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Maximizing Your Investments: 9 Top Property Management Companies

A person’s home or flat is a paradise for him. However, finding that paradise can be a challenging task for that person. So in this article, we bring you nine best property management companies that are operating their business on a large scale and are trusted by many in the field for providing them their dream homes.

The companies that are listened to below are operational in many countries or you can find them operational in more than 70+ countries which makes them some of the best in their fields. We want you to get the best treatment everywhere.

So mentioning the services and website links for your convenience keep reading the article till the last point as every mentioned company is unique and has its own part of specialization.

9 Top Property Management Companies

1. Knight Frank

Knight Frank
Image- Wikipedia

In property management companies there are a lot of companies and in the list of top nine Knight Frank deserves to be there which has quite a name in the market. The services it started providing in 1896 still have that same quality. At first, the company only provided its services in its origin country but now they are operational in 55 countries. They are just not Leasing and selling housing for people in need they are selling someone their dream.

Why you should choose it?

Choosing the best out of the best for you is always best. So before choosing them keep in mind that, If any person who is a student or wants to sell out can contact them as they are best at this. They can provide you with houses for traditional mix-family, for Sharing purposes, a student can have temporary rentals and potential partnerships are always welcome by the company.

2. Savills

Image- Wikipedia

Savills is a property management company that grew based on that reputation from its start and now it’s a real estate agency working in around 60 countries.

Why you should choose it?

The World is a big place with many people immigrating from different nations regularly for work purposes and finding a perfect space for their living. It can be a difficult task to find as many people are on the same mission and the availability of spaces is reduced.

However, Savills always tries their best to find you your perfect space in the country as they have access to 60 countries’ properties in which one can be your likable. If you are searching for a living space for you and your family or for any other purpose outside the UK or inside the UK. They are the premier management property finder for you.

  • Services: Residential sales and lettings, Commercial sales and lettings, Property management, Investment, Valuation, Development, Overseas property, Rural and agricultural property, Energy and infrastructure, and finance.
  • Website:

3. Cushman and Wakefield

Cushman and Wakefield
Image- Cushman & Wakefield

In the international market trusting a property management company can be hard. However, this company which we are mentioning is trusted by many people all around the world. Cushman and Wakefield have 400 offices around the world and also they provide online facilities to people who are looking for properties outside their country.

Cushman and Wakefield have 400 offices around the world and also they provide online facilities to people who are looking for properties outside their country.

Why you should choose it?

Being a global commercial real estate property management company always putting the customer first is important as reputation matters.

So, it will be safe for people to connect with them to find them the best house in the world In the world Cushman and Wakefield provide services in major countries in total provide services to 65+ countries.

  • Services: Leasing and sales, Investment Services, Valuation and advisory services, Workplace strategy and design, Capital markets, Research and Consulting. Including Marketing and sales, Construction Management, Entitlement processing, Land acquisitions, and site selection.
  • Website:

4. Levy Real Estate

Levy Real Estate
Image- www. levyrealestate. co. uk

There are many real estate companies in the United Kingdom and one of them is Levy Real Estate. You can go and visit them in their office 149-151 Regent St., London W1B 4JD, UK. They always want people to go and visit them to understand their services better.

Why should you choose it?

As mentioned they are welcoming people and want people to trust them and visit them to get their problems solved related to property in the UK.

5. Dutch & Dutch

Dutch & Dutch
Image- Dutch & Dutch

Being an independent organization and doing business in real estate makes it stand out from others. Dutch & Dutch is a property management company that has a variety of services for its customers.

Why should you choose it?

In the United Kingdom finding a place for your desired stay can be difficult but with this company, you can have your premier management property soon. They not only have residential property for family guys they have areas which can be used for office purposes too.

6. JLL

Image- www. jll. co. UK

Being a big name in the real estate property management companies and being noted in the top 9 makes the company feel responsible for its services. As time goes company adds more services in the category like JLL ( Jones Lance Lasalle). This company started back in the past and now has a rep mutation which can not be harmed by anyone and the company also makes sure that doesn’t happen. JLL provides many services of its level best quality.

Why you should choose it?

As mentioned above over time JLL company added many services to its list and now it specializes in providing detailed and impactful real estate and Investment Management services to people who are in desperate need around the world. The company is able to handle everything from their end for the customer by taking their concern.

  • Services: Brokerage, Investment, Property management, Valuation, Advisory, Debt and equity financing, Research, Real estate technology and Real estate sustainability.
  • Website:

7. BNP Paribas Real Estate

BNP Paribas Real Estate
Image- GOV. UK

This company has shaken the whole financial market its stocks are highly valued. Many people suggest its names without knowing about it on the European side.

BNP Paribas Real Estate is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Groups. Before reading about them we suggest you visit their website and see for yourself as it’s a well-known company in different nations for its reputation.

Why you should choose it?

Choosing the best can confuse you. We have listed the top 9 here however each company has its own reputation and quality of work which they provide to their customers. BNP Paribas is one of them. They have different online platforms for different categories people can choose as per their needs and contact them.


Image- CBRE UK

In the real estate growing market CBRE Groups is a well-known entity with the largest real estate business and CBRE stands for Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis. The company works in the investment sector plus in real estate. As for his presence, this company is operating in 100+ countries. Availing living spaces to people and also providing investment solutions.

Why you should choose it?

If anybody is looking for a house around the world he can just access the CBRE website and start contacting them as the company is present in more than 100+ countries you will most likely find them in your native.

This company will help you to find premier management property as soon as it is possible. As a property management company plus investment firm, they have solutions for your money plus property solutions.

9. Tran & Tran

 Tran & Tran
Image- Tran Property Group

In the world finding trusted people whom you can rely on is less. However, in this business, you can rely on finding a good property to stay in.

As it is a family real estate business that running for over 60 years in the United Kingdom. They are good people with open mindsets and clear minds to help people find an ideal place for their stay.

Why should you choose it?

As the family has been in over this business for a long duration of time they are well-trusted in the UK. Also, they are the locals so they can suggest you the best property as per your needs.


Nine top property management companies mentioned above with their services. Each and every company in the list has different and similar services. However, what you find is important and prioritize the need and company on the basis of that need. Overall, each company wants to provide you with premier management property.

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