never disappoint you. Furthermore, health-conscious people can also get the purest things available at low prices. The Indian stores in Edinburgh will let you have everything, starting from the aromatic spices to the seasonal mangoes.

Enjoy the fragrance of India even when you are in a foreign land. The UK supermarkets understand what you need and present only the freshest produce. 

The taste of the juicy fruits will undoubtedly help you lead a healthy life in this new land. Besides, you may also try some other exotic dishes, belonging to other countries. The diverse culture of Edinburgh satisfies the customers in various ways. So, when you are in Edinburgh, do not forget to grab the daily groceries from these best places. You may place the order online too. 

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