Get Ready to Scream: Upcoming K-Pop Concerts in the UK in 2023

K-pop concerts in the UK are creating a new era in the British music industry. With different styles of music flooding the world today, youngsters have a deep inclination toward K-pop culture. However, this pop style came into existence in 2012 from Gangnam Style. The Korean pop singers gradually became idols for music lovers from all over worldwide. 

The amazing rhythm of K-pop with stylish singers in the group genuinely sounds so charming. Usually, the songs are in choruses and ensure that the audience has a gala time. More than 15.6 percent of listeners are in support of this K-pop culture. I have also grown a special liking for K-pop, especially in the UK. 

PSY got international stardom through Gangnam Style; thus, K-pop broke all records in the global music industry. Today, the Oxford Dictionary defines K-pop as Korean Pop Music. A style that took birth in a country like Korea is today an international music symbol. With days, K-pops are gaining incredible popularity, with hundreds of people getting involved in this vast phenomenon. 

This content will highlight the different K-pop concerts in 2023 going to be held in 2023, as I know of. 

Highly Anticipated K-Pop Concerts in 2023

Take a look at this amazing list of K-pop concerts in the UK you will be enjoying this year. 

The Garage 

Image- Richard McKeever

The event is going to be held on 26th November, 2023

Artists and Groups that are Going to Perform
Premium: £100
VIP: £120
Special Event Upgrade: £90

Korea on Stage Concert in London

The rocking group will perform on STAYC, P1harmony, and many others on 8th November, 2023.

Artists and Groups that are Going to Perform
Korea on Stage
OVO Arena Wembley
Priced at £289.13

Balming Tiger Concert

This group will be entertaining the audience with their splendid performances on 8th November 2023

Artists and Groups that are Going to Perform
Balming Tiger
Village Underground
Prices start from £23

Yugyeom Concert

The K-pop artist will present his energetic performances during his Europe Tour of 2023. He is going to rock the London’s stage on 2nd November 2023

Artists and Groups that are Going to Perform
Troxy, London
Prices start from £151.70

The Hacienda Returns

The group will be performing on Inner City, Leftfield, and 15 more numbers on 2nd and 3rd December 2023

Artists and Groups that are Going to Perform
The Hacienda Returns
Depot Mayfield, Manchester
Starting from: £54.54

K-Pop Party London

The enthusiastic event is going to be the biggest K-Pop Party this year in London. DJ Emkay will be at the center of the concert. You can enjoy this on 20th and 21st October, 2023

Artists and Groups that are Going to Perform
DJ Emkay
Tiger Tiger, London
Price range between: £8 and £80

The Reytons

The famous group of K-pop is going to mesmerize you in Manchester on 14 October 2023. 

Artists and Groups that are Going to Perform
The Reytons
O2 Victoria Warehouse, Manchester
Resale Price: £34.50

Overview of Previous Successful K-Pop Concerts Held in the UK

K-pop concerts in the UK have been in demand for the last few years. Listeners of pop songs saw the fabulous evolution of this category of modern music and appreciated the performers incredibly. Now, K-pop is a mainstream musical sensation. I went to quite a lot of shows in the UK and faced some unforgettable moments. However, they were a mixture of good and bad memories. 

Indeed, I have great pleasure in sharing some of those moments with you. 

Memorable Moments and Fan Reactions

  • To date, the highest-rated K-pop concerts held in the UK are that of the group Blackpink. The best part is that it is an all-girl group with stunning looks. The Korean Girls created history in 2023 by being the first-ever K-pop group to perform at the UK Festival. And, yes, the number of listeners in the audience is beyond imagination. It was around 65,000 people (YouTube subscribers), and young girls did a mindblowing job. It took place at BST Hyde Park. 
  • Stevie and Katy are one of the die-hard fans of Blackpink. They confirmed that they went crazy by witnessing the phenomenal performance at Hyde Park. Moreover, 17000 TikTok enthusiasts are the followers of the group. 
  • Robin Queros is a great fan of the Ateez boy band. The college is only 21 and runs the K-pop society at his college, Cambridge University. He announced that his love for this group has been there since 2014. Furthermore, he explained that only music is not enough to transform an ordinary listener into a fan. The singers must have a pleasant personality and other content to blow the mind of the audience. The behavior at the fan meets often makes the singers real stars in the eyes of the followers. 
  • The BTS is all over the world today, especially since they are making youngsters go gaga. According to this famous band, K-pop is a mixture of several styles but has its own distinct flavor, too. 

Positive Impact of Previous K-Pop Concerts on the UK Music Industry

I can undoubtedly recommend that K-pop concerts in the UK be a must-visit place if you want to spend a musical evening. The impact of this new genre of songs is outstanding in the global music industry.

