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Interior Design Choices That Will Transform and Modernise Your Home

Home renovation can either be a wonderful thing or an absolute chore, but what it also is, first and foremost, is a necessity. You have to change things up every now and then, and although such projects often take quite a lot of time and energy, there’s a simple way to make them more comfortable. If you start off with a plan and move on from there, you’ll have an easier time creating the ideal home you envisioned. You’re less likely to get distracted or use too many resources in one area to the detriment of others.

But it can still take time to decide where to start and which style you should actually choose. Here are some of the best remodeling options that will make your home stand out.


If you want to add character to your décor, you don’t necessarily have to bring in something new. Vintage pieces and antiques have a lot of personality, and many believe they have more to offer in terms of design than contemporary items. Moreover, older furnishings might also be of better quality and last longer. One of the most widely-recognised antique interior designs features jacquard fabrics and patterns.

The material is created using ajacquard loomand can be used on various fabrics, including silk, cotton, and synthetics, such as polyester. More often than not, the resulting materials are luxurious and elegant. Organza, taffeta, shot silk and organza are some of the most common materials created via jacquard weaving. Despite their diaphanous appeal, they are incredibly sturdy and can last long. Upholstery, curtains and drapes are the most common areas where you can add jacquard fabrics.

When searching for jacquard patterns, make sure they blend well together, as the designs tend to be intricate and complex. You don’t want to end up with an overall ensemble that clashes. If you want something simpler, you can choose the simpler designs, but there are also highly ornate and detailed motifs if you prefer something more festive and dramatic.

You cannot rush things when it comes to looking for antiques to bring to your home. Really taking your time and making sure to do your research will allow you to find some authentic treasures to get into your home. Windsor chairs, lavish, sculpture-covered Louis XIV cabinets, carved Chinese wardrobes, Georgian bookcases or chests, or French marble top side tables are just a few of the period pieces you should consider.

Natural world

As concerns about the climate crisis begin to deepen, more and more people want to feel closer to the natural world. And that includes bringing it into your home as well. House plants are one way to do this. Just be sure to research the topic beforehand. A lot of greenery can be fragile, and even just a little bit more water than they need or getting direct sunlight for too long can be enough to cause it to wilt and die. Bringing a bonsai into your home is one of the best ways to add to the design. Since everyone knows that a lot of love, care and attention goes into ensuring this small tree survives and thrives, there’s more to them than how they look. They can last for decades and even become a century old or more when cared for well. In this sense, they can essentially become a family heirloom.

Bringing natural colour palettes into your home is another way to get the outdoors indoors. Think wood, flowers and stone and focus on muted tones of brown, light grey and pink, green, blue and yellow. All these tones should be mild, nothing too vibrant, since you don’t see neon shades in nature. You can also create a balcony or begin investing in your garden landscape.


Apart from a dedication to nature-inspired colouring, there’s also an increasing push in the world of interior design toward sustainable materials. Designers and companies are increasingly seeking eco-friendly options so that clients have the opportunity to shop sustainably. Vintage furniture is the perfect place to start since getting a pre-owned piece means no additional waste went into creating the item. That instantly makes it more eco-friendly.

Wood is the most popular choice, including oak, beech and pine. While the latter is more flexible, the former two are known as sturdy, heavy and dense. They are all considered to be of outstanding quality and can be used to create a wide range of furniture items. Given that the material is so resilient and the designs tend to be straightforward, you can be confident that they won’t go out of style, and you’ll be able to enjoy them for many years.

Stone flooring is another popular way to bring natural beauty to your home designs. Not only does it look great, but it is also easy to maintain and clean, meaning that your home will always be hygienic. Stone is naturally hard-wearing, so you won’t have to change the design often. In fact, you might get to keep the tiles forever if you take some precautions beforehand. Since natural stone has a significant degree of porosity, you’ll want to seal the tiles immediately after they are installed.

There are also several natural fibres you can use as well. Bamboo is both renewable and versatile. It doesn’t require a lot of water or pesticides to grow. Given its special appearance, you can get some unique household objects made from bamboo, including furniture pieces like sofas, chairs and dinnerware.

Rattan also makes beautiful furniture that looks delicate but is actually highly resistant. The material is also entirely recyclable. Wicker is the ideal choice for true fans of natural materials. It is light but sturdy and is one of the most popular furniture choices for gardens and patios.

When redesigning your home, you must focus on bringing in objects and features to create a cohesive look. To ensure you don’t have to keep renovating your house, choose high-quality items made from sustainable materials that will last a long while and look good regardless of how much wear and tear they see.

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