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UK’s Eye-Grabbing Hair Colour Trends 2024

You may have never colored your hair before. But now, you are searching for a way to bring a new look into your life. Maybe you are willing to start a new phase of your life. Is it so? This article will help you to find the right color and trend for your shiny and silky hair.

For the past few years, the broad trends used to be the ones that had low maintenance and required very little salon upkeep.

Whatever the reason you may have for coloring your hair, there are many hair color trends in 2024. So, without thinking so much, just dive into the article to know the trendy colors.

Viral Trends in 2024 

There are numerous trends for you people to try. It does not matter what vibe you are having, we have got one trend for any type of vibe. The colour of these real clip-in hair extensions ranges from bold colors to low-key natural colours.

Pastel Playtime

In the hair colouring trend you are an individual with an artistic view and want to try out something new and bold. This trendy hair colour is unique and fewer people do it. however, its popularity carries it out in the top list of color hairstyles in 2024 due to its unique bold look and presentation.

When you try it out let your imagination go beyond everything and make a pastel sketch on your hair which makes you stand out and show the colour of your inner self. The hairstyle can be used by fewer people. However, those who understand the artist inside them and are not afraid to show it to others are the real diamonds. 

Toasted Pecan Red

As a sincere person who wants to inspire others, but does not want to overdo it in the process. We understand your preference, here this hair color hairstyle is perfect for you and can be done so that you can also participate in the trending race.

Toasted pecan red hair color is a hairstyle that displays warmth and autumn essence it makes the person stand out in a way that does not change the viewer’s perspective but mesmerizes that person into you.

hade of your hair. So we must say give it a try and you will get a fabulous look.

Iced Espresso

Iced Espresso

If you are willing to lighten your hair colour in 2024 during the summer months, it is not the only way to welcome the summer months. The brunette shade appears great when it is a bit darker than your original comfort zone.

Experts say that if you are searching for the brunette shade that you get to see on Dua Lipa, you only need a single process of deep brown shade with a cool greyish tone.

This color may look black when you look at them in the pictures, but you will lose the underflow that it has if you decide to dye your hair black.

Brunette Balayage

Brunette Balayage

If you are thinking of adding some highlights to your brunette hair in hair color trends 2024, you can try using the balayage technique to create some soft and warm looks with some depth. In the balayage technique, hair is painted using hands.

This is not like the ombre shade which people used two years back which tended to give a pastel touch on the ends. This color is fun and gives a more exquisite look to your natural hair.

This seems to be very soft and gentle as if you have kept the brunette shade. You will feel like the colors are just floating through your hair.

Soft Blonde

Soft Blonde

The soft blonde shade is a wonderful choice for the summer if your hair goal is blonde. This shade works wonders for people who have a light skin tone. This shade is so blonde that it almost looks like it is platinum.

Among other 2024 hair color trends, the shade feels very warm and looks very healthy. All you need to do is to ask a hair stylist for a warm platinum blonde. Never miss specifying that you do not want to look as if you are washed out.

Experts also suggest that you use a bond-building treatment mask in order to keep your hair healthy and strong after you have gotten the shade.

Copper Coin

Glamour UK

AH! This color. It is the most natural twisted color of red.

This is a perfect way to combine the shades of copper and caramel which gives a natural dimensional look.

For the hair color trends in 2024, this is a wonderful and natural transition to red. This shade looks so natural as if you had copper strands. This is a highly recommendable shade for brunettes who love to see the warmth in their hair.

The shades that range from chestnut to caramels and coppers, work wonders. You can also go with ribbons of different colors from the roots to the end. This provides longevity to your hair and also allows a softer growout.

So, if you want red hair but not so red, then try out this subtle color. You will easily ease into the trend.

Jewel Tones

Jewel Tones

Bold colors have been swooning in the trend over the past few years. So, if you are looking for something in bold and you are ready to plunge into the jewel-tone territory, then these deep shades of blue, vivid teal, and bright white will hit you.

In nature, you can find a few fantasy hair colors. Many people like these bold shades. In present days, some formulas are used for the production of these intense and bold shades on the darker hairs and you will not have to lighten them before.

People who are not actually blonde but wish to get a pale fantasy shade will have to go through the process of lightening before they get the shade that they desire.

Icy Platinum

Presently the whole world is getting influenced by the Korean Idols and they are very much known for their experiments with their hair. One of the most trendy hairstyles that is adopted from them and is very much in trend in the UK is the icy platinum color hair.

This hair color hairstyle will continue to be trendy in 2024 as people have realized that long gone are the days of blondes now is the time to play with platinum hair.  This is basically an icy-cooled toned color mostly like silver hairs which can give you a feeling of being the frozen queen of your own life.

Gemini Hair

As a confident person, you want to look stunning and find something that can suit you but are not able to get a single color combination to do on your hair. Gemini is the perfect thing you can try out. This hair-colouring hairstyle is as it involves two different colours.

So, do not hold back! You got your trendy hair color hairstyle from the hair color trends of 2024. As for your looks, we know you will look great as you have chosen your favorite colors and confidence which is most important here not anyone opinion.

Peek-a-Boo Bright

If you are a mixture of shyness and boldness who loves to experiment. As a free heart, you can go and do this one on yourself. This trendy hair color hairstyle will suit your personality and make you unique in your own way.

From the outside, you will stay as you are but from inside as you hide your boldness your hair will hold the colors and peek out whenever they get the chance and shine as you do.  This hairstyle is unique and can be done on long to short hairs with different color combinations.

Go ahead with any combination hide them inside and peek out to show how bold and stunning you can be like your hairs.

Frequently Asked Question 

What hair colour is INI for 2024?

The Toasted Pecan Red is the most trending hair colour in 2024. As it is simple but attracts multiple eyes.

Is Balayage out of style in 2024?              

No, as it is beautiful and people love to it on themself it remains on the top list and not be going anywhere in 2024.

Is Blonde or Brunette in for 2024?             

Yes, it will be there as the darker brunette hair along with blonde shades and make the person look gorgeous which will drive this to be the biggest trend in the year 2024.

Is Grey Hair still in for 2024?               

No, it will not be there anymore but a more gorgeous shade has taken over it which can be your type.

Are these hair colour trends suitable for all hair types and textures?

No, as every hair has different textures and volume.

Do these new hair colour trends need a lot of care and maintenance?

Yes, Each hairstyle requires a minimum of caring but color hairs require more than that.


You can achieve these colors and keep them for a longer period if you do not wash your hair too much. Choose any of these wonderful shades among the hair color trends 2024which will suit you the best. In this way, you can actually slay around all the time with your completely different look.

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