Moreover, it is spreading like wildfire and capturing the attention of thousands of music lovers worldwide. The fusion of music associated with K-pop includes fun, rap, pop, hip-hop, and many others. I will add here that it can be a medicine for your depression, too.

Many music therapists are also recommending K-pops as an avenue to get rid of anxieties. It helps in regulating the emotional quotient and thus ensures that you regain your energy and be happy. I also feel that the students get more energy by listening to the K-pop. The BTS fans are the biggest examples of this. K-pop artists undergo rigorous training. Thus, they learn how to cooperate with the team members and handle the fans.

Coping up with media is also an aspect to consider here. Most K-pop stars are hard-working, dedicated, and, of course, disciplined. Therefore, you can find several positive effects of K-pop culture on the UK and international music world. 

Preparing for Must-See K-Pop Concerts

Are you ready to attend the most enthusiastic, fun-filled concerts in the UK this year? Book the tickets online through various websites like Ticketmaster, etc. Here, let me share some important tips for the fans of K-pop concerts in the UK. Hope these will let you have more fun in these events. 

Tips and Advice for Fans Planning to Attend K-Pop Concerts in the UK

No, I am not an expert in attending K-pop concerts, but by now, I know several things which a first-timer will be excited to hear. Furthermore, these tips can be helpful for every K-pop fan. Please read till the end without skipping for an enjoyable concert time. 

  • Always wear a comfortable outfit. Undoubtedly, K-pop stars will compel you to shake your feet. Hence, your shoes and clothes must not create obstacles to your excitement. 
  • Please come ready to a chocolate bar or protein snack if there is a long queue. It can take hours, and so you should gain energy by having these sack bars. Soft drinks can also be a good addition (if the venue permits it)
  • Have some chat with people standing with you. A friendly conversation can help you share some good moments about the stars or the group performing. It is indeed great to have someone sharing the same feelings. 
  • Please enjoy the moments and do not concentrate only on capturing the singers on your phone. Often, it ruins the pleasure of listening to the songs. 
  • Never break the rules of the authorities where the concert is taking place. Maintain the discipline. For example, if phones or bottles are prohibited, never try to sneak into the concert with them. 
  • Maintain the time to get a good place to watch the concert. You can avoid the last-minute rush. 

Purchasing Tickets and Staying Up-to-Date with Concern Announcements

The popularity of K-pop concerts makes most of the performers travel the world with their incredible groups. This is a fabulous sign to meet with the fan groups too. However, if you are purchasing tickets for a concert, you should remain updated about the show’s information. 

Under several unforeseen events, a concert may stand cancelled or postponed. However, if you are not aware of the latest announcements, you may have to bear the hassles of visiting the venue and coming back without any fruitful results. Therefore, always keep checking the sites from where you have bought the tickets.

Moreover, before attending, check whether the event is occurring at the same time and at the same venue. You should also apply for a refund if the show is cancelled for any reason. 

Travel and Accommodation Arrangements for International Fans

It can happen that you are planning to come to the venue from any other country or state. In such cases, it is essential to notice the accommodation arrangements. Most times, the concerned authorities make the necessary arrangements for the international fans. For example, when the group is from Korea, many fans will be travelling to the UK from Korea. 

Similarly, if the venue authorities do not have such arrangements, you should be prepared with your own accommodation solutions. Please do not travel without considering the convenience of staying in an unknown place. 

Preparing for the Concert Experience 

I do not make a lot of preparations before attending any show of K-pop bands. However, some points are necessary to talk about in this respect. You must be thorough with the environment of the venue. Hence, your dress code should also match the hype. 

Furthermore, please avoid wearing high-pointed heels. It becomes quite difficult to tap your feet when the music is in full swing. Most concerts involve extended periods of standing, with screaming and dancing audiences all over the place. So, ensure you are not carrying any prohibited objects and have full enjoyment throughout the show. 

After the concert, you can always plan for a lovely dinner to complete the enthusiastic day. 


In 2023, a lot of surprises are waiting for K-pop fans. Moreover, as we have discussed above, you are going to watch some rocking performances at K-pop concerts in the UK. Be it the fabulous Reytons, Pixy, Blackpink, or any other K-pop Party; every flavour will make you drool over the music. 

Most fans get super-excited from an advanced period when they hear about the upcoming K-pop shows. So, anticipate some extraordinary fun-filled moments and plan what events you will not miss this time. 

K-pop is indeed very impactful and eliminates all your distress and anxieties. So, prepare to lead a happy and energetic life, and share with me, how did you like the concerts. 

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