What’s The Most Popular Funeral Type Nowadays?

A funeral acknowledges and honours a life lived while allowing family and friends to say final goodbyes. Most involve rituals and rites differ depending on religion, culture, and the deceased’s wishes. Traditionally, funerals in the UK were very prescriptive and followed a traditional format, with only financial outlay separating how lavish or simple an affair was. These days, however, there has been a cultural shift from religious ceremonies and rites, meaning that the funerals and memorials on offer have changed beyond sombre tradition to include all kinds. In addition, many now focus on incorporating the deceased passions, interests, and life experiences resulting in an array of possibilities. So with these considerations in mind, what is the most popular funeral type nowadays?

Most Popular Funeral Types

According to the annual Sunlife Cost of Dying Report 2022, Direct Cremation takes the number one spot in popularity, with direct burial and traditional funeral coming in after. This is hardly surprising as the cost of living continues to rise, so most people don’t want to pay ridiculous sums for their death. We’ve added more information below for each of these options.

Direct Cremation

The Direct Cremation option has become the number one choice for many in the UK for several reasons. By nature, this is the most basic and inexpensive funeral choice available while still ticking all the legal requirements. It’s also held without service or embalming, and no mourners are in attendance. Instead, loved ones receive a simple urn with the cremated remains, or these are scattered upon request. Some people prefer this option as there’s no fuss, and they want a celebration of life instead. Others consider it practically, an essential funeral option that will always be more affordable. This makes Direct Cremation a popular choice with people pre-planning their own funeral.

Direct Burial

A Direct Burial is another fundamental option held without a service, mourners, embalming or anything else that adds to the cost. It is a little more costly than a Direct Cremation as a burial plot is required, often with a simple marker or headstone. Some people decide on this option to reduce costs once again, as they don’t want a fuss or they want loved ones to celebrate their life differently.

Traditional Funeral

This style is usually more extravagant, with every bell and whistle being optional, pushing costs higher while following particular rituals and rites. A standard Traditional Funeral in the UK will consist of the following: a visiting (also called a Viewing), a service, funeral procession, burial or cremation, and a wake. While many traditional funeral services are still religious or faith-based, there has also been a trend toward non-religious versions too.

Find Out More

When considering the best option for you, or perhaps the funeral of a loved one, County Funerals is here to help. We will care for all arrangements with respect, dignity, and compassion. For more information, visit our website or call to speak directly to our experienced funeral directors here.

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