Insider Tips for Surviving and Thriving at La Tomatina Festivals

Wondering about the world-famous festival of Spain that you must have seen countless times in the moves across the world, where people go gaga with tomatoes? La Tomatina Festival is a very famous Spanish festival that occurs in the town of Bunol, Valencia.

It is a Festival of tomatoes in Spain. This world-famous exhilarating Tomato Spanish Festival happens once a year on the last Wednesday in August and thousands of people from all over the world come to join a city with streets full of tomatoes. 

Tomatina Festival 2023 is soon about to begin and the sales are up, the tickets are selling like a BOOM! This is just the right time to book the tickets. A maximum capacity of 22,000 people is allowed. 

What is La Tomatina, How do we join? What can we expect? We will clear all your doubts in just a minute, So how bout you sit tight and by the end of it, I promise you will know everything there is to know about enjoying this festival

Preparing for La Tomatina 

In this section, we will tell you everything about the ins and outs of preparing for the La Tomatina festival and how to make the best of it. 

The highlight of this Tomato Spanish festival is the huge tomato fight but there is much more to do afterward. The joy doesn’t end just after that. You will get to enjoy the parade, the chaos surrounded by squashed tomatoes, music, performances, and of course the fireworks. 

Sure enough over the years, this international sensation has come to be known as the festival of tomatoes in Spain. 

Understanding the history and significance of the festival 

La Tomatina Festival originated in the year 1945, a group of young people suddenly started a tomato fight during a parade and everyone had such fun that they included this food fight in the subsequent years. Hence it became a much-loved tradition of Bunol.

In the year 1957, the town council intervened to make it an organized event, therefore turning it into the iconic event that you see in Spain every year. The festival honors the town’s patron St. Luis Bertran and the Mare de Due dels Desemparats (Virgin Mary)

Booking accommodations and transport in advance 

In 2012, there were around 50 thousand people crammed in the city of Unnol with a native population of 9 thousand. afterwards from 2013 official tickets are sold only to lucky 20,000 people. 

The best way to enjoy the La Tomatina festival is to plan your trip early. For easier accommodation, people prefer to stay in places near Valencia that are 38 km from Bunol by train or bus. 

Start by setting a budget, reading reviews, contrasting and comparing, and calling the place to get the latest information and directly understand the situation before heading in. 

Packing essentials for an unforgettable experience 

We suggest everything you pack for the festival must be something you do not mind getting ruined. Do not wear loose shoes or you will end up losing them. Pack up a  swimsuit under your clothes you might need it when you are showered first with tomatoes and then with water. 

Only bring the things you will need and do not bring any hard objects to avoid causing damage or accidents. 

Arriving at La Tomatina 

  At the Tomatina Festival 2023, meet in front of the IVAM Museum, departing around 7:30. It is located in central Valencia. This is where you will be gathering along with 1000 other people but do not fret, there is transportation for everyone. Everyone will have plenty of space to get by. 

Navigating the festival’s location and safety guidelines 

The La Tomatina festival begins with a signal marking the start of the festival at 12 am and ends at 13:00 the same day. It is important that you do not wear anything uncomfortable. 

Wear footwear you won’t lose and don’t mind getting ruined. keep your distance from lorries, and follow the security directions and instructions. Squash the tomatoes before you throw them, it will hurt less. 

Early morning tips for securing a prime battle tomato spot

  At the Tomatina Festival 2023, meet in front of the IVAM Museum, and depart around 7:30, from there you will get transport to Bunol. At 9:30 you will be welcomed at the Funzone where the party begins, and at 1200 the festival will start. 

Insider Tips for Surviving the Tomato Fight 

  It is forbidden to enter la Tamatina with any kind of bag, you do not need a passport, documents, or anything of that sort. The official La Tamatina festival party is at night in Valencia.

Bring cash to buy food and drinks. If you wanna take pictures bring a waterproof camera and a waterproof bag can be purchased at the HQ in Bunol. 

The buses will return at 4 pm, from Bunol and will reach Valencia in one hour. If you miss it, you find your own way back. 

Dressing appropriately to protect yourself and have fun 

It is necessary that you consider wearing comfortable clothes that do not restrain movement. Do not wear something you will feel uncomfortable in. You will need plenty of space to move around. 

You can expect your clothes to be torn off, So make sure to wear something you do not mind throwing off. We advise you against wearing flip-flops as you will lose them in the ensuing chaos. 

Wear old clothes or cotton clothes that are breathable and do not stick to your skin. 

You can wear a swimsuit under your clothes, you will end up soaked anyways with water hoses and tomatoes. We remind you again to not carry any hard objects. 

Using googles and a bandana to shield your eyes and mouth 

In this Tomato Spanish festival, there will be tomatoes everywhere you will be drenched in them. It is important to protect yourself. especially your eyes, shield them so that your vision is not tomato red. 

