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Best All You Can Eat Indian Buffets in London

Imagine living in London or visiting here for a short trip, and you still miss eating Indian food. There is no way you can ever neglect the spell that Indian food has over you. The Indian spices and flavours have everything to make food speak to many Indian hearts. Not just Indians in Londons but many locals of the country are all heart for Indian food. From mouth-watering Chole Bhature to soul-satisfying dal rice, there is so much more to Indian food than one can explore. Luckily, London is filled with Indian buffets that will give you the flavours of all Indian food without travelling to India. 

London takes care of all the non-resident Indians and the tourists visiting from India by making them feel at home through food. The Indian buffet restaurants near London offer a wide variety of Indian food, from biryani to butter chicken. Once you enter these eateries, you will be assured of a soul-satisfying experience where you will be burping with happiness. We have curated a list of all the Indian restaurants offering buffets in London where all you can eat Indian style food. 

Best All Indian Indian Buffets in London 


Danial Food Library

Dishoom is one of the top-rated and preferred Indian restaurants in London. The place pays tribute to the old Irani cafes of Bombay, which always emphasise bringing people together over food. You can find one of the finest and most comforting food from Bombay while sitting miles away from it. You can reserve a table for delectable breakfast, lunch, afternoon chai, snacks, and dinner options.

The place has won many awards for its food and for providing workers with safe and sound working conditions. Even the place’s ambience compliments the savour of the food offered at Dishoom. You can plan your visit from 8 am to 11 pm.


The menu of the place offers various combos and dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast, you may choose dishes like Kejriwal, Bombay omelette, akuri, keema per eedu and the big Bombay platter. For lunch and dinner, you may explore dishes like house porridge, house granola, bun maska, fire toast, chef’s special naan rolls, etc. 

The place also offers beverage varieties like fresh juices, hot drinks, chai, chocolate chai, fresh mint tea and more. The best way to experience all the Bombay special food items is by experiencing it yourself at a place none other than Dishoom. 


The place has a 4.5/ 5 rating given by people on the Yelp platform.


12 Upper Saint Martin’s Lane London WC2H 9FB United Kingdom

Phone Number

+020 7420 9320

Poppadom Express London 

Imperial Hotels

Poppadom Express London is another Indian buffet restaurant where all you can eat Indian food with a mix of regional flavours. Everything from the ambience to the food varieties is top-notch and renders you a fulfilling experience. The staff of this place is known to be polite and attentive, and they leave nothing to chance to make their Indian food lovers feel at home. 

From breakfast to dinner, you will be assured of hearty dining options that will fill you up with nothing but delectable taste. The Restaurant opens from 12.30 pm to 10.30; however, these times may change on the weekends. 


Poppadom Express London’s menu has various dining options for vegetarians, vegans, and non-vegetarians. Ranging from famous main course dishes like chicken makhani to north Indian garlic chilli chicken. The place also offers mouth-watering naan, bread and rice that will satisfy your cravings in the best possible way. The Punjabi chilli chicken tikka is also one of the best-selling dishes in the Restaurant. 


The visitors of the Poppadom Express London have rated this place to be 4

.5/ 5 as per Yelp.


The Tavistock Hotel 55 Tavistock Square London WC1H United Kingdom

Phone Number

+020 7636 8383

Punjab Restaurant 


Punjab Restaurant is one of the most loved and visited Indian buffet restaurants in London, serving traditional Punjabi cuisine since 1946. They are one of the oldest and most reliable north food chains for a delectable taste of Indian food. The walls of restaurants are filled with family portraits, framed receipts, historic Punjabi people, and snaps of the diners who have put their faith in this north-Indian eatery. 

Your taste buds will thank you later for the divine food the place offers! The Restaurant is operational from 12 noon to 10 pm, so make sure to plan your visit accordingly. Make sure to try all the best-selling dishes to make the most of your experience. 


The menu of Punjab Restaurant reflects vibrant Punjabi cuisine, from Punjabi samosas to Amritsari fish. The appetiser specials are aloo tikki roll, paneer pakoras, chicken wings, prawn puri, and more. You can also bless your taste buds with tandoor cuisines like tandoori vegetables, tandoori paneer, and the best-selling tandoori king prawns. 

Several options in lentils give you the perfect flavour of masala tadka. Apart from these, their menu contains rice, biryani, bread, drinks, and even vegan dishes for vegans. You know that you are in for a treat at Punjab Restaurant, with a truckload of varieties in the cuisine. 


The Restaurant is rated 4/ 5 stars by the visitors on the Yelp platform.


80 Neal Street London WC2H 9PA United Kingdom

Phone Number

+020 7836 9787

Ravi Shankar 

Trip Advisor

Ravi Shankar is an Indian restaurant famous for providing a culinary adventure to all Indian food lovers. It is one of the famous restaurants that offer a perfect blend of north Indian and south Indian food. Ravi Shankar has been ruling the hearts of the people since 1982 and is known for providing the best street food experience to its guests. 

