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Where To Buy New Build Homes In London

If you have got a reason to live in London; whether it is your job, your family or you belong to this place, congratulations! You have got a chance to stay in one of the best cities in the United Kingdom. London, the capital city of England is home to the most iconic historic structures from Roman times. The river Thames and the lush green surroundings pour all the beauty into this place.

London is divided into 32 regions called boroughs, meaning townships, governed by their respective councils. These are further divided into inner and outer boroughs depending on the area, population and density.

While rounding off the best areas to buy new build homes in London, it is very important to consider factors such as cost of living, safety, healthcare, schooling, transportation and other facilities, climate and other personal preferences. The most popular and family-friendly areas of London are discussed below:


For those who are aspiring to settle in Richmond, London, the place offers several advantages and benefits. The picturesque sites, beautiful landscapes and greenery by the side of the River Thames offer various great views. There are many options for entertainment such as shopping centres, clubs and restaurants. Local transportation is affordable and the crime rate is low making it a great choice for working people. On weekends, one can visit various historical sites and enjoy recreational activities.

Property options in Richmond

Due to the high demand for housing, the latest housing solutions in Richmond incorporate energy-efficient solutions and the latest features. Investing in detached and semi-detached newly built houses and townhouses is highly recommended. Richmond also has a lot of premium new builds. The Star and Garter housing development is one of the most luxurious that can be found in London, right next to the entrance of Richmond Park and with fantastic views from atop of Richmond Hill.


It is highly recommended to start your search from Kingston in London for numerous reasons. Located alongside the River Thames, you will find this place full of greenery and beautiful sites. It also benefits from proximity to RIchmond Park in terms of expansive green spaces, but property here comes at a slightly cheaper price as it is just that little bit further away from central London.  For leisure, there are a number of shopping centers, restaurants and theatres. For students, there are lots of choices in the schools and universities of Kingston. You can spend your weekends observing the various historical sites and landmarks of the place. Kingston offers a safe area with a low crime rate for families.

Property options in Kingston

Kingston is home to a variety of lodging options for buyers. You may own a beautiful house with independent outdoor space or a budgeted apartment, a huge maisonette and independent properties by the river Thames. There can be a great selection of homes here for young families of couples that are looking to make their first purchase and remain within close proximity to central London for work or lifestyle.


The perfect choice for families, you will find flourishing green parks with blooming trees in the London Borough of Merton. For the students, there is a choice of educational institutions. For sports enthusiasts, you will get a chance to attend various sports and cultural events. Merton is a new and upcoming area and has seen significant amount of development over the last 5 years. There have also been talks of extending the London underground’s Northern Line to go as far south as Merton. Although these talks remain in discussion and have not been confirmed, there is potential for a significant increase in house prices if it gets the go ahead. This also makes the area an attractive one for those who could be looking for a long-term investment.

Property options in Merton

Just like the other areas of London, this area also offers a great mix of properties like low-maintenance apartments, semi-detached and detached houses with private gardens, maisonettes, Edwardian and Georgian-style period properties and shared ownership properties for those looking for affordable housing options.  Those moving to Merton will also enjoy slightly more outdoor space and small gardens to enjoy Summer and the hot weather.


Harrow or the London Borough of Harrow houses a huge suburban green belt area, agricultural land and beautiful golf courses. There is a huge variety in terms of shopping centres, cafes, schools, universities and various other amenities. The region offers affordable and safe living with huge cultural diversity. Like Richmond, Harrow is a slightly upmarket suburb with a number of new coffee shops and fitness boutiques popping up. It also has the famous Harrow School so could be a good location for families looking to send their child to a prestigious school.

Property options in Harrow

The range of buyable properties in the northwest London area of Harrow includes new build houses with contemporary designs and features, historical properties, maisonettes, affordable apartments and retirement homes for retired personnel. Recently there has been an increase in large detached new builds being built by property developers catering to those with a higher budget and perhaps even more to foreign buyers looking to buy a large modern new home with easy access into London.

A rising trend among people looking for independent new build homes in London has been observed lately. Investors and buyers are preferring separated and semi-detached properties over flats. Though the prices are higher for such kinds of properties, it is always beneficial to invest in one as the rates are going to appreciate in the future. However, budget is always a constraint. The right way to go about it is to look for a dependable property consultant. These professionals can suggest the most suitable options and can arrange surveys on the property to help you evaluate the right value and choose the best one for you. So choose a place that offers all the basic needs and certain leisure opportunities for you to enjoy the stay.

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