What are Four Amazing Cycling Routes I Can Try In London?

Cycling is becoming a more and more popular mode of transport in the UK with people choosing it to commute to work or as a hobby. It’s estimated that around 7.6 million people cycle in the UK, proving just how common it is.

London is one of the locations with plenty of cyclists taking on the busy roads and endless trails. It’s believed that as much as 50% of Londoners do or want to start cycling according to recent data. One of the main reasons cycling is so popular in the capital is because of the incredible trails available. These can be found in almost every borough of London, so grab your gear and friends, and head out on an epic adventure next time you fancy a cycle.

Our guide is filled with four amazing cycle routes that every enthusiast should try at some point in their life. Continue reading to discover them all and get exiting for your next London ride.

Regent’s Park Circle

If you’re a novice getting your bearings or you want an easy route for a Sunday morning, Regent’s Park Circle is an incredible option. Go around the park as many times as you’d like during this ride and enjoy well-maintained flower beds, bushy green trees and clear paths. Picking up a reliable gravel bike is the perfect way to get around this route, so invest in a new one today.

Busy times can slow you down with pedestrians to navigate around. However, outside of peak times, you should be able to pick up some good speed for a thrilling ride.

Big Ben to Richmond Park

This is an advanced route, so shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, it’s extremely rewarding as you’ll see all the sights through the hustle and bustle of central London before navigating open green spaces. You’ll be cycling for around 40km on this ride, so make sure you pack supplies to keep you going.

The Thames Valley Path Cycle

Spanning almost 140km, this is an exciting cycle that takes you from Thames Valley to Oxford. The route takes mostly cycle paths along the way, so novices should feel safe throughout the ride. You’ll have breathtaking views of urban and countryside settings throughout your journey, which is why it’s so popular.

Richmond to Box Hill

Enjoy the 87km trip from Richmond to Box Hill for a ride to remember. You’ll see the edge of the centre of London and the Surrey Hills, offering a range of spectacular views to enjoy along the way. This is quite a hilly ride, so make sure those calves are ready for uphill climbs and enjoy flying down the other side.

Each of these options offers its own charms and fun, which is why you’ll want to try them all if possible. Pick the one that sounds the most appealing and work your way down to have a jampacked future of incredible biking to look forward to.

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