All the Half Marathons in London (2024) In One page: A Detailed Calendar Guide

London is going alive with the enthusiastic Half Marathon races. The Half Marathons in London are taking a frontline among all the other sports. You can find from the reports of the Find A Race calendar how popular these races are and their remarkable venues. 

Furthermore, around 14000 runners will be participating in the Half Marathons of 2024. The official website of Young Minds declared that the applications for this year’s list of participants are already full.

Therefore, if you are still willing to enroll for the London Marathon events, your name will be carried forward for the next year. The roadmap for the London Landmarks Half Marathon 2024 is already displayed on the official website of Young Minds. 

This guide will establish all the detailed information about the Half Marathon 2024, to be held in London. Be ready to prepare your plan by checking this calendar. 

Importance of Half Marathons

Half Marathons
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One of the primary purposes of running the Half Marathons in London is fundraising. Several participants join the races to collect funds for a particular cause. Some do it for the welfare of society, and some may need the funds for medical emergencies. 

The fundraising may also be in the loving memory of a near one. The prize money, in that case, is distributed to the people in distress. Therefore, we can see that these races can bring smiles to many faces.

TCS report of the previous year shows that the participants of the TCS London Marathon raised more than £1 billion. Indeed, this is a huge amount of money. 

Every year, the UK conducts more than 500 Half Marathons. Moreover, around 57000 runners participate in the world’s largest Half Marathon according to a survey by Let Do. Because of this It is also called the Great North Run

Hence, be prepared to get more excited for Half Marathons in London in 2024. The field is all yours!

Overview of All Half Marathons in London (2024)

We are going to give a monthly calendar for all the Half Marathons in London, going to take place in 2024. Stay tuned to enhance your knowledge. 

March 24

Kew Gardens Half Marathon 2024

1. Date and time: 31st March 2024, Sunday at 8.30 am. 
2. Route: Starting from Royal Botanic Gardens via Richmond Towpath and Ham House, ending at Kew Gardens. 
3. Age Limit: Minimum age is 17 years
4. Fees: £47.50 per race
5. What Included: 

  • Free entry at Kew Gardens (for supporters only)
  • UKA certified course
  • London’s Best Medal
  • Tech tee
  • Support from Xempo pacemakers 
  • First Aid
  • Entertainment, including DJ music and others 

6. Registration Details: Run is the organizer. Therefore, you can register your name for the race by filling up the form at the official website of Run Fest. Enter your details and pay the race charges. Wait for the confirmation through your email address. 
The participants require good training to run on this flattest track. You can get a scenic view of the Richmond Riverside while finishing the race within Kew Gardens. The distance of the race is 10 Km.

Kew Gardens is already regarded as one of the top tourist destinations of London, being a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. After completing the race, the participants and their families can enjoy a phenomenal tour of the entire Garden. 

High-Performance London Half & 10K

1. Date and Time: 3rd March 2024, Sunday, at 9 am
2. Route: 10 Km race, starting at London Stadium, passing around the Olympic Bell on the island. The participants can easily cover the track with the help of the yellow arrow marks. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is the venue. 
3. Age Limit: 17 years for Half Marathon and 15 years for a 10 Km race
4. Fees: £6 to £48
5. Whats included:

  • Goodie Bag
  • Water Stations
  • Chip-timed results
  • Marshalls
  • Toilets
  • Photography for the event

6. Registration: Visit the site of and register for this event. Click on Enter Now and fill in your details. 
This Half Marathon will let you complete a course first to ensure a good start from the closed roads. Furthermore, you will soon become a pro in handling congested roads with traffic. Run for the Charity and grab the cup. 

Run Through Victoria Park

1. Date and Starting Time: 10th March 2024, Sunday at 9.30 am
2. Route: It is a race within a loop at Victoria Park. So, it is a full circle along the flat, wide paths. 
3. Age Limit: 17 years
4. Fees: £25 to £35
5. What included:

  • Chip timing
  • Water Stations
  • Marshalls
  • Finisher Medal
  • Post-run goodies

6. Registration: Register for the event by clicking Register at the website of 

May 2024

RunThrough Battersea Park Half Marathon

1. Date and Time: 11th May 2024, Saturday at 9.30 am
2.  Route: The runners have to cover the flat and wide roads, cutting around the Boating Lake. It will be held within Battersea Park, allowing witnessing the scenic beauty. 
3. Age Limit: 17 years or more
4. Fees: £25 to £34
5. What’s included:

  • First Aid station
  • Medal for the Finisher
  • Free official photographs and videos
  • Refreshment station
  • Marshalled Course
  • Chip-timed results

6. Registration: You can register yourself on the spot by going to the Registration table located at Battersea Park Bandstand. Please do not forget to collect your race pack. you may also go for online registration for a smooth approach. 

RunThrough Wimbledon Common Half Marathon

1. Date and Time: 19th May 2024, at 9.30 am
2. Route: 2 laps will be there. The tracks are dirt and terrain mixed. You have to finish at the last stretch.
3. Age Limit: 17 years
4. Fees: £25 to £44
5. What’s  Included:

  • Marshalled course
  • Toilets
  • Headphones
  • Medal

6. Registration: The registration will take place at Richard Evans Memorial Playing Fields. You can register online also. 

