The Best Place to Stay In London: Guide For The First-Timers

Are you planning to stay in London for your next tour? Or is it the first time you are taking a trip to London? Well, whatever you are planning, we have good news for you!

We have ample recommendations of where to stay in London for a wonderful experience, and we will guide you to find the best place to stay in London for you.

London is one of those unique places with so many neighborhoods; every neighborhood has its own authenticity and beauty.

Finding the best place to stay in London is not hard, but it might be confusing for one visiting London for the first time to choose among so many neighborhoods where they can stay.

To make things better for you, we have provided the details of some of the best places you can consider for your stay in London.

What is the best place to stay in London to start your experience as a first-timer or where you can go for the best shopping experience or theater experience while also staying within your budget? Then continue reading to understand what is best for you!

Top 5 Best places to stay in London

The West End

The West End
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To begin with the list, the first place we have is the West End, an area of Central London.

West End is the best-preferred place for first-time visitors. The beauty of this place is ethereal. It is always busy, packed up, lively, and filled with people, yet so much peace.

For things ranging from sightseeing to shopping, West End has got the best of everything. You have got a lot of theaters that you can visit when staying in London’s West End.

If you’re looking for somewhere in London where you can go shopping, have fun walks, and see theaters, then this fashional end of London is all you need.

Whether it be morning or night, there is always a play that you can watch, soulful music you can hear, and something that will keep you busy and fun. It offers one of the best London experiences.


  • One of the best things to do when in the West is to visit a theater!  
  • The British Museum is one of the greatest attractions and the most visited British museum. People all around the world want to visit it.
  • If you are a shopping buff, then the most exclusive shopping street in the UK is definitely going to be your favorite, Oxford Street.
  • When visiting London at Christmas, this is one of the best places to go for an overwhelming festival light experience.
  • The National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery are places for art lovers.



If you are planning to stay in London with your family, then Kensington is probably the best place to stay in London for you. It is one of the finest places for learning as ample museums are within walking distance. These museums are the main attraction and the love of the city.

Though relatively expensive,  it is situated in one of the top spots, and, therefore, it is very easy for one to hop on the metro or the bus quickly.

Apart from the museums, it also has high-end restaurants, so you will never feel the lack of good food with a good living. All in one, this place has a wealth of destinations for your exploration.


  • If you love history, explore the Natural History of the world in the Natural History Museum, consisting of dinosaur skeletons and many more.
  • Also, you will find the Science Museum, which has things that will lead to giving rise to thought-provoking facts, Wacky experiments, and many more.
  • It also has the world’s largest museum with over 4.5 million objects of decorative arts and designs, the Victoria & Albert Museum.
  • Wants to explore London’s best Spanish restaurants, then Cambio de Tercio is also situated in Kensington.
  • You can also explore Churchill Arms, the eccentric pub that looks like a florist’s shop.


Visit London

The third place on the list among wonderful places to stay in London, Westminster is best prescribed for tourists. If you have already visited London, but you still want to explore more, the best area to stay in London is Westminster.

Westminster has a collection of places which you can visit for sightseeing. Ranging from the House of the parliament to the Westminster Abbey, the national galleries, and Trafalgar Square.

Extending from the river Thames to Oxford Street, it still tops the list of London’s visitor’s lists for its beautiful environment and surrounding.

It is one of the major visitor attractions because of its historic landmarks like the Palace of Westminster, a major part of West End shopping, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, etc.


  • Any kind of royal event, whether a royal wedding or a royal burial or coronations, Westminster Abbey has experienced it all, making it an attraction for tourists.
  • Another major attraction for which People visit this place is the House of parliament, the seat of the British parliament on the Bank of the river Thames. Additionally, who would want to miss Big Ben?
  • Trafalgar Square, London’s most famous square, is a mind-blowing and eye-catching spot to people-watch in the shadow of Nelson’s column.
  • Everyone is fond of art, and so the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery, the two national galleries, consisting of an impressive collection. Only except in the case of special exhibitions, the entry charge is free.
  • Harry Potter filming location in London, is one of the great tourist attraction spot in Westminster. You can also join Harry Potter filming location in the London walking tour which occurs every Saturday.