The place provides a wide variety of food menus and beverages, and every food item delivers a delectable taste that puts you in a good mood. You can plan your visit with your loved ones from 12 pm to 11 pm.


The menu of Ravi Shankar has everything you expect your idle buffet to be. From starters to the main course, every dish will give you soul-satisfying tastes that are nowhere to be found. The starter specials include daal soup, bhajia, patti samosa, onion bhajia, aloo tikki chat, spring rolls and a chef’s special appetiser platter. In the South Indian platter, Ravi Shankar offers plain dosa, cheese masala dosa, Mysore masala dosa, paneer dosa, rava onion dosa, and cheese uthappam. 

The place also offers north Indian delight thali’s and platters that are fulfilling enough to let you enjoy a good burp. There are many other options on the menu that you can best experience by planning a visit with your loved ones. 


The visitors of Ravi Shankar have rated the place 4/ 5 on Yelp.


133-135 Drummond Street London NW1 2HL United Kingdom

Phone Number

+020 7388 6458

Masala Zone 

Masala Zone 
Masala Zone

Masala Zone, as the name suggests, is the ultimate place to immerse in the revel-worthy masalas of Indian cuisines. The place is newly renovated, with stunning interiors that perfectly complement the food. It was 2001 when it started making homes in the hearts of Indian food lovers. Ever since then, the place has been among the six best Indian restaurants in London. 

From time to time, Masala Zone offers several discounts and buffet deals that are worth every penny you spend there. The place is present in almost 5 locations in London and is committed to delivering an exceptional Indian food experience. The ambience of the place will compel you to visit once and then forever. Make sure to plan your visit from 12 pm to 11 pm. 


The menu of the Masala Zone is filled with spices and flavours in every dish. The starter menu of the place includes the best Indian street food like vada pav, aloo tikki chaat, gol gappe pops, Punjabi samosas, Bombay pav bhaji and more. If you are a big fan of regional curries, then you may find a lot of options like Konkan veg curry, goa prawn curry, mixed veg Peshawari korma and more.

Apart from these, you will also find your eternal love for Indian food popup in traditional thali platters, mouth-watering desserts and exotic mocktails. The place offers a perfect amalgamation of food from different parts of India and satisfies Indian cuisine lovers greatly with much-needed exuberance! 


Masala Zone is rated 4/ 5 stars by its customers on Yelp, 


9 Marshall Street London W1F 7ER United Kingdom

Phone Number

+020 7287 9966

Govinda’s Restaurant 


Govinda’s Restaurant is one of the oldest vegetarian and vegan restaurants in London. The place offers the best Indian buffets for all Indian cuisine lovers roaming the streets of London. The place provides various offers and buffet deals for diners and even issues loyalty cards to some of the recurring customers. The Restaurant was opened in the year 1979 and is the first vegetarian Restaurant in London. 

The place received huge success during the Hare Krishna movement in London. Ever since then, the place has ruled the hearts of the locals for its exceptional cuisines that will make you fall in love with vegetarian food. The place is operational from 12 pm to 9 pm. So, whether you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you will be assured of a fulfilling meal at Govinda’s! 


The menu of Govinda’s is filled with special thalis and buffet deals starting at very affordable prices. There are some mini meals on the go as well, like lasagne, mixed salad, green salad, paneer tikka rolls and more. In snacks, you will get to taste mouth-watering options like pizza, cheese spring rolls, samosas, pakoras, spring rolls, spinach rolls and more. 

There is no wonder in the saying that “the best part of the cuisine lies in the desert. At Govinda’s, you will get to bless your taste buds with desserts like cheesecake, shrikhand, gulab jamun, laddu, kheer, burfi etc. There are several hot and cold beverages on the menu as well that you can choose from to complement your meal.


Govinda’s Restaurant has received four stars out of 5 on Yelp. 


10 Soho Street London W1D 3DL United Kingdom

Phone Number

020 3687 0617

Final Takeaways 

London is undoubtedly a place rich in food and culture. If you happen to be a non-resident Indian in London, then you must be missing the desi flavours of Indian food quite greatly. Even if you are visiting London for a short trip, there is no way that you don’t miss the fulfilling Indian food. But to your surprise, many eateries in London offer soul-satisfying Indian buffets where all you can eat Indian cuisine at lucrative prices. From Dishoom to Govinda’s, you can immerse yourself in the delectable taste of Indian dishes in the best way. Make sure you mark your visit to these places and satisfy your cravings in a desi way! 


Where can I find authentic Bengali food in London? 

Ans. London offers amazing recipes from different corners of India. Of course, Bengali food is one of the ruling segments when it comes to Indian cuisine. Multiple restaurants are serving authentic Bengali dishes. A few of the top choices are Darjeeling Express, Little Kolkata, etc. 

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