April 2024

Crystal Palace Half Marathon

1. Date and Time: 14th April 2024, Sunday at 10 am
2. Route: A race between Central London and Greenwich. There will be 5000 runners for one loop. 
3. Age Limit: 17 years and above
4. Fees: £5 to £28
5. What’s Included:

  • Marshalled Course
  • Bag drop
  • Medal for finishing the session
  • Chip-timed results
  • Aid station
  • Refreshment station

6. Registration: Register for the race at the Kisosk present at the place of the race. However, you can enrol online and save time 

Putney & Fulham Half Marathon

1. Date and time: 14th April 2024, Sunday at 9 am
2. Route: The loop will cover the Putney Lower Common and then cross the Putney Bridge. The runners will then have to enter the second lap, cross Hammersmith Bridge, and finally reach the sports centre. It is essential to continue moving along the pavement, as it is on a public road. 
3. Age Limit: Above 17 years
4. Fees: £39
5. What Included:

  • Chip timed results
  • Toilets
  • Finish line goodies
  • Medal 
  • Race photography
  • Medical support

6. Registration: Get registered on Lets Do This platform by paying the fees online. Or you can physically enrol also on the day of the race. 

June 2024

Weybridge Half Marathon

1. Date and Time: 2nd June 2024, Sunday at 9 am
2. Route: The route will include Walton Lane as the starting point. Then you should continue along the Desbororugh Cut by crossing River Thames. Now in a loop, follow back the Covent Lane before you pop on the edge of the waters. Finally, to finish, take the iconic RunThrough Archway by taking a U-turn. 
3. Age Limit: Must be 17 years or more
4. Fees: £12 to £42
5. What’s Included:

  • Aid stations
  • Marshalled and Marked race
  • Chip timing results
  • Bag drop
  • Prizes for winners
  • Toilets and Sanitary stations
  • Medals for finishers

6. Registration: Register online or on the day of the event. However, it is mandatory to collect the Race pack from the venue. 

Victoria Pak Half Marathon

1. Date and time: 9th June 2024, Sunday at 9.30 am
2. Route: The venue of the race is from Victoria Park. It is a challenging path with several chances to explore. It will be a looped course, as cut through the roads within the park, and reach the destination on time. Find new ways to admire the beauty of this region. 
3. Age Limit: Above 17 years
4. Fees: £25 to £32
5. Whats included

  • Post-run gifts
  • Chip timing for results
  • Unique medals for the finishers
  • Marshalled course
  • Refreshment stations

6. Registration: You will find the registration table at St. Mark’s Gate, Victoria Park. Please collect your race pack before the race begins. However, the online registration will be always open. It will close one day before the final day. 

Finsbury Park

1. Date and time: 16th June 2024, Sunday, at 9.30 am
2. Route: 8 and one small lap. Please follow the yellow arrows to find out your correct path. Moreover, you will see marshals stationed at various places. 
3. Age Limit: 17 years and more
4. Fees: £5 to £28
5. What’s Included:

  • Water stations
  • Marshaled course
  • Top-class medals for finishers
  • Post-race refreshments
  • Distance Markets
  • Free photography for the whole event

6. Registration: Register on the official website of let’s Do This or visit the official site of the organizer. Consider the rules of registration from various sites. You must follow the proper directions to complete the race successfully. 

These are only a few of the Half Marathons in London in 2024. However, there are other names too, like Battersea Park Running Festival, Phoenix-The Spring Marathon, Run Through Lee Vallet, and many more. 

Tips for Participants

Are you planning to run for the Half Marathons in London in 2024? Please keep some essential points in mind. First, you should undergo a complete course and get formal training from a professional. This will enhance your knowledge about different aspects of the race.

Moreover, you become more confident about how to handle the competitors. So, prepare your schedule before you move ahead. 

The important advice in this regard are:-

  • Build your endurance base
  • Improve aerobically
  • Take the race pace training
  • Schedule the training sessions
  • Stay hydrated always
  • Minimise injuries through Resistance Training
  • Interval Training
  • Avoid any new moves or strategies on D-Day
  • Carb Loading

Get a better picture of the race track by understanding the specific details of each race. Furthermore, you should practice the run covering the entire area within the stipulated time frame. You should be aware of the London Landmarks Half Marathon 2024 to make a robust plan to tour and run at the same time.

You can have immense fun while running. However, curating the perfect race package depends on hard work, dedication, good health, flexibility, and carb intake. 

Recommended gear are as follows for London Marathon Events, 

  • Water-resistant jacket
  • Accessories like safety pins, headphones, plasters, etc. 
  • Moisture-wicking tops and bottoms

As for the strategy to perform outstanding on the field, you should make smart decisions. It is better to start the race slowly (like 5-10 seconds a mile). Gradually increase your speed. It is better to take the pace, at the end part of the race.

This will help you to utilize more energy at the time of finishing. Learning the total area to be covered well is the key factor to winning the race. We get this idea about Half Marathon tips from Mirror News. 

The Half Marathons in London in 2024 are going to be highly competitive. Lactate threshold will be your limit for the majority part of the race. Run strategically to avoid losing the track. 


Half Marathons in London take place every year and are one of the most energetic sports in the capital city. However, you need to enrol your name online in advance.

Once the bookings get closed, you will not be allowed to participate in the race of the current year. Similarly, for the races of 2024, if you do not apply beforehand, your name will be shifted to the 2025 race. 

Ensure you know the London Landmarks Half Marathon 2024. It will give you an idea about the route you need to cover while running for the Marathon. Of course, Half Marathons are not as long as the original Marathons.

However, these are mini versions of keeping your body healthy and fit. Moreover, you can also raise funds for various purposes by running on the race tracks. You can also opt for a 10 Km race, a shorter version of the Half Marathon. 

The names given above are the top ones you will find in London in 2024. You will every application form for registration from the website of Lets Do This, or Young Minds.  Have you enrolled your name yet? 

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