You can also try and wear goggles or glasses to avoid getting tomatoes in the eyes. For people with long hair wearing bandanas is a bright idea. Keep the accessories to a minimum, high chance that you might lose them. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry. 

Staying hydrated and applying sunscreen throughout the day 

There will and there will be lots of water along with an insurmountable amount of tomatoes in the La Tomatina festival. You will be on the move all throughout the day.

You will also lose sweat a lot while dancing ad fighting all day. So make sure to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated throughout the day. Staying hydrated is important as we do not want you fainting from low blood sugar and dehydration. It could be fatal, especially inc crowded areas. 

Even though you will be covered in tomatoes from head to toe it is a nice idea to rub a generous amount of sunscreen all over your body. Apply one that’s waterproof and can protect you throughout the day to avoid getting sunburned. 

But, in case you get sunburned when to apply moisturiser on sunburn? Dermatologists suggest applying moisturiser after a cool shower. Pat yourself dry, leaving a little bit of water, then apply a moisturising cream or lotion.

Strategically Maneuvering and avoiding congested areas 

  We advise you to do your research and plan your timings right to avoid getting stuck in congested areas, it could get really crowded, and by really crowded we mean, no space for air to get through kinda crowded.

So it will be nice if you can contact locals for guidance on the best spots to enjoy the La Tamatino festival. The locals can give you up-to-date and latest information. 

Keep your hands in front of you to avoid getting jostled by the crowd and remain calm if you get separated from your friends, contact your closest security person. In advance have a plan on where to meet if you get lost. So, nobody in your group worries even if you do get lost. 

Thriving beyond the fight 

  In this section, we will discuss how you can before and after the party of the La Tamatina festival. There are lots of things to enjoy especially when there is such a big gathering of people. 

There will be a before and after party, The before party will take place in the morning from 9 am and will last till the start of the festival and there is an official after party in Valencia the same night.

Enjoying live music, parades, and other festivities after the tomato battle 

There are lots of things to do post-tomato fight such as exploring the streets of Bunol. There will be lots of street performers who will be entertaining the crowds. You will get a chance to immerse yourself in the festive spirit.

Exploring Bunol’s local culture, cuisine, and attractions 

You can sample the local Spanish cuisine in Bunol after the La Tamatina festival, there are several must-try dishes such as Paella, Tapas, and traditional drinks such as horchata or sangria. 

Connecting with fellow festival goers and making memorable experiences 

 Of course, do not forget to take this opportunity and socialize with your fellow festival goers, it is a chance to make vibrant memories with strangers you got to do a food fight with. 

Safety Considerations 

 In this section, we will discover some important safety considerations for the festival of La Tomatina, while this festival is all about fun, chaos, and enjoyment. Serious accidents and fatal injuries can occur if you do not take proper measures. 

The importance of safety in a festival of this nature 

  Safety comes first in festivals of all natures and La Tomatina is no different. Some things you should be mindful of are personal well-being and following the instructions that come with your tickets properly.

Pay attention and do not hurt yourself or someone else in the heat of the moment. Be mindful of your surroundings. 

Being mindful of personal boundaries and respecting other’s space

  It is important that you do not become a maniac in your festival frenzy and bump into others, pay attention that you do not push people around you, and always try and maintain a little distance if possible. 

It is always possible to enjoy and make memories while also being friendly, polite, and respectful to your fellow festival goers. 

Following the guidelines to prevent accidents or injuries 

  It is crucial that you follow the safety guidelines that are given to you by your guides and organizers. Some of the crucial guidelines include:

  • It is banned to take any kind of backpack or bag with you to La Tomatina. 
  • The pick-up point is at 6:30 am, once all the buses are filled, they will move out. 
  • You should only bring things you require and you do not have to bring laptops or passports. 
  • The meeting is at the Ivam Museum in the center of Valencia. The ride to Bunol is 1 hour. 
  • There is time to chill before the madness begins, and you can relax. 
  • Bring some cash on your person for getting food and drinks at the party at 9 am. 
  • If you are gonna take pictures, get a waterproof cam and a waterproof bag from the HQ.
  • Please maintain distance from the lorries. 
  • Always follow the security directions and instructions. 
  • Be respectful and polite and enjoy one of the best days of your life! 


We hope you have enjoyed our comprehensive article on the La Tomatina festival! The world-famous tomato festival in Spain. 

Let’s do a quick check of all the important points. It is necessary that you buy the tickets from the official website as the seats at the festival are limited. Wear comfortable clothes, and do not bring hard, and sharp objects. Avoid bringing any bags with you, keep some cash to spare before everything gets wet. 

Lastly do not forget to enjoy the chaos that ensues with the start of the La Tomatina festival. It is so much with the music, the red squashed tomatoes everywhere. It is one of the best experiences you can enjoy with your family or friends. 

We hope you have the best time of your life!!

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