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Cheese Lover’s Delight: The Top 10 Cheese Shops in London

In search of the finest Cheese Shops in London? Instead of buying bland cheddar from the grocery store, try one of these establishments. London’s cheese stores have long been popular, but recent years have seen a revival. It’s a bit more costly than obtaining your cheese from the grocery store, but it’s well worth it.

Make friends with the cheesemonger, and you’ll open the door to a world of flavor. The fact that there are so many excellent French cheese shops in London enhances the overall quality of the experience. These are the ones we like most.

Here Are The 10 Best Cheese Shops In London

#1. Paxton and Whitfield

Paxton and Whitfield

Now, if you agree with us that a life without cheese is not worth living, then the address Paxton and Whitfield is the one you need to remember. It was first shown as a market stand in 1712 and transformed into a store in 1797. Since then, it has remained unchanged. With more than two hundred and twenty-five years of expertise and two royal warrants from the Prince of Wales and Her Majesty herself, the place is one of the most famous and prestigious cheese shops in London, and it still features the same high-quality product as it did back in the 1700s.

You may get cheeses of a high grade from France and the United Kingdom, cheese boards, picnic baskets, and platters. In addition to being a well-known brand, they provide environmentally friendly packaging and assist independent craftspeople. The famous quote attributed to Winston Churchill states, “A gentleman only buys his cheese at Paxton and Whitfield.”

Address: Paxton and Whitfield, 93 Jermyn Street, St James’s, London, SW1Y 6JE

#2. Jumi

Borough Market

In London, you’ll find Jumi, one of the cheese shops near London run by a family with more than five generations of expertise in the business. Since the company’s founding in 1986 by the great grandpa of the present owner, they have always focused on perfecting the craft of making the highest quality Swiss cheese.

The staff pays close attention to detail and is enthusiastic about all their work, from milking the cows to selling the goods directly in their boutique. They want to produce cheese of the best possible quality using traditional recipes like Emmental and some of their creations.

An absolute must? The Blue Brain is a peculiar cheese whose name is just as peculiar! Additionally, the store has ongoing events, so it is important to watch its website and the social media platforms associated with the business.

Address: Jumi, 56 Newington Grn, Newington Green, London N16 9PX

#3. La Fromagerie

La Fromagerie
La From agerie

Cheese is one of the best French cheese shops in London, even though this may seem like a cliche. La Fromagerie, which translates as “cheese shop” in French, is a traditional cheese shop that collaborates closely with local craftsmen and producers to offer you some of the finest goods available. To maintain the tradition, the business’s name comes from the French word for cheese. The business, which originates in France, offers a wide variety of French cheeses and a selection of British cheeses.

The store is also a café, and patrons may enjoy a variety of delectable beverages and foods there in addition to participating in various tasting activities. Gather some of your closest friends or your significant other and enjoy some wonderful charcuterie and wines from France in a setting that is both stunning and centrally located in the city. The retail establishment has three locations, each in Highbury, Bloomsbury, and Marylebone.

Address: La Fromagerie, 30 Highbury Park, London, N5 2AA

#4. Funk

London On the Inside

Funk by Mathew Carver is the newest member of the Cheese Bar family and is now available for delivery and collecting. This cheese store in London offers more than 30 well-selected items, most of which are devoted to various British cheeses. Each one is hand-picked and supplied locally from small suppliers throughout the United States.

The store also has limited edition cheeses and seasonal specials, allowing you to learn about some of the greatest British cheeses you would not have otherwise been familiar with. You may also get charcuterie, crackers, and natural wines to accompany your cheese. These items are perfect for rounding out your dinner parties, as well as for relaxing evenings and romantic date nights.

Address: Funk, 142 Columbia Road, London E2 7RG

#5. The Cheeseboard

 The Cheeseboard

The Cheeseboard, which has been in its current location in South East London since 1985, is undoubtedly one of the top ten greatest cheese stores in London. It has a historic and unique appearance, and a large selection of cheese is available, making it an excellent location for cheese enthusiasts in London.

In addition to cheeses from France, Italy, and the United Kingdom, the store carries a variety of unusual cheeses and even sells cheese wedding cakes. Cheese may be eaten in the shop or delivered to customers’ homes. This eccentric setting also has a bakery, ideal for putting together your preferred cheese board.

Address: The Cheeseboard, 26 Royal Hill, London, SE10 8RT

#6. Cheeses of Muswell Hill

Cheeses of Muswell Hill
Time Out

Cheeses of Muswell Hill is another family-owned and -operated company in the area that has become well-known. It has been roughly forty years since the doors opened at one of London’s most famous cheese stores. The store’s proprietor is Morgan McGlynn, a well-known figure in the community who is on a first-name basis with many of the customers.

