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9 Must-Try Christmas Cocktails in 2023

The festival of the winter season comes every year in the winter; it is also the coolest time for everyone to celebrate. As the outside atmosphere is chilling your spine, all you need is some amazing Christmas cocktails to be warm and feel comfortable to the body.

If you are looking for something new and exciting cocktails ideas this Christmas then you can try the following intriguing cocktail drinks. These brilliant Christmas cocktail ideas will surely enhance your Christmas season spirit.

This Christmas just unwind from your Christmas stress and get the festive spirits flowing with my collection of Christmas drinks that will surely brighten your festive evening.

Classically enjoy your holiday with these Christmas Cocktails:

Besides your Christmas cake, nothing enhances the celebratory spirits like Christmas cocktails. Let’s discover your signature cocktail to enjoy with your nearest and dearest on Christmas evening.

The Holiday cocktail:

holiday citrus cocktail
Image Source: Eat This

If you are searching for the best Christmas cocktail recipe, go no further than this holiday citrus cocktail. Consider this easy-to-prepare cocktail as a pleasant beverage for your guests to sip away their stresses and fully enjoy the evening.

Ingredients: 1.5 oz. Ketel One Botanical grapefruit and rose vodka. .75oz simple syrup, .5oz Aperol, .5oz fresh lemon juice

Method: In an ice-filled shaker you need to shake all the ingredients very well approximately 25 times. Then pour it into a champagne flute. Topped it with whipped cream and you can also garnish it with rose petals.

Holiday Mai Tai:

Holiday Mai Tai:
Image Source: Robb Report

This Christmas rum cocktail is somewhat sweet and tangy. This drink is a traditional festive drink to wow your guests and does not have to be difficult to prepare. If you are thinking to prepare this one as the festive evening, it will also be the highlight among all the Christmas events.

Ingredients: Rums, lemon juice, simple syrup, almond; ensure to arrange three distinct types of Rums such as black rum, silver rum, and gold rum.

Method: you need to mix the black rum, silver rum, lime juice, and syrup in a cocktail shaker with some ice. Then strain the drink over ice. At the top add some black rum to get the layer of the traditional Mai Tai.

You can also garnish this drink with some mint and a half-squeezed lime. Your holiday Mai tai drink will get everyone in the holiday mood.

Candy Cane Cocktail:

Candy Cane Cocktail:
Image Source: The Spruce Eats

If you are struggling to find out the appropriate drink for your Christmas evening you can give a candy cane cocktail a try.

Ingredients: Candy cane, bourbon, cherry juice, spiced rum, and cinnamon liquor.

Method: you need to mix all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker very well. Then pour into chilled glasses. You can also garnish it with some dust of ice scattered along the edges of the martinis glasses.

Be ready to refill the glasses with this amazing cocktail drink as your guests will demand more.

Drunken Snowman Cocktail:

Drunken Snowman Cocktail:
Image Source: I am Baker

You can prepare a drunken snowman cocktail drink for your nearest and dearest ones; it is going to be a brilliant choice to celebrate the holiday evening. This ice cream cocktail is the ideal one for the chilly winter months.

Ingredients: Ice cream, hot chocolate, baileys.

Method: you need to combine baileys and hot chocolate first and at the top put an amount of ice cream. Pour this drink into glasses to serve your guests.

Mulled wine:

Love & Lemons

When the first winter is knocking at your door, you know the cozy drink season appears. There is no way to celebrate and get fun during the festive season without delicious wine.

Mulled wine is a failed-proof Christmas drink that can be offered at any Christmas celebration.

Ingredients: Red wine, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and honey.

Method: In a cocktail shaker mix all the ingredients well. Then pour the drink into wine glasses but don’t forget to add rum or brandy at the end. It will enhance the drink’s taste to a fantastic level.

Therefore you along with your guests experience a distinct cozy flavor when sipping mulled wine.

Cranberry Kringle Cocktail:

Cranberry Kringle Cocktail:
Wine Shops at Home

Not only the Cranberry kringle cocktail is easy to prepare but also enhances the spirit of merry Christmas perfectly. With only the three ingredients nothing can be simpler than this festive recipe.

Ingredients: Cranberry juice, vodka, peach Schnapps.

Method: You just need to mix all the ingredients perfectly to prepare the cocktail drink. And then pour the drink into Martinis glasses.

The taste of vodka as the base ingredient is sweet and sour, undoubtedly a guest-pleasing treat.

Grinch Cocktail:

Grinch Cocktail:
The Toasty Kitchen

The Grinch cocktail is the perfect simple festive cocktail to serve at this coming Christmas party. These green textured drinks perfectly soothe your inner soul. It has a sweet melon flavor besides a citrusy flavor to wow everyone.

Ingredients: Midori, coconut rum, ginger ale, blue curacao

Method: In the cocktail shaker mix all the ingredients for a perfect blend. Then pour into coolers glasses and don’t forget to sugar the rims of the glasses for garnishing add a dash of ginger ale to each glass.

Christmas mimosa:

Christmas mimosa:
Total Wine

If some of your guests including you prefer a nonalcoholic drink on a festive evening then you can surely opt for this mimosa drink.

Ingredients: Grape juice, fruits (diced apples, cranberries, and grapes), non-alcoholic wine.

Method: You just need to pour the non-alcoholic wine into cocktail glasses and top it with the diced fruits. You can also add pomegranate arils to this cocktail recipe as it helps the drink to fizz up even more.

Christmas mimosa can be the perfect festive drink to accompany some Eggnog waffles, snowman pancakes, and so on.

Apple cider bourbon cocktail:

Apple cider bourbon cocktail:
Martha Stewart

Prepare yourself to present this finest fascinating and nuanced beverage to your guests in the festive evening. Its rich taste guarantees that it can please even the toughest guests as well.

Ingredients: Apple cider, spicy bourbon, lemon juice, ginger ale

Method: you need to add all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and mix them to get the perfect blend. Then pour into Cognac glasses to serve. You can garnish the drink with a slice of apple and add ginger ale.

It is easy to get into the festive mood with this amazing apple cider bourbon cocktail!

Wrap up:

There is even no better time around the year to embrace fun and festive cocktails than the winter holidays. It is the perfect time to bring out your inner innovative ideas and something memorable to sip.

In this article, I have listed 9 amazing holiday cocktail recipes, hope choosing one or more from them surely help you to make this Christmas evening the most wonderful time of the year.

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