The fourth one is the list of is best places to stay in London for people who love the nightlife. Are you fond of seeing the nightlife and exploring the beauty of places? Then so, who is the best area to stay and explore the nightlife of London?

Soho comprises several late-night bars and clubs just within walking distance.

A fashionable district for the aristocracy, it extends till Shaftesbury Avenue to the south, Regent Street to the west, Charing Cross Road to the east, and Oxford Street to the north.

Once the seedy part of the city center, Soho has now been transformed into the liveliest part of the town.

Soho is one of the best areas of London to stay, with the best restaurants and bars nearby.

Soho will be your new best friend if you want an exclusive nightlife experience while staying in London.


  • One of the best places to visit when you’re staying at Soho is to go for an all-day dim sum at Yauatcha at super affordable rates.
  • If you and your partner both stay at Soho, Bob Bob Ricard, the generous and gorgeous Russian European hotel, is definitely going to be your favorite spot for date night dinners. A wonderful hotel serving up gastronomic treats and cocktails.
  • Get the latest indie flicks-watching experience in style and comfort with Curzon cinema.
  • There is a bunch of exclusive hotels where you can stay for your desired period And enjoy your tour.

Camden Town

Camden Town
Full SUitcase

The creative heart of London, Camden, is one of the finest works. It is rated as the fourth most popular attraction of visitors in London, and once you visit Camden, you’ll easily figure out why it is called so.

If Camden Town could be replaced with one word, it would be QUIRKY. Well, you will forever have it in your memories of London, and it can be said to be a feast to the eyes.

If you wish to get the real feel of London, then Camden is the best area to stay in London for you. You will find a worth capturing piece of art on every street corner, so don’t leave your cameras behind at home when coming to London’s Camden.

If you want to explore the charming parts of London with amazing sceneries and great city views combined with the local culture, foods, and lifestyle, then the best neighborhood in Camden.


  • Unsure about what you can wear for your date night? Then Camden town’s market has got it all for you. It can be considered a perfect shopping spot for you. From rare to weird everything, you will be getting here.
  • Explore the rare vintage treasures in Camden Town’s unique market.
  • Camden Town is a place where you can travel smart. It has got all the parts of the world in a single corner. Not walking for more than 200 meters, you can visit China for a dim sum at lunch and then hop over to Tibet to get some juniper incense and finish off the day with Brazil’s caipirinha.
  • One of the major highlights of the Camden stables market is the utopia of umbrellas. On a sunny day when the light shines over your head, the most colorful place to visit in London is the Camden Stables Umbrella Street. Get your perfect Instagram-fit picture with the best background around.
  • Camden is the canvas of street art.


London has one of the best metro systems all across the world. Therefore, when visiting London for the first time, you would always want the best tour experience, which is why moving around the city freely is essential. The tube, the metro system, allows you to stay in areas you might not be well accustomed to when coming for the first time.

It also gets you access to an easy taxi system, but it might be a bit expensive, and thus when traveling by metro, the money you save from it can be used for other fun activities around the city.

In this article, we tried to suggest some of the best places to stay in London for you and the highlights nearby that you must know before you plan your stay for the first time.

So, are you ready for your next trip to London?


What areas of London should I avoid?

London is one of the safest places tourists can plan their visit. Therefore, you don’t need to worry much about being unsafe when visiting London.

But safety should always be maintained by the person itself. Though a safe place, nothing can be ensured, so the person should always be careful. Some places are not entirely safe, but tourists do not usually visit such places.

What is the prettiest area in London?

London has pretty ample areas to visit. To begin with, the best area to stay in is London; you can start with Shoreditch if you want the real London Lifestyle Experience, followed by Hampstead, Kensington, Chelsea, Belgravia, etc., to name a few.

Is Paddington a good area to stay in in London?

Paddington Is an area situated in West London which is located between Notting Hill, Royal Parks, and the West End. It is one of the best places to stay in London you can plan your visit when you are visiting London. It is also convenient for the visitors to travel across the area and enjoy their visit.

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