Even though the popular business is on the smaller side, it offers over two hundred different kinds of cheese, so you wouldn’t know it by looking at it. Morgan infuses the store with a contemporary and lively vibe while upholding the shop’s established ideals and principles. In addition to cheese, crackers, wedding cakes, and wine, they also offer holiday-themed items and cheese-related implements. The quaint small shop was also highlighted in an episode of “Kitchen Diaries” hosted by Nigel Slater and “BBC Bread” hosted by Paul Hollywood.

Address: Cheeses of Muswell Hill, 13 Fortis Green Rd, Muswell Hill, London N10 3HP

#7. Buchanans Cheesemonger

Buchanans Cheesemonger

Rhuaridh Buchanan is responsible for establishing the artisan cheesemonger known as Buchanan’s Cheesemonger. He did so due to his obsession with flavorful cuisine and excellent customer service. After managing fine dining restaurants for several years, Buchanan turned down the chance to work with Thomas Keller in New York City so that he could get training as an affineur at Paxton & Whitfield instead.

The next fifteen years were spent collaborating with several of the industry’s most esteemed cheesemongers, cheesemakers, and artisans to offer the finest quality goods to his business on Portchester Place. Just a stone’s throw away from Oxford Street, this London Cheesemongers sells a variety of cheese that has been aged to perfection, in addition to chutneys made by local producers, biscuits that have been selected with care, wines of exceptional quality, and ciders that pair well with cheese.

They are a small team who will assist you in selecting the best cheese, assembling a cheese board that will make your dreams come true, or constructing the cheesecake for your wedding. This cheese store in London should not be skipped since it was awarded the title of Cheese Counter of the Year 2015-2016 and received a few more awards.

Address: Buchanans Cheesemonger 5A Porchester Place, London, W2 2BS

#8. Pistachio and Pickle Dairy

Pistachio and Pickle Dairy
Camden Passage

The Pistachio and Pickle Dairy first welcomed customers in the year 2012. After spending several years hosting dinner and cocktail parties, it first began as a café, then the following year, it expanded to include a cheese store. Genuine food enthusiasts started the company to provide customers with locally sourced and high-quality goods. It is made abundantly obvious by the thoughtfulness with which they have curated their cheese selection and the warm and inviting ambience they have created.

Following its success in 2017-2018 in making it into the Top 10 of the UK cheese counter awards, the coffee business relocated to a new site across the street to take a more concentrated strategy. You may get freshly created platters, as well as cheese celebration cakes designed just for cheese, in addition to artisan cheeses. You may pair your cheese with a variety of good wines, crackers, chutneys, and other condiments. Because the staff is so well informed and kind, this is an excellent location to do some shopping or have breakfast.

Address: Pistachio and Pickle Dairy, 6 Camden Passage, London N1 8ED

#9. Lechevalier

London SE1

Lechevalier is one the best cheese shops in London that takes its inspiration from France. Christophe Lechevalier, the company’s founder, is originally from France but has lived in London for about 30 years. Lechevalier began his career selling wine in Borough Market but has now opened his own independent cheese and wine store. Lechevalier’s first job was at Borough Market. Lechevalier places a high priority on producing simple but flavorful goods, and the company takes pleasure in its collaboration with a wide variety of local partners.

You may choose from a selection of British and French cheeses available in the shop; these cheeses are perfect for cheese boards, making thoughtful presents, or eating as part of a meal. They focus on organic, biodynamic, and natural wines made by small farmers as their primary selections for their wine. Klaus Kuhnke, who works for Artisan Foods and is Chrisophe’s business partner, bakes fresh bread every day in East London, and the company’s charcuterie comes directly from the producers who make it or from the most reputable London vendors. You may go there for a good time with your pals, a romantic evening with your significant other, or get some of the finest cheese and wines the city offers.

Address: Lechevalier, 85 Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 4TW

#10. The Fine Cheese Co. Belgravia

 The Fine Cheese Co. Belgravia

The Fine Cheese Company is among the cheese shops near London. Over 110 artisan cheeses from Europe are available here, along with some of Europe’s best charcuterie. To ensure that each product has the freshest and most delicious flavor, it is sliced using an antique Avery Berkel machine immediately after the customer places their purchase.

You may sit down at Table and enjoy their dining experience and purchase a wide variety of cheeses and wines from them to take home with you. It provides the finest selections from the cheese store and much more. You are spoiled with options ranging from a cooked breakfast to traditional Tuscan cuisine and a plethora of salads and plates of the day. Regarding cheese stores in London, you won’t want to pass up the opportunity to visit this one.

Address: 16 & 17 Motcomb St, London. SW1X 8LB

Final Words!

In conclusion, there are so many top cheese shops in London, delivering artisanal and high-quality cheeses from across the globe. This article’s top 10 cheese shops near London provide various kinds of cheese, from conventional British to unique and uncommon European and international kinds.

These establishments provide great cheese selections, experienced employees, and polite service. Cheese lovers will enjoy these businesses’ particular charm and ambience. Next time you’re in London, visit one of these cheese stores and enjoy the lovely world of cheese.

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