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Treat Yourself With The Best Delicacies At Tandem Bakery

Welcome to Tandem Bakery in the heart of Portland, Maine’s vibrant East Bayside neighborhood. This is not your average bakery; it’s a paradise celebrating the art of baking. Passionate baker Briana Holt leads them and offers a remarkable assortment of baked goods. From New York-style bagels with cream cheese to irresistible cookies, the flavors are inspired by New Orleans. Locals and travelers love the cakes, along with their unique offerings like zesty scones and decadent pastries. Pair these treats with meticulously roasted in-house Tandem coffee, and your day is complete. At Tandem Bakery, we believe everyone deserves to enjoy delightful food at any hour.

Where Is Tandem Bakery Located?

Tandem Bakery has two cozy locations in Portland, Maine. The original spot is nestled in a refurbished gas station at 742 Congress St, Portland. This building buzzes with the energy of a bustling bakery, coffee shop, and a hub for community events. The second location, housed in a charming, renovated brick building at 122 Anderson St, is often reviewed as a haven for those seeking a quieter coffee experience. Both locations are inspired by the warm, inviting vibes of New Orleans cafes and are open for many an hour, making them the perfect spots to sit back, relax, and indulge in artisanal treats.

Where Did Tandem Bakery Originate?

Tandem Bakery was founded in the East Bayside neighborhood of Portland, Maine, as an extension of Tandem Coffee Roasters. The brainchild of Kathleen Pratt and Will Pratt, Tandem Bakery was launched in 2012 with Briana Holt at the forefront. Holt, a genius when it comes to baked goods, brought her unique recipes, imbued with New York and New Orleans influences, to the tables of Portland Maine. From bagels slathered with cream cheese to delectable cakes, cookies, and zesty scones, Holt’s creations quickly became the talk of the town. Today, Tandem Bakery, one of the finest coffee shops, continues to serve its customers at all hours, asserting that everyone has the right to enjoy splendid food and perfectly brewed coffee whenever they crave it.

What Are Some Of The Desserts Offered At Tandem Bakery?

At Tandem Bakery, embark on a sweet adventure. Standout offerings include cookies with a delightful crunch and a soft, melt-in-your-mouth interior. Gooey chocolate chip or classic sugar cookies are nostalgic treats. Indulge in New York-inspired bagels generously topped with cream cheese. The cakes are a testament to flavor and quality. Try the moist carrot cake or decadent chocolate cake. Enjoy buttery pastries like croissants and cinnamon rolls. Freshly baked muffins come in classic blueberry and unique espresso-infused flavors. Pair with Tandem coffee, crispy British scones come in cranberry, cheese, and cinnamon flavors. Sourdough and multigrain breads are perfect with hearty sandwiches. Complete the experience with Tandem Coffee Roasters beverages. From robust drip coffee to creamy espresso, each sip is unforgettable. Tandem Bakery brings you the best of food and coffee.


In conclusion, Tandem Bakery is more than just a bakery. It is a place where the community, culture, and artisanal baking converge, creating a unique experience for every visitor. From the rich aroma of freshly baked goods wafting through the air to the comforting warmth of a meticulously brewed cup of Tandem coffee, Tandem Bakery aims to make each day a little sweeter for its customers. Join Tandem Bakery and indulge in the joy of eating well while savoring each moment. For having a read at such well known places you can have a look at Orderific Blogs.


Where can I find the nearest Tandem Bakery?

You can find the nearest Tandem Bakery at 742 Congress St. or 122 Anderson St., both located in Portland, Maine.

What is the best seller of Tandem Bakery?

The New York-inspired bagel with cream cheese and freshly brewed Tandem coffee are among the best sellers at Tandem Bakery.

What are some of the top rated desserts of Tandem Bakery?

Some of the top-rated desserts at Tandem Bakery include their gooey chocolate chip cookies, moist carrot cake, and buttery croissants.

Do they have home delivery option?

Yes, Tandem Bakery offers home delivery services.

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